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  1. 1930 Chrysler Wheel Cylinders

    So did you find a supplier of the original internally notched copper crush washers? I need 4 of them for the banjo nuts. Also looking for original style LONG bleeder screws. 28 Model 72 with first series Wagner Lockheed brakes I was thinking of making a set of the washers out of some pre 1982 copper pennies.
  2. 1929 Star touring Portland OR craigslist

    If someone would like a visual confirmation on this car let me know. We live about 20 miles away. a sell
  3. Wanted--Chevy 1925-26 bucket type headlights

    Keiser31 is correct. I sold Ray H a pair of those 25/26 headlights awhile back that came in some 4 cylinder parts I bought. Still had the original paint on them. He buys and sells parts all the time, you could call him in the morning to see if he has or has not sold them. Vancouver WA
  4. 26 Graham

    Have not seen it yet, will try to get out there next week and get some pictures.
  5. WTB: Durant 4 cylinder connecting rods

    Do you know the dimensions of the rods you are looking for? Length, pin, and journal diameters? Bearing width?
  6. 26 Graham

    I ran into a fellow about a month ago who has a 26? Graham he would like to sell. He was offering it to a hot rodder friend of mine. I have not seen the car, but would like to go at least see it. It belonged to his father and is supposed to be all there. Sounds like a 4 cylinder coach. Is this the same as a Dodge fast four? And if it is called a fast four how fast is that - 45 mph, or so? What would be the approximate value of an unrestored car like this one? Any special redeeming features? How available are parts?
  7. In the late 70s my brother showed me the remains of a Model T, or a Model A sedan that was in the woods near Prince George. It had nickle plated brass Robertson screws. I think I got one or two out of it. At that time he thought they were introduced in the 30s and speculated they were a repair, but where the screws were sure looked original.
  8. WTB 1927 /50 rear door hinges

    Hello Bob, The question you have to figure out is if your car was a Fisher body, or a Hayes body. Our 28 model 72 golf club coupe was made by Fisher. There are some parts that look like they would interchange with a Buick, or Olds. If it is a Fisher - being a 50 I would think it should be similar to a 27, or 28 Chev. I have a 28 Chev door I have no use for. If you can e-mail me a picture with some pretty close diminsions I can compare it to those hinges. Do these screw into a plate in the door, and wood in the body hinge post?
  9. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I have inspected, and recharged fire extinguishers for about 12 years now. I tell people to get a good quality extinguisher with a METAL top and an actual GAUGE. It is not that much more money and you, your family, and your property depend on it. Most people after explaining the realities of a fire, GET the idea. But pretty soon their cheap side sets in and they buy the cheapest piece of crap they can find. The other part of the equation is that it is a neccesary ugly. That means that if you or someone else have to look for it - its useless. Get at least a 5 lb extinguisher, MOUNT it on the wall near the entry so it is accesable. By the time they get there, the only thing the fire department will be able to do is hopefully save your neighbors house. Your home will be uninhabitable, and maybe even unsaveable. A whole lot of heartache and regrets. The exts offered by the big box stores are made in CHEENA and are also junk. They can not be serviced and parts are not available in this country. We carry halon, or halotron in our old cars. The ABC type extinguishers are extremely corrosive.
  10. Connecting rod dimensions

    Thank you Herm, yes I have Chevrolet 4 cylinder connecting rods. That is what I am trying to get away from. Someone posted that they thought Durant, or Star 4 cylinder rods were 1/2" longer and could be easily adapted to the Chevrolet 4 with the same wrist pin diameter. I was looking to confirm this info but.....
  11. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    Hello, Did not see this post earlier. 30+ members of the Columbia River Region of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America had a nice long tour down into the Wilamette Valley today to view the fall colors. I would suggest that you visit the CRR site linked to the VCCA, and repost this request there. Many members have been in the club for 40 + years, and some may have even bought cars from Fred Bauer.
  12. Help! Lockheed brakes

    Hello Racc, I have been working on our Chrysler brakes perhaps I can help. Sounds like what you are experiencing is multiple problems. I have a couple of brief manuals regarding the external band brakes. Send me a PM and I will give you my email address. Perhaps I can help you sort some of it out.
  13. 1929 Chevrolet front splash apron WANTED

    The crank hole covers are being very nicely reproduced, or you could buy the extra spare I have. The spring is broke on it and the chrome button is missing. I'd like to get $40 + shipping.
  14. VIN location 1928 Model 72

    Our coupe was registered in Idaho as well with the Fedco numbers. When we transferred it to WA state the state police asked to inspect the car. Their comment was that with today's body shop talents it "would be easy to swap out that plate or the entire dash panel" They used the engine number. At that point I did not want to point out that it is very easy to swap out an engine in one of these old cars. Hard telling what the OR DMV take on that title would be. This car was originally found in Coburg OR.
  15. VIN location 1928 Model 72

    Its always interesting to see some of the running changes to these models. Our March 1928 model 72 coupe has side vents on the cowl, does not appear to be installed on your car. Is that a Hayes body or a Fisher? Ours is a Fisher bodied car. Where in OR are you?