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  1. I did not want frame under mine . Knowing it was moving for construction . At one time I had it on asphalt drive way and anchored with 1/4" tap-cons screws . Adding a few extra with two hole electrical straps .
  2. Harbor Freight Co . I think there's are same as shelter logic . Shelter logic used to be available from Northern Hydraulics .
  3. The HF one serviced me fine , in northeast for two years until got garage built . Knock snow off occasionally . Gave to buddy to cover machinery . Cost about 200 on sale 4 years ago . May start to degrade after 3 or 4 years if out in full sun . I upgraded anchoring by getting canopy/tent kit with eight screw type anchors and cheap harbor ratchet straps . Tied straps to upper frame and a zip screw to each tube joint ,throughout .
  4. Nice '31 ! These babies are rare . Do not think going to be easy . Maybe Country Traveler who has shop and yard will chime in . Does it run yet ? And would love more pics . Also Dave will be looking for the info on it for his research on trucks of that time build by Graham for Dodge and Chrysler .
  5. ArticiferTom

    Alternative to Penrite for steering box

    Yes if "OO" weight . Corn head available in both . Also used in some lawn tractor differentials . If you look a lot a made by same supplier , just package different . The NLGI-OO sets the spec .
  6. ArticiferTom

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Had to make a gasket for mine ,doing same oozing . Counter clockwise nut to lower your pressure , after removing cotter pin .
  7. ArticiferTom

    ID on Trico Motor

    This may help search .
  8. ArticiferTom

    ID on Trico Motor

    I think they are mostly same of that period . Was able to rebuild mine with a kit from Batton's ,model A used Trico's . The differences come in mounting and control valve , inside or outside . Ply 33 has info on his site on lubing . Model A site search got some better info , most is on here somewhere from two years ago or less . Also Dodge's where painted black from factory as was truck interior, I guess . No sure how crosses to larger Graham's .
  9. ArticiferTom

    1932 Plymouth PA

    That's what I thought too . But if it bolt mounts in two locations their goes that theory . On BOI diagram it looks to have slope to it . Well; maybe just take cable and throttle rod off mount and then see how they can be reconfigured .
  10. ArticiferTom

    1932 Plymouth PA

    Where the long exit tube with the elbow meets the box is the joint that pivots , to bring it away from rod , cables and motor . So box itself is sloped toward you when finished . Then extension stud off manifold bolt to pick up tube brace . How does that sound ?
  11. ArticiferTom

    Wheel Bolts

    Pics please .
  12. ArticiferTom

    What is this fitting and where do I get one?

    Search Ebay ( brass Long Elbows ) . many different arm length add any size flare you want . Example!18222!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0
  13. ArticiferTom

    What is this fitting and where do I get one?

    Try this also other with different lengths . ps search words ( long elbow) is key .
  14. Still look'n Dave . Found this mirror at Hershey , close but not .
  15. ArticiferTom

    looking around Hershey this year

    Sky cleared mostly at noon . Pic from car show the early stuff .