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  1. 1969 Chevelle SS396

    Tremec TKO 600 Modern Driveline 5-Speed Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZJsRkAFkWE
  2. 1969 Chevelle SS396

    Once installed, the hydraulic clutch master cylinder reservoir is barely visible behind the brake booster. Inside the car, it appears just as it would with a factory installed Muncie 4-speed, except for one more gear on the Hurst shift ball…
  3. 1969 Chevelle SS396

    Slipping the TKO in place for the final install: Shifter hole opened to required size and console wiring peeking through: New Hurst shifter and boot installed Console installed and converted to 4-speed use: Re-sized drive shaft awaiting primer and paint:
  4. 1969 Chevelle SS396

    The owner drove this ‘69 for a while, but eventually decided it was time to dump the automatic transmission in favor of a manual. His hesitation was that he didn’t want to have to fight with a heavy clutch, but we teamed up with Modern Driveline to propose a hydraulic actuated clutch for an easier and smoother pedal effort. We then proposed a 5-speed manual Tremec TKO 600 with an overdrive gear for better highway manners than the TH400 automatic with its 3000 RPM stall speed and 3.73:1 rear gear. Modern DriveLine components including the aluminum bellhousing, Superior clutch, hydraulic throw-out bearing, and billet flywheel. Tremec TKO 600 transmission with bellhousing installed awaiting test-fitting under the ‘69. Initial fit showing the shifter position in the original tunnel. A bit of the tunnel will need to be replaced to bring the transmission up high enough to achieve proper driveline angles. New supplied transmission tunnel installed and primed:
  5. 1969 Chevelle SS396

    Quite a few! Not sure off hand the total.
  6. Thank you sir! Thank you! We have lots of projects going on.. we'll have to see which one will be next! Thank you! I'll share your thoughts with the crew! Thank you Gary, and thanks for following along!
  7. After all the hard work, the ‘66 7-Litre is finally finished. We are super happy with the results, and our crew at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop did an outstanding job on the car. The owner is happy, and the car drives like a dream. As a HUGE added bonus, the car was featured in the June 2017 edition of Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine, even landing on the cover! We’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in this project for the efforts, and thank all who read this thread start to finish. We hope you enjoyed the trip, it’s been a heck of a ride. Let us know if we can help with your dream car!
  8. That's very kind of you to say, and you're right... this one was built in about an hour the first time! You know I'm not sure.
  9. Underhood pad details and trunk elements installed.
  10. Original 15” x 5.5” Kelsey Hayes wheels sandblasted, epoxied, and sprayed gloss black. 7-Litre hubcaps polished and repainted. New center medallions and white-striped tires complete the look.
  11. Rear seat medallion over speaker grille and package tray Interior assembly coming along… New headliner brightens up the room a bit. Original door panel carpet treated to some dye to bring the color back. Assembled door.
  12. Restored rocker trim… this isn’t easy or cheap to find! Rear bumper in place, exhaust tips need to be trimmed later. Let there be lights! And how about that plate? Cool. Restored shifter and console assembly New carpeting being worked around the console. This can be a challenging job, but Tyler pulled it off. Stewart Warner “Green Line” repro gauges look right at home.
  13. Replated bumpers and restored brackets are held together with new hardware. These cars use a curved spring-type washer to maintain tension, a detail we included on the restoration. Tons of tape used in the fitting of the headlight bezels to prevent scratches. Although these have a rubber gasket behind them, they were a bit tricky to fit.
  14. John double checks his spelling on G-A-L-A-X-I-E… in truth, there is tremendous stress in reinstalling replated letters, as the holes in the car and the studs on the letters are all slightly different shapes and sizes after paint and plating. The last thing you want to do is crack the paint or break the letter. A very fine file can be helpful in the holes. More details and trim coming together…
  15. You’ll note the fenders have been on and off a couple times during the build, we find it safer to finish the engine bay with them off, and in this case, the lower windshield trim was easier to install without the fenders in place. We also wetsanded them and buffed them off the car for easier access. Here, John, Jeff, and Caleb taped up the edges of all the sheetmetal and reinstalled the fenders and hood. Tape keeps things from getting scratched during reassembly. You’ll note some of the exterior window trim has been installed, as well as the door glass. More FBS tape keeps the edges safe from the buffer, and John works the polisher all around the car. The multi-piece 7-Liter grille goes back in, with new lenses, seals, and hardware.