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  1. ArticiferTom

    Preserving Headlamp Reflectors

    The kind of light your dentist had that was indirect, in has a large reflector .
  2. ArticiferTom

    Redi-Sleeve Installation Tips Wanted

    I have never done one of these sleeves , put when doing pulleys on shafts , chill the shaft . So maybe dry ice to the other will not set Permatex , may slow it actually .
  3. Actually, It is Pre 1930 Chrysler who has those displayed like that he is Jay Astheimer , at
  4. ArticiferTom

    Steering wheel removal?

    Post #618 in Dodge Brothers ..Resurrection of Daphne thread . He shows made puller .
  5. ArticiferTom

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    The middle tube got at mower dealer . Tractor Supply does not have it with there other greases and lube . It is in three point hitch supplies in small bottle with point top , don't ask dummies behind registers; go to hitch equipment your self .
  6. ArticiferTom

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    Tractor Supply has in 3 point hitch department . Some lawn mowers used in trans ie Bolens . Usually called " Double Ott " and is pint squeeze tubes . Disassembly only way to get existing out . Figuring it got pushed a side , I just add this to mine numerous times until it got full . I added by removing the zert and used bottle's nipple , against . I do get oozing out bottom ,as it is thinner . But there is a cup/deflector on mine to catch before light switch . Do not see this on parts list in my BOI .
  7. ArticiferTom

    Source for chrome wood screws

    Does it have to be chrome or can it be Zinc plated ?
  8. ArticiferTom

    Fuel Line Thread Sealant- Best ??

    Yes, talking the threaded brass to alloy of fuel pumps and steel of tank bung . Also brass to brass as my plan is to add a shutoff safety at tank elbow . Jon , assume you are a nothing guy or tape guy . Tom
  9. ArticiferTom

    Fuel Line Thread Sealant- Best ??

    Looking for recommendation . Found Teflon allows connectors in tank and fuel pumps to twist from alignment easily . I often see what looks like blue or red color sealant on plugs and other brass when new . What is it ? Or would Indian Head Shellac dried to parts work .
  10. ArticiferTom

    Proud (young) Newbie show's old car '56

    Thanks , but going from memory I may have got branding wrong . And myself would not know if hemi or not . It did have very large heads on it . Perhaps as third owner, motor was changed . Had power brakes driven from generator and power seats . He was even brave enough to have pulled the radio out to fix and get working . Said it has tubes in it . Being of age when in school I changed a few tubes and wound a few motors ,laughed . He said he already repair a tube tv ,with internet help . Wewe with moxie , I say .
  11. I saw one of those positive signs that some young guys a stepping up . The gentlemen in stripe blue /white shirt talking in front of his new toy . He purchased what he said is a '56 Plymouth New Yorker As 392 Hemi with power everything on Saturday and drove with friend to Sunday's show for Greyhound Recue Benefit . Said he did not even have time to clean . Car looks all original to me ,except for lower paint . Was in beautiful shape . He garnered a lot of attention from the usual veteran showee's there . I invited him to the forums here . Hope to see in future with more info .
  12. ArticiferTom

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    My only concern with poly would be coil, over heating . Do they produce heat ? Metal would act as a sink . Muffler pipe would be ticket . Check out tractor Supply they or Advance Auto lots adapter available .
  13. ArticiferTom

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    See if these help . Cannot see back from your photos if has adjustment .
  14. ArticiferTom

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Take a look at your BOI . It should have pics of on the lube chart . Look'in great !
  15. ArticiferTom


    Yes , a Greenlee knock-out set is what you need . They even have the nipper for the little key slot . Most electrical contractors carry them .