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  1. Rare 1968 Eldorado Find - Paint Code 00

    hello, beautiful cadillac !! How much is she selling? I have a friend (in France) who bought a 1969 cadillac eldorado. he has been restoring it for 6 months (the car has been able to roll these last year and so we have changed a lot of dead parts). the chopsticks surrounding the rear window are chrome or painted original? thank you
  2. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Hello everyone I did not have time to work much this weekend on the buick but here are some pictures. I also received pieces that I ordered :). this afternoon I continue sandblasting the right side of the chassis to the wheel. I then painted it phosphating. I will continue next week end
  3. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    hello thank you zipdang! the exhaust lines are new (they are 3 years old). on the other hand yes I will replace the fuel pipe and brake along the frame . thank you dei with a large tarpaulin, yes we recover a lot of sand. using 2 bag in the afternoon, recupére almost 1 and a half bag. and with this method I can reuse filtered sand 3 times. it requires a very fine filter, I use a kitchen mixer to be filtered and its very good
  4. hello, ok thanks for the information! :). I wish you a good trip with the 2cv
  5. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Hello everyone, here are some late pictures from last Sunday. I finished sanding the left side of the hunt (2h sandblasting) and application of phosphating paint
  6. nice picture :), indeed the weather looked nice :). did you arrange the dynamo of the 2cv? have a nice week end ! ps: the last gray pickup is a Chevrolet silverado ?
  7. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Hello everyone, here are some pictures of this afternoon I sanded the other side of the frame and applied a phosphating paint. we can also see the state of the sill block (rubber). I will continue to sandblast tomorrow. good evening to all
  8. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    hello, thank you zipdang yes indeed once the chassis is outside, it's easier to work on. and as his I can sand all the chassis
  9. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    thank you GARY F ! I will continue this weekend, I will put another photo Sunday night
  10. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Hello everyone, here is some news from the buick :). this weekend, I disassemble the rear lights and the tank. I then with the help of several people, lift the body of the chassis. once the chassis remove, I go back the rear wheel. as can be seen in the previous photos, I had sandblasted the front of the chassis. So I continued to sand where I stopped. I then painted in phosphatant to prevent it from rusting in the week. next week end I continued sandblasted and I will dismount the rear deck
  11. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    hello, ok;) you could enjoy this pretty models at least;) I have a friend who owns a buick riviera gs 1971 (white), she is beautiful. it has completely restored the original identity (3 years of restoration). she's like new, it looks like she just got out of buick factories.
  12. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    hello, yes indeed there will be work to do. Normally I start doing this this weekend. the riviera 71 is a very beautiful model ; ) . it's been a long time since you sold it?
  13. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Hello everyone, here are some pictures of the advanced work :). despite the cold setting and the night falling very quickly I could find a moment to work on it. I finally have almost finished removing all the blocks, you can see the picture of the support of the block go to the floor of the safe. the driver side support is aesthetically clean but the passenger side is very sick, it is perforated by rust at various locations. we can also see from the inside of the box at the level of the support block, that the sheet is already well attacked. it will be necessary at the moment that I redo some pieces of sheet metal at this location. I then cut out with the hole saw two holes above the bolt that is housed in the support of go block and once cut, the small support that was supposed to hold the bolt of the block sill held nothing ^^ , there is a lot of rust, I understand better why its turn in the emptiness now. and for the other side, the same thing, full of rust: /. the white paste that we see is the body seal that I put a little while ago to consolidate the support of the block block, to prevent it collapses over time. now that this is in sight, tomorrow (normally) I dismount the last two silentbloc in the trunk. I'll put another picture when it's done.
  14. hello, ok yes indeed it is true that with the cold that happens we have less time to work outside :(. yes this weekend I almost finished dismantling the screws of silentbloc (rubber between the chassis and the body)
  15. hello, I come to the news :). Can you fix the dynamo? have you been driving with the 2cv since the last time?