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  1. Nobody else has had to replace their pump? Does anyone have the Napa pump part #. Napa doesn't seem to know what it is.
  2. Yeah, what @KongaMan said and does anyone know if the same box will fit my '70? I have what I would call lazy steering and would love an improvement like @toomuchvinyl is describing.
  3. Napa has the pump for a 69-70 Riv or one for the 80's Ranger?
  4. What have you done to your 1969 or 1970 Riviera when it came time for a new electric pump? Sorry if this is a repeat of a previous topic, but i could not find a related one. Thank you in advance for any input or direction to go.
  5. Check out what ratechmfg.com has to offer. They supplied me all the bearings and such in a kit to swap a posi carrier and gears into my '70.
  6. I hope to see a write up on the recovering and install of your buckets and console. I am on track to follow in your footsteps hopefully sooner than later with my shorty console conversion. Happy Holidays!
  7. 70rivme

    parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Resent, I will message you also just in case. Thanks
  8. That truly is a piece of unobtainium you are looking for. When I decided I was doing the center console and bucket thing to my '70, I must have chased down at least 14 or 15 of these consoles. Even when the consoles looked to be in decent usable condition, that lens was always missing, broken or even warped like it had started to melt. So project buckets with shorty console was initiated instead. I wish you luck in finding one and will keep an eye out for ya. If you end up making one, I look forward to the details and progress! Good luck!
  9. I like the direction you are taking your ride to. I am trying to accomplish the same task on my '70, but with the shorty console. I have already obtained the console and manual buckets. Now I have to find the time to make this transformation happen on top of the $ to refinish the seats. I believe the mounts for the seat tracks are available in the aftermarket. I'm sure someone can chime in on this one. Good luck on your changeover, I'm excited to see your results!
  10. I know they have them at Desert Valley Auto Parts in Phoenix. Not too bad of a drive I'm sure. Every '69 and '70 Riv there still has the fuel tank installed, but the senders are all missing. This was the case last time I was scrounging last year. There is also a guy in AZ on eBay selling refurbed fuel senders, but wants a core. Hope this helps, good luck on your quest!
  11. 70rivme

    69 riv parts

    Where is the car and do you have any pictures?
  12. Same guy, all I can say is it''s about time. I was asking this guy to reproduce these awhile back. Now I just need to find a spare $100 to give up.