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  1. Oil (Groan)

    I think your car looks great. Thanks for including the picture. Congratulations. I also agree with the Rotella T 15W40 diesel oil. Hugh
  2. Gentlemen, Having new Oil Pressure Relief springs made to OEM specifications. Springs are being made in lots of 10 by a specialty spring shop. Currently creating an order for 1925-28 Standard, 29 ser 116, 30 ser 40. Calling this grouping "Standard Springs" Also taking names to determine the need for 1924 6 cyl, 25-26 Master, 27-28 ser 120-128, 29 ser 121-129, 30 ser 50-60. Calling this grouping "Master Springs". Springs will be at cost + shipping. The current price is $13 each plus postage. Springs get weak with age and the old metallurgy is know to break. PM me with your name and spring type, and I will follow up when these are available. Thank you, Hugh
  3. 1924-45 6 Cylinder Exhaust

    Don, From our beloved Buick friend Dave Chambers. Hugh
  4. wood floor board

    Terry, That photo came from me, and I am not sure where I got it. There is a note in the Bob's Automobilia catalog that they have a contact that can make sills to your specifications if you do not see your sill plates in their catalog. Hugh
  5. wood floor board

    Larry, Good to know the differences. I was not aware of that. Not a lot of storage space so it's good to know where everything belongs. Hugh
  6. wood floor board

    Kyle, Only the 5 wood boards that you see hinge up. The photo that you see is from a 1925 Standard, and you have a 1925 Master, so this drawing from Larry shows that your car has 6 boards (plus the 2 slat boards that hold these together.) Make your seat compartment cover to Larry's drawing and you should be good. You should have a metal pan under the seat area. The metal pan and this cover makes up the under seat storage area. This is where you would store your side curtains. Hugh
  7. 25 Buick freeze plugs

    Ron, I bought 7 freeze plugs from Bobs Autombilia. Hugh
  8. Buick 1925 missing ID plates

    Be sure to verify the hole spacing before buying any plates. There are some for sale that look the same but are not the same size.
  9. Buick 1925 missing ID plates

    This is the list of serial numbers for the engine in 1925.
  10. door wood fit up

    Kyle, These 2 views show the 2 carriage bolts in each sill that are used to hold the door opening bottom brace and the door opening angled upper support. The carriage bolts are pushed in from the bottom up before the sheetmetal is installed. The inner hole is the thru bolt for the frame. Also notice that they used 1/4" wood strips on the outside bottom of the sills. A scrap piece of wood was used inboard at the frame support. A piece of 1/4" reinforced rubber is used as a body mounting pad. The next body mounting pad is under the seat. Hugh
  11. door wood fit up

    Kyle, Here is one of your door check strap end pieces in your photo. This is where it would be located on the door as well. They are low on the door below the lower hinge on my 25 Standard. You can see the 2 holes on my hinge post that held the check strap. Larry says they are higher on a Master Touring, but you have old wood that should tell you what is correct for a Roadster. Hugh
  12. IT ALL HINGES ON THIS old pin

    Kyle, That is a neat low budget trick that I was not aware of for getting the holes to line up. Thanks for the posting this. Hugh
  13. 1927 Buick she's home lets begin!

    Lenny, Photos of unrestored areas - especially behind seats and carpetting are like gold to me. The vinyl still attached under the seat spring area is a rare detail. I find that less goes wrong if I can duplicate the way they did things originally when I work on a restoration. You have a nice one there. Thanks for the documentation. If you get stuck in the process, don't hesitate to ask questions. A lot of help is available here. Hugh
  14. 1925 buick master oil pump

    Alex, My 1925 Standard oil pump really just needs a new bottom brass plate. No wear on the gears. It needs a new relief spring as well. I am just going to get a new plate of brass for the bottom and drill holes to match the old plate. I will grind out the "oil reservoir" in the middle of the plate. I also need to have a relief spring made to the specifications in the shop manual. Hugh
  15. 1928 Buick Universal Joint Ball question

    The groove you are showing is the alignment groove for the ball cover and should not have felt. It looks to me that the groove with felt is the early style of oil control, and the sewn leather band is the later style.