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  1. Wireless Tail Lights??

    I am in for a 4 set . Lets us see what they look like . Everyone is going so big . No needed with todays bright leds .
  2. An electrical question on my 26DB

    Is the switch shown on the wiring diagram ? Show us a copy if you can . And wire gage are usually listed in BOI, but min 14gage ,I think .
  3. gas in oil pan

    If diaphragm is leaking there will be gas leaking out bottom of pump also . As there is a hole to atmosphere to permit pump functioning . Is it down draft carb , flooding ?
  4. Testing Gauges

    yes , you can bench test gauges . You'll spend more time building a circuit to do it though . Amp gauge must be wired in series with a load such as spot light or something about one third at lest your gauge . Maybe a couple headlights . Then use a clamp-on digital on the circuit to check your accuracy . What ever you use ,be sure to FUSE . Another way is using a battery charger , but there gauges are not very detailed . On the gas . you have to know the range of resistance , go to Radio Shack get a resistor about half that value and wire in series in circuit gage should go to half or what ever resistor matches proportionally .
  5. Stromberg series SF and SFM updraft carburetors

    Ditto ,on excellent article .
  6. Head stud removal ,Help

    Hey ! good to hear from you Doug . I know I was only thinking of because I will be changing anti freeze and want to silver paint the head as you said color is . One of those little get it back original projects . I had a Carter brass bowl rebuild to put back on it and get the Zenith with extension tube off. All hose and clamps and screws and nuts visible are proper . And the truck is driving good this year , put close to five hundred mile on .
  7. 34 door handles

    Seem to remember putting two on to fill the gap . Put face to face , and was nice and was nice and tight . The e's post was on square face and ends right in to old punched notches .
  8. 34 door handles

    It looks like a C but has a center post , making in a round E . The post helps keep it centered for max tension . Cannot remember if ground any more in grooves , do not think so .
  9. 34 door handles

    After grinding mine off , put back with E-clip in to grooves .
  10. Head stud removal ,Help

    Yes , on horn direction . Seen a car on site with it in correct place and with the longer stud , which mine has just was put back in wrong spot during rebuild in 90's, I guess . Any one ever pull the timing straight blade driver plug . Looks like a frozen one too .
  11. 34 door handles

    They will make a key to mat your lock now that they can see pins . Take to old tyme locksmith
  12. Wood spoke wheel maintenance

    Water is a temp fix or more a maintenance fix . You will have to keep wet til repaired . This is why water crossing had thur paths also ,in 18th and older century . Raw linseed , not boiled will not dry out put will swell wood back up and hold if sealed with paint on outside . Takes many soakings and will darken wood .
  13. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    Ditto on Safety harness . Always try to set your moves to be up down to approach work . Never drive to stop at work position or swing in fast to work . Older machines are prone to sticking and drift , given intermitted use . Never let anyone work in the bite or under . And buy your 50 lb bag of cat litter now . Save running latter in a hurry . LOL. Good luck , It will be such a time saver . Tom
  14. Head stud removal ,Help

    Thanks again , I have the left hand bits and extractors . Decided to put job off until Winter break . first will just see how it looks with studs at current length and horn bracket . Have not looked to borrow collet remover , but does look like the promising tool for the job . Will advise on out come .
  15. Kelly Blue Book or NADA goes back that far . May have to add a little as trucks are premium now . And untouched ones even more .