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  1. I don't think I ever shared this one of my 64 at the Edmonds park last summer, with the ferry in the background. She's a beaut, Clark.
  2. I check eBay almost every day and maintain a "watch" list of Rivieras. You're right, it is extremely rare to see one sell on there. The last one I can think of obviously sold off site because it was removed before the listing was up. There's one gray first-gen Rivi in Idaho that is on there all the time and people clearly love to bid it up to below reserve over and over. I love Bring a Trailer but it doesn't usually get good prices on 60s American cars. Probably why I have never seen them list a first-gen Rivi.
  3. It would work well in that situation. I used it to disguise a spider crack on my NSX paint that wasn't deep.
  4. I've used Dr ColorChip, including on my Riviera, and it's good and very easy to use.
  5. yes, thanks, now I feel dumb, I didn't realize those screwed off
  6. So how do you change the turn signal bulb? looks like maybe you remove a panel with two bolts from the front wheel well? I don't see any access from under the hood.
  7. Nice clean Rivi. Front disc conversion. Suspect that console wood veneer is not original, despite what is said. Looks darker?
  8. Yeah, the double whitewalls are very cool, too. Do they even sell those anymore?
  9. Lovely evening at the Edmonds WA waterfront
  10. Yeah I think that could be very cool, especially if the LEDs are not too bright. They do make halo bulbs that fit the 63-64 cars.
  11. What might sell that car close to asking price are pictures of the underside and the engine bay. I don't think 36,000 miles are necessarily any better than 86,000 miles, it's still 50 years old, you know.
  12. I've done LEDs on a previous car and it's why I went with these halogens, because the LEDs can easily blind people. It just splashes light everywhere. Really hard to retrofit a car for LEDs -- the modern cars that have them do a good job of controlling that aim. It's all about the housing. I need to check the aim on these tonight. The light output is very nice.
  13. So what do you guys think of these of replacement lamps? I mistakenly thought they were sold in pairs so I will order two more for the brights, but I think they look fantastic. I'm not a stickler for a totally stock look.
  14. There are several options on Amazon, even. I purchased a basic gray CoverKing cover for about $85. My Rivi sits in a carport and surprisingly that cover is holding up OK after 2 years. I make sure to take it off and dust the car at least every two weeks. I does hang a bit loosely though. For a car in a garage like you have, that's probably fine. I have thought about buying the custom fit cover from CoverKing, but that's more like $280. I have one of those on my NSX (it sits outside and needs more protection).
  15. I don't even have a tilt wheel and I have this problem. Passenger side brake light doesn't go on. Wish the wiring under the column was easier to access, my back aches every time I think about it.