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  1. Did you try The Filling Station catalog ? Not sure what Rite way looks like ,but there stuff fits Twilight Guide lights . Tom
  2. Keiser , use the SKF web site to cross and old number to modern seal after first finding that number on same site . this same site was used to find throwout bearings discussed last year . Mine yielded 6 crosses ,I then bought new SKF 17605 which = old # 314963. Tom
  3. Wow! That is nice . You need to put a beer can or something in pic to give scale to it . the place mat helps a little , or is that a coaster ?
  4. Search brake adjusting in forums . There are some of us that made our own for pennies , out of all thread rod and wood and nuts . Also Brattons has new design for doing Fords , Should do Dodges .
  5. Hey! Texacola , here is a three compartment tanker still in use . But on a Ford . I think they tied all together as they only use one fuel in these radial planes .
  6. Yes Curti , Some like the Home Depot's Remington Solar Roof have Temp and Hum stat built in . I am sure there others . The rain sensor did not find or look for . The sensors do not require power only have contacts that can handle both voltage and amperage .
  7. That's why the combo with humidity stat is important . On with high temp or high humidity , may even add a off rain sensor .
  8. Northern sells solar exhaust fans for about $300 and add a combo heat /humidity stat for under $100 . Light available also .
  9. In Pa you can do a mechanic's type lien and claim title . Just is a lot of trouble to get title . You have to be a business in Pa to do .
  10. You do not say what kind of vehicle your talking about . But even on my '31 Dodge ,the manual of operation gives a section on storing of vehicles and tire ,repeatable at 90 days . That would hold more weight in court than a car guy . Couple in some articles published on storage and new fuels .
  11. Yes , also a company McQuay-Norris started making suspension parts in early 30's maybe little more popular aftermarket stuff.
  12. Your are getting it hard there ,Terry . WTK is your fuel same as in US with 86 octant regular and all the ethanol . Tom
  13. Hello Chet , looks like after market made in same design as TRW products . Search ebay TRW r761 to see similar . Tom
  14. Great , Let go truck'in ! after Winter . tom S.
  15. Happy New Year All !