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  1. Leaf spring dimensions

    Check DBC site ,all spring info listed .
  2. Parking at Hershey

    Green area Is on west end . Do not know rt number . It is one exit south of Grantville . There are three exits to get you to Hershey . All get you to same loop connecting road around the complex's .
  3. Need Tailgate pics '28-'32

    Close , got'em
  4. Burgess Intake Silencer

    Here my intake on a PA 4 cylinder engine in my '31 truck . I am trying to determine if is original or was added . Other Dodge/Grahams have air cleaner straight off carb . I know carb is also wrong Zenith universal ,should be Carter brass bowl . But there was a change to Ball type in later '32 . Maybe you could shed some light on it broker-len ... Thanks Tom
  5. Have last group cast fender spare tire clamp for sale $77 shipped Priorty USp . Used on Chryslers ,Dodge and Fargo and Desoto's Trucks and cars # 72009 see infor. on pictures tags . Late 20's and early 30's .
  6. WTF Lube Chart '28 Speed wagon tk.

    Thanks , I'll refer them also . He is going to come practice on my truck . Being smaller and used regularly , will make it easy . Also lot of country roads . I think floating would even be harder with wrong lube in transmission . I told him he must also get a book of Info , soon . Will be looking at Hershey in couple weeks for sure .
  7. WTF Lube Chart '28 Speed wagon tk.

    Hello , looking for a lube chart for a '28 trk did not get size maybe 1-1/2 to 2 ton nicely restored . But new driver is having shifting problems ,ask my help to learn double clutching . I also wanted to verify trans fluid is correct weight . I know Dodge's are sensitive to it . And changes where made in those year of depression .
  8. That's the way I fly ! !931 Dodge PU .
  9. Artillery Wheels - loose spokes How do you tighten?

    Soaking with raw linseed oil if wood is not painted . Paint seals the linseed from getting in and the raw will not dry hard like boiled does . But it swells and puts the oils back in .
  10. steering wheel removal

    More pics . I spliced near top soldered and heat shrink .
  11. 29' master cylinder problems?

    Yes , So brakes release . But it has to have all air forced out of system to remove the spongy-ness . There is a valve in end of master to limit speed or return, I believe . Other please chime in on that ! If that where bad brakes would feel like there pushing your foot back not the spring pulling pedal back .
  12. Having fun

    Looks great ! Even with brace's ;OH I mean brackets on it . LOL ! I did same yesterday with my scarred up , pick up .
  13. steering wheel removal

    I found with mine wire was very hard to pull out . It had all curls bumps from drying out in back and forth motion I guess . If you can slide a plastic insulator Ie. soda straw or heat shrink up a couple inches . The bottom seams to be where breaks and grounding accurses . Then test it with VOM and better yet ask a maintenance man friend if can megger it 250v would be plenty .
  14. 29' master cylinder problems?

    You may have a collapsed rubber brake line going to the axle . Causes pressure in the liner to seal off . Would explain both going out in rear loosen fitting on axle see what you get there .
  15. "26 engine sorted.

    Good to hear . Was wondering how it was going . Good luck ! Tom