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  1. Hello, here are the photos :). So as I said, I sand the parts of the front train (left side) then painted by phosphating. I also go to get the parts I ordered :), and the patella, and other parts will arrive later.
  2. merci capri power ! thank you capri power !
  3. Good evening, I give some news of the restoration I finished sandblasting and painting the right side of the front train, tomorrow afternoon I'll look for the new ball joints with other parts, I would put pictures this weekend or next week
  4. a oui en effet vous êtes juste a la frontière en tout cas très belle américaine je possède une Buick electra 225 de 1969 , sa fait plaisir de voir sa petite sœur ( elle est en photo de sa restauration dans la rubrique " me and my Buick " / restauration de ma Buick electra 69 )
  5. Hello and welcome ! I am French, not far from toulouse south of france
  6. Hello to all, last weekend I am going to see the rally of the frontonnais not far from toulouse (france) Here is some video found on the internet of this rally We can see renault clio 16 s , renaul clio williams , renault clio 2 sport , renault clio 3 rs , renault 4 rs , renault megane 4 rs , renault 11 turbo , citroen c2 , citroen saxo , citroen ds3 , ...
  7. Beautiful buick and beautiful work;) good luck for the future !
  8. A rare race car peugeot 1907
  9. Or directly on this site (in france)
  10. And other French model in good and bad condition
  11. Here is a talbot that is on sale in france, looking for a vehicle of this type?
  12. Thank you john, but after a diagnosis of auto radio, it would be short circucuit (dysfunction) to FM. sorry my English is not very good ^^ thank you
  13. Thanks gary;) I ordered parts (ball joint , ...) and they should arrive at the end of the month. I also search the circuit diagram of the original car radio (the radio is in short circuit :()
  14. Hello, I have to sand the whole but I will put the screws, ball joint and joint in new piece. I will remove the old ball joint with a press, and put new ball-joint with the same press. When everything will go up I would paint the sets of the pieces in black as original. I also protected the wheel axle to not paint it, it will just grease it.
  15. Then application of antigravilla and disassembly of the front side train