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    Need an id on this part

    Oldsmobile. My guess would be mid '50s. Let the experts chime in from here.
  2. zipdang

    Need help to ID these vintage cars please

    Or the other one, two blocks down and one over with the missing wheel cover?
  3. zipdang

    Radiator identification

    It won't fit my 2CV!
  4. zipdang

    Car Logo Quiz...

    Seems like 43 is the benchmark, my score also with only one out-n-out guess.
  5. zipdang

    Why? Why?

    The lousy photoshopped pictures really cheapen the car... 😜
  6. Seems like the original poster here has been hijhacked several times! Hope he comes back...
  7. My dad used to kid me that I just might as well circle all the imperfections in my work with a wide magic marker because that way everyone else will be able to see what I can.
  8. zipdang

    What do I have?

    Hey! I believe this is the first time I've correctly identified something before anyone else! Thanks for the support roysboystoys! I'll rest easy tonight...😀
  9. zipdang

    What do I have?

    Is the first VW?
  10. zipdang

    71Riviera questions

    I replaced the remains of the original exhaust on the '71 I owned, and got lots of complements on the sound after installing a factory original exhaust. Even the exhaust guy that bent my pipes was quite surprised. He had tried to sell me something throatier.
  11. zipdang

    Log truck

    Hey, why don't we put all our trucks on the bridge at once and see if she holds?!
  12. zipdang

    Identify my great-grandfather's car

    That certainly looks like a match! I'm still curious about the other car in my other thread where I added a second photo. There wasn't a conclusive agreement on that one!
  13. I recently ran across the following picture of another one of my great grandfather's cars. He lived his life in Akron, Ohio. I've added some pics of another of his cars I posted in an earlier thread in a different forum.
  14. Any more thoughts on the car featured in this thread with the newly found photo? Post 12?
  15. The following was handwritten on the back of this photo by my Great Grandfather Lawrence Halter of Akron, Ohio. I am curious just what kind of automobile he drove. Can you help? "This is front view of the Laundry, Saloon, & vacant lot. I (Lawrence Halter) am standing with bundle and Geo. Wolf my nephew is at entrance of laundry and other men are visitors or traveling salesmen. Brother-in-law proprieter of saloon is standing at saloon door, & my automobile in front of vacant lot.”
  16. Thanks nzcarnerd. New thread is created.
  17. Sounds like a good idea. Could you tell me how to put that link in the new posting?
  18. Hello again. I posted this photo a few years ago trying to identify the car and, believe it or not, I've discovered another picture of the same car. Maybe it will help firm up the identity. In a separate thread, I posted a picture of another of his cars for identification.
  19. zipdang

    1929 Fisher Body wood patterns

    This thread just reminded me of a neat little booklet I found in my grandfather's garage promoting the process and quality of the Fisher bodies. It has sections on the wood, metal, glass, upholstery and testing with some great diagrams and pictures of the processes and the plants. I've scanned a few pages to give you the flavor. It is dated 1927 which is a little before this thread's target date.
  20. zipdang

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    As always, great to keep in touch. Thank you for sharing your progress with all of us.
  21. zipdang

    Give the people what they want

    I WANT A SMALL PICKUP WITH A STANDARD CAB AND LONG BED! My '97 Ranger (at close to 300,000 miles) is getting a bit tired and there is nothing to replace it out there!
  22. zipdang

    How do you know if your into cars?

    How 'bout having your car in two pick-ups! One for the first part of the trip, then transferred to the 2nd to bring it home!
  23. zipdang

    Chrome Shops

    John Wright's Custom Chrome Plating in Grafton, Ohio, did a fantastic job on the first batch of parts I sent them and now they're working on the remainder. 440-926-3116,
  24. zipdang

    Time for a trailer

    I believe it was once owned by George, Jane, Judy and Elroy (and their dog Astro) but I could be wrong.
  25. zipdang

    Chrome questions

    FIrst question: Has anyone used Jon Wright's CustomChrome Plating in Grafton, OH? I'm considering using them for the rechroming work on my 59 Fiat. Second question: Trivalent vs. Hexavalent chrome. Anything I should know about this? What I've learned via the internet (so I know it's true) is that the trivalent is much better environmentally. What about appearance and durability? Thanks!