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  1. This weekend Das ( Ouch! ) Fescht, ( Bad Vendor)

    Thank you , Doug . Good to hear your out and about . We missed the DBC tent this year . Will catch up at Hershey .
  2. Ive never been to Pennsylvania...but

    If it was on my end of state ,would be glad . Hopefully he answers your request .
  3. Ive never been to Pennsylvania...but

    It is not far from Hershey Meet .. Field trip !!
  4. He got a free Chrysler

    YUUUP !!! That's a nice one .
  5. 1932 confederate 2 door, "the other deuce" SALE

    That is a beauty . And you got it repaired fast . If I may ask , What did you find on the engine ? . Happy Motoring , Tom
  6. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    Sorry 46 , have not been keeping up . I am a relative newbie to the hobby , and felt had little to offer on the subject . I did visit it's research library once when starting my project truck .
  7. Das Awkfesht Fescht Car Show Pictures Part 3

    Your welcome SaddleRider . It is more a play on words for advertising, as all there speak English . But is located in Amish country area who still live without some modern conforts ie .electricity, vehicles and government social services to an extend .
  8. This weekend Das ( Ouch! ) Fescht, ( Bad Vendor)

    Yes , mistakes were made I should have walked back and challenged the people running the stand . But it was ungodly hot and he did want a seen . I will say I was disappointed in other for not sticking up for him . One lady did come over and try to apologize for the action, he said . I have in past as a younger person been told to give my seat to elders ,old school child rearing or regret it later . And as adult did so with pleasure . On the third mistake . He thinks it was real reason . I try to be more optimistic . However , As I was out of o2 at the time I sat in same table for 7-10 minutes ahead of him as he stopped at restrooms on way . When he got to me I said wait ,I will go myself no use you limping out to the vehicle too . And after leaving this happen . He also said other people sat around who did not appear to be eating, as these tables were park property and in line of traffic to one of the egress gates . I do thank you Bob and Mark for commenting , It is a topic that needed some light . I know car people are better , but the sponsors control there vendors . But decency should control a persons actions Thanks again
  9. licence

    Nothing . Just lucky ebay purchase got matching front and rear original plates . Had them registered as my YOM 's in Pa . Thought is was neat that GB's are on a Graham Bros. truck . I was going to lash a rifle scabbard to the side of truck for my .257R Winchester . After all truck was used on the farm .
  10. Radiator flush on my 1923 Buick

    Do a search under, What is it a Zoo Tool ? . I used it to back flush my radiator . Helped ,but fix came when I removed and filled radiator with CLR calcium ,lime rust remover for 8hrs. and a flex brush over top of coils . This radiator was left with fluid in the dried , leaving calcium deposits that blocked tubes .
  11. This weekend Das ( Ouch! ) Fescht, ( Bad Vendor)

    Wow ! disappointed 70+ views on my rant and not one comment . Guess everyone else is healthy and young on this site . tom
  12. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    If you coming up I-81 you got the AACA museum . I'm near the junction of I-81 and I-80 in north central Pa. lunch is on me ,plus a ride in the '31 Dodge . tom
  13. Das Awkfesht Fescht Car Show Pictures Part 3

    In USA ,southern east part of State of Pennsylvania . Called Pa. Dutch ,area settled by old world Germans of Amish and Mennonite religion in late 16 to 17 hundreds . During the great Emigrant from German speaking lands and Western Palatinate to North America .
  14. licence

    Brackets on the bar .
  15. Lighting switch for 29'-30' Desoto K

    Pictures ? Or part numbers