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  1. John S.

    Mark II Plastic Model

    Very nice work!
  2. John S.

    1949 Crosley Restoration

    Brandon, good luck on the restoration with the Crosley. Welcome aboard.
  3. Chistech, just wonderful work. Just beautiful work.
  4. Nice work Matt. 1956 Chrysler products are great cars.
  5. Chistech, Wonderful work. This Olds is going to be spectacular.
  6. John S.

    67th Annual Antique Car Show - Morristown, NJ - 5/6/18

    Looking forward to going. One of my favorite shows. Thanks
  7. Amazing work Roger. Just amazing!
  8. John S.


    It's always a treat to see their cars at Hershey. The fellows are real down to earth, and the choices of cars are really interesting.
  9. John S.

    Mark II Plastic Model

    What a neat project
  10. John S.

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Glad to see the Merc is back. My favorite post.
  11. John S.

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Martin, you do excellent work. I enjoy all your post on the Merc. This is going to be one spectacular "61
  12. , Breitfellers Pontiac in Queens Village, New York, had a similar painting hanging on the wall in the middle of the dealership. Several years ago, I saw another painting of Chief Pontiac for sale at the Hershey swap meet.
  13. John S.

    Killing time during the winter

    Cool Fords.
  14. You do fantastic work. I love the Olds and the Chevy. Wonderful work!
  15. John S.

    1931' Chevy 5 Passenger Coupe

    That is a beautiful Chevrolet