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  1. This reminds me of when I mentioned to an inlaw shortly after buying my 64 that it has a "few rattles and squeaks, rides OK." He says - "hey, that's how they were in the 60s too." We get spoiled with how modern cars roll along so smooth and quiet, haha.
  2. Good on you Kreed for giving that car a new life. Amazing!
  3. That red one is interesting. Someone punched a chrome ring in the front fender? What is that? And wire wheels on a GS. So the rally wheels were optional? Looks weird like that!
  4. Sold at $31,500 (not including the 3 percent buyers fee).
  5. Looks really nice to me. Not sure if it's a board member's car. Converted from white to Seafoam but otherwise looks very correct, yes? I nearly put my car on BaT last year and changed my mind. I think this is the first Rivi from 63-65 that they have auctioned.
  6. Reviving this thread because I’m thinking of getting a set of Ridler wheels for my 64. I am thinking of a staggered setup with 18s in the front and 20s in the rear. Anyone have experience with that setup? Offset ideas?! (FYI stock drum brakes on my car)
  7. Hopefully the car is back and running by the end of the week. It’s January but damn I miss it!
  8. this is what I got on eBay. If the ring and pinions don’t work I will call you white car thanks!!!
  9. Found something similar on eBay - hoping it fits
  10. Need the ring gears, the ring and pinion set, with bearings if possible, for a 64 Riviera rear end that needs to be rebuilt. Located in the Seattle area. ASAP thanks!
  11. How did you wire it? When I tried one, it wouldn't light up. I attempted to splice it to the driver-side brake light. But I figured there was some weirdness in the brake/turn signal connection which is why it didn't work.
  12. My mechanic has discovered that my rear end is a mess and needs new ring gears. I tried to make a note of what we need but it is: - Ring and pinion set w/ bearings (carrier and pinion bearings) for a 64 Riv. I searched CARS and OPGI and no luck for that. The mechanic searched and has suggested buying a used rear end they found in Idaho. Anybody have a source for parts? This could end up being $$$, help.
  13. I bought one but couldn't get the wiring to work
  14. This lovely blue 64 just sold on eBay for $19,000. Congrats if the seller is on the forums here.