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  1. Plymouth the Early years web site .
  2. Friend looking # a-b-36070 c2 AD42398 on case . Or rebuild kit . Thanks
  3. Friend looking for oil pump '29 Dodge DA6 #A-B-36070 C2 AD42398 on case . Or rebuild kit .
  4. Dyke's In available online at DBC website .
  5. I think you need a three wire coil to have the gage terminal . The ignition switch goes between the amp gage and coil all else would be same . You may be able to just take power off new switch as Tinindian said . Your gage is then on with key on .
  6. I have used the 1/16th for setup of stationary side and tighten adjusting side until it starts to rub . raise rear wheels and turn by hand . If new lining may have some high spot need wearing in . Your trying to get maximum contact when setting brake .
  7. Thanks Chrycoman and Spinneyhill . I just had a few made for friends who have '30 '31 '32 F series trucks . Made a couple extra , nice to know they will fit others including Merchant Express .
  8. Looking for someone with a Dodge ,Plymouth and Desoto Master Parts Books. To look in front index to see if part number 72009 is listed . In MPB of trucks prior to 1933 , it is a spare tire hold down clamp . Wondered if any cars in '28 to '33 years used also . Thanks Tom
  9. If the cell is shorted out . You will only have about 4 to 5 volts . And it is shorted by build up on bottom of cell you can sometimes flush clean and put the acid back in . However if plates warped and shorted not much hope . Worth a try but use gloves ,googles and ventilation and wear cloths you may not miss losing . Becareful !
  10. I would recommend removing coil from engine . Same set up on my truck lead to it overheating and opening on thermal protection then resetting --repeat . I moved in to cab fire wall . Tom
  11. Make sense, with two wire plug ,assume it is one filament bulb?
  12. Does this look similar , mine from 31 truck . If so I'll get you pic from it after it was cleaned up . When rain stops . Tom
  13. What was the brand of side view mirrors used . I believe they where 5 " and show a 1/4" stem and nut attachment from center . E-bay has a trio of old truck mirrors up know . Most have bad mirroring .
  14. If you could find the white protector sheeting they put on new cars when they ship them . You can just put local to that window , I think it is removed with heat gun at dealership . If not keep vents of heating system open and it will exchange air as you go down the road .
  15. Sounds like Carb or timing . See these pdfs. leaning more to timing , mine did same with slight low reading till I adjust . Even though points set . Vacuum takes all wear and lash out of setting . Press - Vacu test4.pdf Press - Vacu test5.pdf