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  1. Peerless used the Gray & Davis generator in 1916 and Auto-lite after that----they are square---the Hirshell-Spillman V-8 probably used the same generator.
  2. Peerless model 56 V-8 used a square generator like this. 1916 thru 1921
  3. Peerless didn't have a V-8 in 1915 and this engine is not a '16 or '17--- maybe an '18 or '19----and what is the tape around the cylinder block--looks like a crack--where is the clutch pack? RHL
  4. I remember my Grandfather had a truck from the 30's that had lights like this on top of the front fenders. I don't know if it came that way or he put them on.
  5. The front seats with the wood rails is identical to my 1909 Mason touring and the door is similar to the rear doors. These were bodies that many different makers used but I have never seen anything like the back rumble seat body. RHL
  6. Seems a little high for the condition of this car. Fully restored I think $50 to $55,000 would be the going price. And it would take a lot more than $11,000 to get it in that condition. RHL
  7. A lot of people use Marvel Mystery oil as an additive but I have never used it. I use a good grade of non-detergent diesel engine oil. 30 weight. Detergent oil can cause problems in an older engine because it breaks the sludge loose and can clog oil lines----it probably would work in a fresh re-built-- clean engine. The transmission and rear end used 600 weight steam cylinder oil. The radiator cap would have been flat with a remote heat gauge on the dash. I have three Peerless V-8 cars and have restored and serviced them myself for 60 years---great cars!!!!!! Richard Lichtfeld
  8. I agree with all the above but I had a funny experience a few years ago. I bought a 90 year old car that had been in a museum for probably 50 years---the tires looked good--had the original molding beads on them--but when I got home I had two flats in the trailer---I pulled the tires apart and I could pull the tubes apart with my hands but the tires looked and felt like new. I took the tires into our tire dealer and they couldn't believe it----they were like new and the tire company that made them had been out of business for over 40 years----I put in new tubes and have been driving the car for the past 7 years with no trouble (knock on wood) -----the car must have been up on blocks and out of the sun for that period. RHL
  9. In 1901 Peerless built a Tricycle with the DeDion Buton two cylinder engine but I have no pictures of it.
  10. Peerless models for 1930: Standard 8---85 hp---118 wb---3 speed trans.----------Master 8---115 hp---125 wb---3 speed trans.----Deluxe Master 8---115 hp---125 wb---4 speed trans. Custom 8---120 hp---138 wb---4 speed trans. --------All models had the Continental engines---the Standard and Master models had 4 pass. cabriolets and only the Deluxe Master 8 had the 2 passenger cabriolet----they didn't make the Custom 8 with cabriolet body. The 1931 models are listed the same as 1930 with minor changes. The cabriolet could have been available in 1931 I just don't have any ads that show it. RHL
  11. There have been many questions about this car over the years----Stan Knight who owned the car several years ago had the car listed as a 1931 convertible coupe. I have seen this car and did some research on it. What gives it away is the dip in the body behind the door. There is only one Peerless model shown in ads with this---it's a 1930 Master Cabriolet. Notice all the coupes body line was straight here. This is NOT a cut down coupe!!! This car originally had a fold down top with landau bars---in fact the landau bar brackets are on the body. All it needs is a top and it wouldn't take much to alter a top to fit. RHL Historian--Peerless Motor Car Club
  12. The Peerless service manuals for the model 56 V-8 engine---1916 thru 1924 call for 600 steam cylinder oil for transmission and rear end. I have been using this for 60 years with no problems---other than the spots on my driveway RHL
  13. I had to replace a lot of the wood when I restored mine and this body looks identical to my Mason. The hinge post--access door and corner post are the same. I do not know who the body maker was but the car was built by the Duesenberg brothers in DesMoines and Fred raced one with a cut down body and larger wheels. They were popular in the mid-west but I don't know how far East their popularity went. I would post some pictures but I have not been able to figure out how to do that. If you are interested I could Email you some pictures.
  14. The wood work looks exactly like the body on my 1909 Mason built in Iowa. I'm sure the body was supplied by a couch builder and put on other makes. RHL
  15. My Grandfather started plumbing in 1895 and used these wrench's. to tighten brass nuts without scuffing them. The standard size was 9 inches and the jaw opened to 2 1/2 inches. I think he called it a water pump wrench because it was thinner than the monkey wrench that had the wider jaws and came in different sizes .from 6 inches to 21 inches and had a wooded handle sometimes called a knife handle wrench.