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  1. Love that book 30DodogePanel . Can you send me a zoom shoot of that back and any front pics you have of UF-10's . I some what agree as Graham certainly could have changed thing up especially on special order or lesser made units . But I attached a copy from the DB Master Parts catalog . It states Twilight used after 8002296 . The Guide and C.M.Hall must both been considered depress beam dual filament type . DB MAster.pdf
  2. Yeah' think early ones were made by Depress or called Depressed headlight .
  3. My guess is late '30 . The UT engine makes it same as Ply U spec wise . Also I believe Sn in wrong should be seven digits . The easiest way to date is look at the casting date of engine ,driver side under starter, was build a month or two later . Type headlights do not look like Guide Twilights they changed to in '31. Yes can still get build cards . Got mine last year .
  4. I used tin snips ,was not the best . But dress able after cleaned out . Leave water in to top if cut any other way , to displace vapors .
  5. Be careful with gravels and such as my Dodge had two baffles and the pickup soldered to inside . Remove tank to be sure top is not rusted . Moisture tends to accumulate and eat the top first . I cleaned with shaper then Evapo Rust but since top was perforated cut open and used electrolysis .Then finished with Naval Jelly . Hard part was finding a weld shop willing to weld top back on . Did not coat as that what was done 20 years ago, and started falling loose and rusting behind . Know just keep it full in Winter .
  6. MAy try Dodge Brothers Web site also has general info posted . Attached is some examples of the 1914 to 1927 Mechanics Manual .also a private web site Plymouth the First Decades has a wealth of info .MEC Man.pdf
  7. Looking for pic of '30 spring brackets . Need shackles . Tom
  8. Congrats to the Plyroadking Family you did the best thing this weekend !! PS. There goes all your free time . And worth every minute .
  9. I used a simple hand push pump/ suction gun from auto store . Above oil pressure limiter are the oil journals . Removed and installed 3/8 to tubing connector from hardware store and hand pushed in . Bleed air from gauge and helper say needle go up did X 3 and figured enough added additional to fill oil to level and started .
  10. Hello Stakeside Your grain looks like mine . I just do not have as good example . Do you have a close up of your new and does it match to long grain ? Is your backing white on it ? Seems a small piece of your pic sample shows that . Was wondering also if any printing on the white .? Mine was on the back inside directly above rear pickup window . It says 4 CHASE 31 , SUPER LUSTRE , DREDNAUT . All components that are dated on my truck seem to be made in early 1931 .
  11. I believe them to be original as I know it was restored in 90's and where placed back on backwards . Locking handle on driver side ,instead of passenger side and both units rotted with shells split . My truck is Graham / Dodge built in Oct. 19,1931 so maybe '32 Model UF-10 U2a-109. Question ,anybody have pic of the inside lock level for the driver side . Goes on a about a 3/16" square that has a tapped hole for holding screw ?
  12. This of the non -locking side 4" x1" and the stem which I cut off to attach to my replacement is 3.5" and tapped hole, for inner handle . Shown by machinist rule w/ stop . Discolored one is my original and chromed one is another replacement I picked up . These style have plated brass covers with trim crease . Other I've seen solid without crease, same sized ,but do not know to what they go .
  13. I grab some of mine tomorrow .
  14. Clum Co . made not only headlight drum switches . Also push-pull switches for the dash and older style ignition handle switches . Tom
  15. Thanks . A closer look at both shows a less random grain then yours . You can see the parallel of grain on mine near edge that was tucked under and protected . But is of a low profile .