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  1. To sum things up I ended up getting my issues resolved with this mount by cutting off my alternator as well as putting in helicoils where the compressor goes. I was looking for a replacement in the event that my mount cracked during removal. When I bought my car I noticed the head of the bolt for the lower alternator mount was snapped off. My thought was "what a dumb ass for over tightening the bolt". Well, now I have first hand experience with a rusted and seized bolt in the lower alternator mount. The mount came out good, but the alternator had to be sacrificed for the greater good of replacing the bolt. I obtained the replacement bolt from Todd at Die Cast Musclecars, this dude is a stand up guy without a doubt and extremely helpful too. The alternator was replaced with a single wire unit from Power Master Performance. These people have great customer satisfaction skills too.
  2. Thanks Mitch, I just happened to look at my threads and noticed you replied. Somehow I didn't see this until now. Appreciate the response!
  3. My Riviera is a 1970. Thanks for your input and direction, I greatly appreciate it! I ordered the left side mount from Buick Farm late last night as that is really the one I needed, just like you had described. I would like to know how people are making these other mounts work that appear to be close, but are different.
  4. I am currently replacing the motor mounts in my '70 Riv and see that each side is different. I had already ordered new mounts from Cars and just unboxed them. They are both the exact same mount. Before i try to install these and run into an issue, has anyone else come across this or have any expertise in the motor mount field? My engine has a larger and a smaller mount installed while the ones i received were both the larger type.Thank you all!
  5. I am looking for an aluminum alternator/air conditioner lower mount bracket. Anyone know where to find or have one for sale? I believe the number is 1381728. Thank you all!
  6. Nobody else has had to replace their pump? Does anyone have the Napa pump part #. Napa doesn't seem to know what it is.
  7. Yeah, what @KongaMan said and does anyone know if the same box will fit my '70? I have what I would call lazy steering and would love an improvement like @toomuchvinyl is describing.
  8. Napa has the pump for a 69-70 Riv or one for the 80's Ranger?
  9. What have you done to your 1969 or 1970 Riviera when it came time for a new electric pump? Sorry if this is a repeat of a previous topic, but i could not find a related one. Thank you in advance for any input or direction to go.
  10. Check out what ratechmfg.com has to offer. They supplied me all the bearings and such in a kit to swap a posi carrier and gears into my '70.
  11. I hope to see a write up on the recovering and install of your buckets and console. I am on track to follow in your footsteps hopefully sooner than later with my shorty console conversion. Happy Holidays!
  12. 70rivme

    parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Resent, I will message you also just in case. Thanks