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  1. hello, it is true that it is not easy to understand when it is not good language. if you want I can have a question to the person who made this video?
  2. Hello, I found this video interesting. this person has the same problem as you and he shows how to check and fix the problem
  4. hello, I find the characteristics of the dynamo. if that can be useful to you.
  5. hello, ok, I saw that the reference was " PARIS-RHONE g11r111". I will continue to search and I will keep you informed .
  6. is this small diagram helpful ?égulateur_(Paris_Rhône_et_Ducellier)_depuis_1953%2F04
  7. hello, I see that you have to work well;). his will be the generator that does not work? : / did you have pictures of the generator to see the assembly? I will ask on the other forum where I am to have more answers. it's sad that it still does not work for the battery charge: /. I keep you informed when I have an answer
  8. a is good news;) you have a bit of work to go up now
  9. hello, here is good news! you received the regulator if I understood correctly? I wish you a good assembly
  10. hello zipdang, nice work! it's a good thing to change the joints;), have you order another joint since it was not the right one? The best of wishes for the future
  11. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    thank you zipdang !
  12. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    hello, here are some news from the buick. Last weekend I busied myself to finish the box at speed. I change the seal that I have to make and I clean the case of box. I then apply Rustol (colorless rustproof). all the joints that I change are not in picture it will remain to me to paint in black the tube of entrance of the oil
  13. ok, I answered you. I keep you informed when I send the parcel
  14. hello, I just got the regulator today. I have to check if it is the good reflex and it is well the one can you give me your address (by private message if you want) so that I can send you the regulator? thank you
  15. hello, yes when the restoration will start I will put it on the forum;). but this will work out in about 3 years, first I have to finish my buick, and after that you have to restore a Peugeot 205 gti 1984 from my father. and then its will be the turn of the juvaquattre