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  1. Great looking truck! Who says working vehicles have to be utilitarian? The cab roof and rear window with curve down to the rear are excellent.
  2. Unknown truck

    Hawaii with that depot name?
  3. Living here in the USA, ebay (USA, Italy, France, etc.) made finding parts for my 1959 Fiat Granluce, 1967 Fiat Giardiniera, 1956 Citroen 2CV Van much is easier if not just plain possible. Meeting folks from around the world and nearby has been an amazing side benefit. A gentleman up in Michigan (I'm in Ohio) bought a Fiat parts car from California and took what he wanted, then I bought it from him and took what I wanted, then I was able to sell it again when I was done - all done through eBay. By the way, the engine in that parts car ended up going back to California!
  4. Did You Ever Own.....

    Dad had a couple Ford Cortinas in the early 70s - a wagon and a sedan. Not his typical vehicle which would normally have been something BIG, but they fit the budget at the time. Both served him well. I really liked the wagon, but he sold it shortly before I got my license.
  5. Hello new member

    I'll say she needs some tender loving care. Sounds like you are the man to do it!
  6. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great progress! We're currently freezing and under snow here.
  7. Hello new member

    Welcome! What kind of changes were made? Are you interested to returning it to it's original factory state?
  8. Do good pictures help a sale?

    This might be the first true "bottom feeder" I've seen on this site.
  9. Special Air Push Wiper Grease

    Almost sounds like "Relative Bearing Grease" or a coil of "shore line."
  10. What have you learned on the AACA Forum?

    What have I learned on this site? Humility - and that lesson was painless. For every less-than-polite post, there are hundreds of welcoming, eager posts.
  11. I'm not getting any sound? My end or yours?
  12. Bugatti-ish?

    Has anyone ever seen a rat rod that looked comfortable for the driver? Not my thing at all, but far be it for me to look down on anyone's creativity.
  13. 1930's Morgan 3 Wheeler is going Electric

    I'd accept one as a gift.
  14. Did anyone get any snow.. ??

    Attempted humor!
  15. Did anyone get any snow.. ??

    WOW. That's like 3 inches, isn't it?
  16. If you could?

    Packard. If I could bring them back along with my dad, I'd be one happy man. Packard ownership never happened for him, but it was on his bucket list before people were using the phrase.
  17. Anybody know what ~1907 car this is?

    A bunch of rich guys taking turns while the chauffeur sits amused watching the old farts try to act like drivers.
  18. Packard Question

    I look at older "entry level" cars and am just amazed how grand they were.
  19. Delaware, OH was underwater in the flood of 1913.
  20. Spotted Santa Today

    Maybe a bit Blitzen...
  21. Hello! I am a new owner of a 1958 Citroen 2CV Van. As I work on getting it roadworthy, I've come across a couple of problems that I need help with. 1. One of the front hubs is quite broken (see pic.). This is an early 2CV and the spline pattern I need is the 8 raised square splines (also shown in pic.). 2. Next, I've discovered that the wheels that came with my little van are incorrect for the age. This was obvious when I saw where these wheels had been striking the suspension canister and the tie rod end on the front. Prior owner solved this by placing large washers on the wheel studs before putting the wheel on. Not an ideal fix. I would love to find a set of the early wheels. 3. I've also posted the identification plates from this van to see if anyone can decode them as to where this was built, engine size, etc. I haven't been able to find any pictures of 2CVs with wheels that match my incorrect ones. Thanks all for any information - and hopefully - a front hub and a set of wheels!
  22. At least with my older, worn suspension, that extra lift in the back disappears pretty quickly with a load.
  23. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great progress! I sure wish it wasn't so cold here right now...

    Hello! I only know of SEAT as a builder of cars under Fiat, but don't know much more beyond that.
  25. Classic car stories - thread

    We had a 1959 or 1960 Studebaker Lark wagon when I was around 5 years old in the mid-sixties. Being one of five kids, some of us always road in what we called the "backety-back." No seatbelts here. Anyway, I would love to lay on that floor and listen to the drivetrain rumble along.