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  1. ArticiferTom

    Oiling a frame to prevent rust

    Heard of oldtimers coating frames with used trans fluid . ATF is high in anti corrosives . And used is cheap .
  2. ArticiferTom

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    It is easier in todays vehicle with circuit board and gates and diodes . Currect is called and loses voltage .
  3. ArticiferTom

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    I Am stumped . If you have + voltage on, out ground it eliminates opens circuit including filaments . Next is step back make sure bulbs are correct .
  4. ArticiferTom

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    Connection on bulb . Test by removing ground from bulb should have + voltage ...
  5. ArticiferTom

    New spoke wheels on victory 6

    Beautiful !! Your a true craftsman , great machine design . Really like your center cutter . I felt compiled to scan some old photo of a set of my wheels . Most my jigs where only wood as only planned on two uses . Thanks for showing .
  6. ArticiferTom

    New spoke wheels on victory 6

    Gotcha ! If you made, they look great . You used a nice straight grain wood . I have made a few sets of 57" artillery wheels for cannon . Used mostly lathe and router . The hub where wood too .
  7. ArticiferTom

    New spoke wheels on victory 6

    Notice you relieved the spokes on inside edge . Was there a reason for that ?
  8. Keiser your answer seems better . You beat me to the post .
  9. Looks similar to locks on flexible section of brake lines .
  10. List on craigslist and above in ' cars for sale '.
  11. ArticiferTom

    1931 Dodge Bros. Truck FS:

    This nice survivor is for sale . Talk with owner many a times as my truck is same UF-10 model . His is about 300 earlier made in 1931 .
  12. ArticiferTom

    current leakage

    Just dirt , grease and moisture on the top of a battery will give you a reading .
  13. ArticiferTom

    Amateur ! Keiser 31

    Got this pic of open early car on trailer . Being only an amateur Keiser finder , photo is bad . Found while doing road trip yesterday . Did get one good photo at last evenings cruse'in a '49 Ford with driver happy the dog days of summer are here .
  14. ArticiferTom

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Did you look at turning a channel in shaft for o-ring . Have same problem , just have not got that far along to be concerned with .
  15. ArticiferTom

    Brake drums powder coated

    May want to simply sand blast surface then can be ground true with out damaging stones . My drums are factory painted yellow and heat never bothered them .