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  1. The new battery helped a lot. I could tell immediately it was getting more juice to the starter. Holding off on the solenoid unless it acts up. Thanks gang.
  2. I think I'm going to go ahead and get a new battery anyhow. that's a lot easier and not too $$
  3. Yeah I keep a tender on the battery. It is a 2013 battery and you are quite possible right, it might be too old. The sticking ignition is pretty common for a bad battery, too!
  4. The condition is that when I am starting it, and you turn the key back off before it turns over, the ignition continues to fire despite you turning the key to off.
  5. Sorry dumb question. I bought a new solenoid - since installing a Pertronix and new high-po coil, the ignition likes to stick a little more often than before and I'm thinking a new solenoid on the starter is due. I just have searched from the view above and the close view below and can't see where the starter motor and solenoid is?? I am guessing it's underneath on the driver side? I have not put the front on jack stands yet, but anyone with some advice would be great. You guys are the best.
  6. OPGI lists 55-R102 Bilstein for the rears. 55-R101 for the fronts. Yeah, pricey. More than $100 each.
  7. I don't see Bilstein as having any shocks for us, according to their online catalog. I have been planning on getting new shocks too but wasn't sure what to get. My main concern is fit, I don't want the mechanic to bi%#$ about installation. My thought had been just to go to Les Schwab, believe or not, and see what they might do. Any suggestions??
  8. Mine is lowered only 1 inch, but already I can't get my jack to clear the exhaust. No scraping though.
  9. We've had the rainiest winter on record here in Seattle, but the sun finally peeked out yesterday so I took my 64 down to the marina and the beach. Just got her back from the mechanic after a tune up and Pertronix install.
  10. Yeah, when he mentioned the work hours, my eyes bulged. That's a lot of $$$. When you spend that much, you get whatever the heck you want! I like how so much of this car is still stock, I respect that.
  11. I'm in the Edmonds area. That looks like a great buy, well done!
  12. This type of ad strikes me as the "wife told him to sell it, so he put it out there" with a price that won't get a bite, but he can go back to the wife and say, "oops, well I tried!"
  13. Well it's already at $9,600 so yeah I'm probably being too harsh on it, the engine bay just really put me off and the seats. I'm all for a rising tide, so I hope it sells for a ton!
  14. I agree, I consider this an under $10K car. I suspect the seller does not.