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  1. Roger, i am in awe of your work. It is great seeing the Lincoln coming together. You are one talented fellow!!!!!
  2. Wow! Again, fantastic work.
  3. John S.

    2018 Eastern Spring Meet results

    Aside from Hershey, this was the most enjoyable meet that my wife and i had been to in a long time. The Host were second to none, the show fields were well laid out, cars were spectacular, and everyone was friendly. Picked up some interesting items in the flea market. Really appreciate all the hard work from The Chesapeake Region. Thanks. John
  4. John S.

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Love your post, Martin. Great work as always. John
  5. John S.


    Just got back to Long Island from the AACA Eastern Spring Meet in Gettysburg. I want to thank everyone from The Chesapeake AACA Chapter for all the hard work that went into making Gettysburg a great meet! The cars on display were spectacular, the owners very friendly, and even though the Flea Market was small, i picked up a lot of interesting items to take home. Greatly appreciate it. Thanks, John
  6. John S.

    Unending patience

    In reading the comments on this young man's truck, it's funny, to think that we often worry about the direction of the hobby. for the future, and when a car or truck like this comes along, out come the complaints, and and shaking of fist, on how could he do this to this truck!!!! Well, I really appreciate what this fellow has done with his Chevy. He took a truck, that probably nobody wanted and got it back on the road, and is having fun to boot. He put his heart and soul into it, and I think it's great. The sad part is that if he gets negative responses, the antique hobby will lose him forever. Many members of our hobby , started out as hot rodders, or nosed and decked a car or two. Many members still own hot rods and customs. Go to Hershey, and see all of the rods and customs in the flea market for sale. How many Antique Dealers have Hot Rods, or Customs in their inventory? Nothing wrong with it. Bring him in, there is room for everybody.
  7. Sent You a PM. Thanks. John
  8. JetSmooth6, I live in Franklin Square, in Nassau County. Is the Impala still for sale. Thanks. John
  9. John S.

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Always enjoy your work. The Merc is is coming along nicely. Thanks for the post Martin.
  10. Love your work. Car is going to be a stunner!
  11. John S.


    Looking forward to the Meet!
  12. John S.

    Mark II Plastic Model

    Very nice work!