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  1. FS; Twilite Headlights/Reduced

    BTT price reduced 175 less a couple bulbs . Must go .
  2. '26 disc wheel inner tubes

    Is this type of tire your talking about ? Good vid .
  3. 1930 Chrysler Wheel Cylinders

    7/16 -20 bleeder on e-bay , Hagen's also sell all the parts . Even local auto store will have . Happy hunting .
  4. Chrysler E65 (1929) - commands on steering wheel

    This helped me take mine apart . Is on forum here some where . Steering.pdf
  5. Chrysler E65 (1929) - commands on steering wheel

    Try Jay pre 39 Chrysler parts guy .
  6. How far should I go with this engine

    You may need to go to hydraulic shop to find material style hose to look like original . Two wire clamps are available new , thur some tractor places . I have some old stock 5 each plus shipping need good measurement . Job looks great ! I donot know what you mean about color silver domes were gray painted , by literature description in early 30's no sure on your year .
  7. Need Oval Gas Tank

    Try Lang's Parts , dozens to chose from . But most look to be 23 to 28" length , may be a side by side of 23's . Good Luck .
  8. gas tank cleaning

    Removed top of mine to clean , but was already rust through . Gravel may damage baffles and pic up if it has . Shop in Danville Pa rewelded and soldier top on . Cleaned with Evapo-rust and electrolysis . Had baffles and pic up reattached , and plate on top where not visible . Yes warping can be issue .
  9. 1931 buick roadster 94 series head light wire

    Try The Filling Station . .
  10. Wood wheel puller works great

    Not saying your theory is wrong , actually think it is right . But the illustration for '31 is using straight piston not the step one's . So if you are using step type you would have to but longer shoe to back ,not like illustration . I had theses same quandaries when doing my brakes on a '31 . I opted to have sleeved straight . One other thing I would be interested in your option on . The fact they bonded my lining on, verses riveting as original . and by doing so ran the pad both to the long length , so I have no real short side . I,ve read where the step gave better performance and was a natural improvement . But found the original works fine on my small light truck with it's max 40mph speed . It is great having first hand knowledge brought to the forum , Thank you for it !
  11. Wood wheel puller works great

    I like what your saying retiredmechanic74, but the Dodge illustration says opposite . It has the shorter shoe on rear of face plate . But does not say if it is primary or secondary . I do believe in 33 changes where made to step bore ,but do not know if shoe arrangement changed .
  12. 29 dodge 1/2 T

    There are is a second location of serial numbers on frame . I believe you need body off, as it is hidden from bottom . Also would not get to worried as long as you have a title matching some number , even motor you should be able to straighten out . The requested pics may help by just showing where labels were located and there size and shape . Even tailgate hardware denote changes in years of the trucks . If you have motor on left side near back should have casting date info . PICS < PICS .
  13. 29 dodge 1/2 T

    Pics will help . Number should be on frame left between shackles . also maybe on firewall plate .
  14. 30 Chrysler Brake Cylinder Question

    May be you can get over blaster to bore out step and sleeve back to 1-1/4 then all would be good .