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  1. Thank you Gents, I'll pass your positive feedback to the crew!
  2. Wow, that's the overstatement of the day, but we'll take it! Thanks so much for the kind words!
  3. This color is wild in the sun, and it is also a bit tricky to photograph, as it has a very high contrast from the bright spots to the shadows, which give it a very dynamic appearance. There is a lot going on in the Emberglo up-close!
  4. The crew unmasked the car and rolled it outside to get some sunshine.
  5. There is some peel on other surfaces, but it is minimal. Thanks for the kind words, we'll share with Jeff!
  6. After the basecoat had “flashed off” or dried the required time period, Jeff brewed up a mix of Standox clear to add some shine to the ‘66 7-Litre! The satin looked cool, but man, this car is going to be a stunner! This shot uses a flash and ambient light to show off the sparkly colors in the Emberglo paint recipe. Jeff uses a SATA spray gun and 20+ years of experience to achieve these results “right out of the gun”, before any wet sanding or buffing is done. The whole V8 Speed & Resto Shop Crew is to be recognized for paying attention to detail and maintaining quality levels from bare steel all the way up to final clear, as that’s what it takes to make ‘em nice!
  7. The ‘69 Chevelle is coming back to the shop for a cool upgrade… it’s getting a Tremec TKO 600 5-speed conversion with a package from Modern Driveline. We’ll post pics and video of the conversion soon.
  8. The crew at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop did an outstanding job on this car, and we are grateful for an owner who was great to work with and who has become a good friend. This car was on display at the 2014 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show in Rosemont, Illinois, and scored 994 / 1000 points and winning a Street Modified Gold award! What a great way to start 2015! The V8 Speed & Resto Shop built '69 Chevelle landed a full feature in the February 2015 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine! Thanks Hemmings, and congrats to the owner Al and the V8 Crew! Here’s a video feature of the car upon completion. http://youtu.be/4iwSbMQ48lc We shot several thousand photos of this whole build, here’s the link to the complete gallery if you’d like to check them out. http://www.v8tvshow.com/1969_Chevelle_AT/index.html
  9. The dyno showed us some lean areas in the fuel curve, so we tuned the 750 carb but were not happy with the result, so we switched the carburetor for a Holley Street Avenger 870 CFM unit to better supply the thirsty 454. This tuneup process was verified on the chassis dyno with a wideband oxygen sensor installed in the exhaust for optimum air fuel ratio. We didn't do full power pulls on the dyno yet, as the car is super-fresh and is still not broken in. After a 4-500 miles we'll change the fluids again and see what it does. We'll be running Royal Purple synthetics to reduce friction as well as keep the moisture at bay. We put some miles on the car and are quite happy with the result. The car is stunning in any light, turn heads everywhere does, and the performance is excellent. It is a new feeling and tight, the steering is crisp, and that 454 makes tons of tire frying torque!
  10. It was finally time for an initial test drive where we tuned the carburetor on a chassis dyno. We learned several things after warming up the car and running it on the rollers. We found the used rear differential to be worn out and the gears and housing were rusty. The posi unit chattered like crazy and the clutches were gone, so we installed a new set of gears and a Detroit True Trac differential to remedy that problem. Changing the rear gear also required the installation of a new Speedometer drive gear.
  11. We realized we hadn't updated this story in a while, so we go! All the fluids were changed, brakes were bled, and the remaining interior items were installed. At this point the crew completed the exhaust tips exiting just below the rear bumper. The rear trunk was spatter coated in original black and gray pattern.
  12. Thanks Keiser! Thanks Roger, we spend so much time making the underside nice, it would be a shame to shoot overspray all over it!
  13. It’s on! Jeff starts at the top of the car and works his way down and around. This color covers very well over the primer. Soon, the first coat is complete. As sweet as the car looks in satiny basecoat, we’re excited about seeing it wearing a new shiny clear coat!
  14. The big Galaxie is jacked up, and the wheels are removed. The window openings, wheel openings, and engine bay are all masked off, and the bottom of the car is masked to the floor. 3M foam tape is used in the door jambs. The car is cleaned again and wiped with a tack cloth, and a fresh batch of Standox Emberglo basecoat is mixed. V8 Speed & Resto Shop painter Jeff Wittlich suits up and dons his 3M PPS cup equipped SATA spray gun and heads into the booth to turn our big gray 7-Litre into a sea of Emberglo metallic!