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  1. Hello, yes thank you I enjoy this car show :). Here is a well known links in france or we find any parts for 2cv:;jsessionid=E1801860F5BB34D5D8E615F4583C81F5 And here is another link from a 2cv magazine that I saw in store and I remember the name and number : ( planete 2cv , number 118 ) I look at this book in magazin and I advise you, there is not one that looks like yours but did not quite the same year.
  2. Thanks zipdang Today I am going to an old car show near my home and there was a 2cv citroen which was almost the same year as yours. I think about you and made some pictures, I will put it on the forum in the week, and I will also put all the photos of this exhibition on the forum. I also ask a person to inform you for you, I have to ask to find the original 1958 2cv wheels and he gave me an internet links. I will put it as soon as possible on the forum.
  3. Hello, here is a link that could help you (in French)
  4. Hello, OK, I'll ask for this and I will keep you informed of what I have news;)
  5. Here are three video find on the internet of the previous years of the car show
  6. Hello, congratulations for your good work If you have any other question, do not hesitate to ask me ;). If there is a piece you do not find, if next Saturday has the purse of parts, do you want me to take it? Or I would take a picture of the parts and I would send it to you otherwise. I will send you a link from a video from last year's show. good continuation
  7. Hello, here is another photo of a dashboard that would be original for your model (from 1956 to your model). Here are two pictures of the same original model (if that can help you), we can see a difference on the rear lights and other small detail
  8. Hello, here is a photo that could help you
  9. Thanks, that's nice I will put the pictures on the other forum and ask if the dashboard has been modified or not I keep you informed of what I have news.
  10. Is what you allow me to send pictures of your car on the other forum so that it is easier for the search for information? thank you
  11. I got answers on the other forum, here are some answers: "The AZU was produced in only 525 copies in Belgium, and the rims were openwork in another way"
  12. Yes it is true that it is far: / I would make pictures and I would send you photos of the parts to sell if I go Saturday. And I would send you some pictures of the Sunday show;). If you have any other question or research, do not hesitate to ask;)
  13. " The question I have now is this: the "6" beginning my serial number was also confirmed from another source as being 1956. Why then is the same identification plate stamped 1958? Did it sit around a bit before being sold and then given that year? " réponse : "The body serial number (1687 out of 2020 made in Belgium in 1956) indicates that the car was assembled at the end of 1956. Either it was sold at the end of 1957 as a 1958 model, or the plate was restamped - the characters 5 and 8 are larger than the other ones. The car may be an export model, too, that took months to reach the US and more to be sold"
  14. Hello, i am looking for my answer to your question and i will inform you as soon as i have news If you are interested, the weekend of 25 August to 27 August there is an old car show not far from home. On Saturday there is a purse of car parts (and there will be with luck of the parts for 2cv) and on Sunday it is an exhibition of old car.