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  1. fast forward almost a year.. and we are heading to MCACN this Nov with BOTH cars! Can't wait
  2. topblissgt

    New Accomodations for Hershey

    We are not making it this year because we are taking two cars to MCACN in Chicago in Nov but in 2019 we are coming . I can tell you that at the Lodge where we stay its $400 a night. Its RIGHT at all the action and it beautiful but oh so expensive. Not sure what we are doing in 19 at this time. This BnB looks very nice
  3. topblissgt


    amazing work
  4. we wanted to go so bad and take the Judge and our sons 86 GN this year but it never happened. Next year
  5. oh and BTW- I just made reservations again for next year at the Lodge. Now its over $800 for two nights for the cheapest room.
  6. Great job on the photos. A great pic of our Son's car in the show day section.
  7. We paid over $700 for two nights for a standard hotel room at the Lodge.. Because we wanted to. This is not a hobby for people who are counting their pennies, sorry to say. Life is short so enjoy it as much as you can. Never know if you will be here next year to enjoy the World's great car show.
  8. topblissgt

    2017 Hershey show photos

    it was an awesome time and beautiful cars! Great to see you Phil, too!
  9. we had excellent Judges judging our Sons Grand National there. We spoke to the gentleman second from the left in the back of that first picture and he gave us tips for improvement on his car. Thank you for all your hard work and our Son was elated he grabbed a first jr the first time out!
  10. topblissgt

    2017 Hershey Results

    Thank you so very much !! Our Son is under 36F with his first Junior on his first time out! We are so proud of him, 23 years old and a die hard show guy already
  11. Yea no doubt, Steve! Im just glad to have some of the hair I used to have still there!!
  12. Another one in the books!~ Perfect weather and an amazing turnout. Our Son got a Junior first his first time showing with his Grand National. He was elated! Thank you!!
  13. Last time I took a car to show I obviously went the wrong way t enter the show field with the car. This year we want to enter via the correct location. I assume its down park blvd and around back to enter?
  14. topblissgt

    Almost time!

    we will be thee Friday to sunday. Cant wait. Looks like perfect weather too for the show saturday. Our 23 year old Son is showing his Buick Grand National for the first time and is so excited.