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  1. 25 Buick final adjustments

    There is also a screen on the suction inlet of the fuel line. Photos of how to make one yourself courtesy of Fred Rawlings
  2. 25 Buick final adjustments

    The Buick manual says .020 for the point gap. I was looking up Dwell for 6 cylinder cars of the 60's with dwell and point gap in the same chart. I had .020 as 39 degrees dwell. Is this what you would suggest Ron uses for setting his points?
  3. 25 Buick final adjustments

    Ron, I know you have a fresh motor. Just to rule a few other things out. If you put a vacuum gauge on the car while it is idling, what reading are you seeing. I want to ensure we don't have any breathing issues. Have you put a dwell meter and a timing light on the car to ensure that the dwell and timing are correct. I know that they did not have dwell numbers in those days, but someone knows what the dwell should be for our cars. That would resolve that the spark is in the right place. Is your carburetor heater valve in the exhaust open? Hugh
  4. What Color for a 25 -55

    I think the reason for the smudgy looking wheel paint is that to do it correctly, you would used filler on the wheel to get the striping to lay smooth. As a new stripe, you would have a smooth surface to work with. If you are striping a wheel that is old and has open grain, this is what you would need to do in my opinion. If you smooth only the part under the striping, then you can leave the wheel natural and just varnish the rest of the spoke. This is an original Brewster Green wheel with Red striping. At least what is left of it. It is 1/8" striping. Hugh
  5. What Color for a 25 -55

    Don, This is the paint formula for Cobalt Blue that I received from Bob Bitowski, who received it from someone else in the Buick Club. Ultra 7000 looks to be a Sherwin Williams paint ,so you would likely need to find a person using Sherwin Williams to spray you a sample. Maybe you could ask Bob if he has a sample of the color that he can send you. (PM me if you need his contact information. ) The right paint store can make a small sample for you to spray out. That is the way I would do it. I can't appreciate the color from a little chip sample in a book or a photo on the internet. I need to see it in different lighting. Hugh Here are also some other notes that I gathered on Cobalt Blue. Cobalt Blue.docx
  6. 23 Buick rear light

    Ron, The 24 Buick 6 cylinder and the 25 Buick Master share the same tail light. All models. 168990. This is the higher end car, so it will have the nickeled bezel and the housing will have the slots in the bezel area to hold the pins in the bezel. Same slot mechanism as used on the cowl lights. The 1923 and 24 4 cylinder and 1925 standard had the less expensive style with a wire ring to hold the glass. Interesting to look on the Snyder website as the Model T taillamp parts look like they could work for a Standard. The Snyder glass parts may fit the bigger cars? The photo of Larry Schramm's parts car looks like the correct housing for you. The nickel Bezel on the photo rod provided looks correct if the bezel design matches what is on your cowl light bezels. Hugh
  7. 23 Buick rear light

    The back part may be correct, but I believe that is a Model A bezel and lens in the above picture. From the 1923 Buick Book of Parts for 4 cylinder models. I do not have copies of what went on a 6 cylinder model Hugh
  8. What Color for a 25 -55

    One more.
  9. What Color for a 25 -55

    Rod, That looks close. Here is a snippet for you. I will try to attach the entire article. Maybe you can get a sample. Maybe you get lucky and someone already has the paint code. Your car would be a single color, as the 2 tones came later. Just a note of caution. For my car they recommended 36-53 GMC Brewster Green, which looks more like John Deere tractor Green in photos, and my color is actually a very dark green, almost black. I still have a few spots of original paint on my car. Under the aluminum cowl trim, behind the ID plate, and under the steering column bracket. I also have Brewster green and some original striping on one wheel. They also sprayed the entire inside of the car and door panels, so I had Brewster green on all the interior wood . From "The Buick Nut, Oct-Dec 2005 Hugh "1924-1925 Sage Brush Green (Duco 244-537) used on 1924 Models 51A and 54C. Also on 1925 Models 51-54-54C-55; substitute 1949 Pontiac Sage Green (Duco 246-39816 or Dizler DAL-DQE 40705). Stripe was orange. These were the first Buick models ever to have natural wood finished spoked wheels. Spoke stripes on all Buick models having wood wheels were solid isosceles triangles based ½” from the hub flange on all spokes." Buick Paint Codes - The Buick Nut v02-01 - 2005-10 to 2005-12.pdf
  10. first car show of the season

    I put 4 wheels on a model A recently. No beads and no vibration. Maybe try removing the beads and see how it does. Try swapping wheels. It may not be noticeable in the rear. Look at motorcycle balancing equipment. It is used manytimes to find the heavy spot in the wheel, and that may do the trick. Consider also buying a run out dial indicator and see if your wheels are spinning true. The dial indicators are not that expensive. Beautiful car by the way. Hugh
  11. wood floor board

    Kyle, Now that your motor is started, you can work on the running chassis. Buick did assembly demonstrations of complete cars from stocked parts. This photo is actually from Washington, D.C., 1924. "Proof of Buick standardization of units: Assembly of complete operating chassis from parts stock carried by Buick Motor Co. local branch." Maybe use one of the other cowls that you have for temporary to take it for a short drive. You may need a bow tie and a straw hat too. Hugh
  12. 1924 or earlier Buick 4 cyl engine Seattle WA craigslist

    Not sure when the 6 cylinder started. I have seen Buick 6 cylinders in 1918, but up to 1924 Buick offered a 4 cyl and a 6 cyl. In 1925 all models were 6 cylinder, with the Standard being 191 Cu inch, and the Master was 252 Cu Inch.
  13. wood floor board

    Kyle, Congratulations on getting the 25 started. No small task. You called in the right people to assist as well. That is great to know that another 1925 Buick engine is running. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. To giddy from a great day. Hugh
  14. I wanted to provide a link and share this particular Photo of a mid 20's Buick Dealership garage. It looks to be a 1924 Buick 6 with the engine removed in the foreground, and an earlier Buick touring with the engine being removed just behind it. Numerous sport touring cars on stands in the background. No need for a lift. Do everything with a bank of chain falls. Lots of other photos on this site. Hugh
  15. David, Congratulations. That is a very cool trophy that you brought home. The roadster looks great. Hugh