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  1. head gasket help

    It is not the sending unit. It is located right in between the water pump and the head. That's what I was thinking that there should be some kind of plug there?? There seems to be some kind of rubber grommet but there is still a 1/2 inch hole.
  2. head gasket help

    By the way I'm referring to the hole below the thermostat housing.
  3. head gasket help

    I'm in the process of changing the head gasket And was wondering if Im missing a plug here? I am not near the car but don't remember this interconnecting with the water pump. Before I leave work should I be retracing my steps or is this supposed to like this?
  4. head gasket help

    not near the car and noticed this plug/hole in the head below the water pump. Have I lost something? I don't recall this joining with the water pump but could be mistaken. I just want to know if I should be looking for a plug Or am I all good thanks. Also anyone know off hand what size is the hole for the temperature sending unit. The big nut has left some remains in the head and I would like to re tap it. Also what would be a good replacement for this hard to find a 6 volt sensor. Can I use a 12 volt? Thanks

    Ok thanks. I'm new at this site

    I am in the process of changing my head gasket on my 37 Oldsmobile 6 cylinder. I've noticed on the front of the head where it butts up to the water pump there is a hole there. My question is have I lost a plug or is it supposed to be there? It looks like there is some sort of rubber in there. I am not near the car so I can't remember if this interconnect with the water pump. I just don't know if I should be looking around to find a Missing piece.
  7. 1937 Oldsmobile six F37

    Thanks again Rusty O Tool. I have ordered a original 246 page shop manual off of ebay and am just waiting for delivery. In the mean time I was just fishing on the Internet for advice or procedures/advice. I will be sending the head out once removed for inspection. I really hope it's just the head gasket And not valves or rings etc!
  8. 1937 Oldsmobile six F37

    Thank you for the reply Rusty O Tool. As I said before the job looks pretty straight forward I'm just not sure if the head is separate from the water pump Which looks like it may involve a hoist To remove fan and everything???
  9. 1937 Oldsmobile six F37

    I have just purchased a 1937 Oldsmobile six and have realized that the front two cylinders closest to the rad seem to be missing. I know the head gasket is gone because my oil is milky and I can physically see it leaking. my question to you guys is would this kill the two cylinders. I pulled the plugs and fired up the engine and I have spark right to the end of the plugs but it makes no difference to engine sound when the wire is removed . also where do I look to find out exactly what motor is in it? I'm pretty sure it's a 230 but would like to find out as much as I can about this car. if it helps the six plugs are located on the top of the motor and the only other thing on the head looks to be the upper rad hose and what may be the oil pressure wire. my question is does the water pump have to be removed as well when removing the head? I need to know this because I assume I will need all of those gaskets as well. thanks