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  1. Hello, do you know if the rotors can fit on the 1969 buick Electra ? thank you
  2. Hello everyone, here is some news of the buick After finishing the chassis I start to do the repair of the front panel. I made 4 pieces of metal, so I cut, weld and pretreated in phosphating paint, then in primary paint. When I would have finished the other two places of the panel repaired I would paint all its black paint finish
  3. Beautiful buick and very nice work! I wish you a good road aboard this beautiful buick;) Do you have pictures when you go to the exhibition on July 6th?
  4. Thank you Gary;), this weekend I will continue the work :). I will put other pictures in the next week normally
  5. Hello all, here is some news of the restoration. Waiting to receive the seals of gearbox, I continue the work on the front of the car. As you can see in the first few pages of the subject, I worked on the chassis and underbody and stopped at the engine. Now that everything is disassembled I was able to work on what to stay. I first remove the ventilation system with the small heating radiator as well as other small parts. I then advance the car so that the front is out to be able to sanded. After having protected everything I began to sander. So I put on a day of sandblasting (whole Sunday), and in the evening when I returned from work I applied phophate paint and then the primary paint, then I applied anti-gravity on the frame (light gray ) And finally I apply black finish paint on the chassis. I will finish painting the panel of the box in black as soon as I could
  6. Hello, sorry I did not see that you sent me the links with the photos. Could you also send me the ties of the hat with the holes? thank you
  7. Thanks gary;). I ordered the kit of joints for the gearbox but I still did not receive it. And as soon as I receive it, put the box with speed upright (vertical) on the front of the box, as its I could finish the bottom
  8. thanks a lot for your help ! Can you send me an internet link of the exact parts bought? To avoid that I'm wrong ^^, thank you
  9. Hello, here is the rest of the restoration. After finishing the box linkage, I dismantled and painted my transmission shaft (I had already sanded it, ...). I then took care of the gearbox, after a day of cleaning (scrub the grease, clean with thinner and brush with the metal brush mounted on drill), I then pass two coats of rustol so that the box has speed Remains as its (as of origin).
  10. Here are some photos of different measure
  11. Thank you all for the research you do! Thank you for this trick, is it solid after a few years? Is this known this way of doing? thank you
  12. Thank you mike;), I see that it is a rare pieces to find: /
  13. Hello, thank you for your answers. I did not have time today to do the other measurements of the rotor, I will do it tomorrow at noon. Thanks for the links but I do not have a facebook account: / Thank you for your help !
  14. What do you think of these ads? There are no markings, is this really the right ones? thank you|Make%3ABuick&hash=item41b4db54e5:g:D54AAOSwTA9X89t4&vxp=mtr|Make%3ABuick&hash=item43ec3f437b:g:0m4AAOSwOgdYpfoX&vxp=mtr|Make%3ABuick&hash=item3f724a4cfd:g:yc0AAOSw9N1V14iR&vxp=mtr
  15. Hello, I measure that today;). thank you