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  1. Those leather seats should look nice after a good reconditioning/cleaning. Same with the engine bay and trunk. I like it. Everything is there.
  2. Also that black 65 has hub caps. I figured all GS cars came with the rally wheels??
  3. Lovely original 65 Riviera on Bring a Trailer up for auction! I nearly put my car on there last month so I'm really curious how the bidders respond to this one.
  4. 1964/65 Riviera

    PM sent as well. I'm actually buying an NSX tomorrow and may be looking to offload my Rivi for the right price, of course.
  5. Sounds like the seller owns two other Rivis and is selling his 67. Fresh paint. Windshield crack. The Star Wars air cleaner is off and unrestored (that'd be a mint if it was good). Iffy aftermarket wheels. But overall, really nice condition driver car. Just a couple of weeks ago, I nearly listed my 64 on there. Backed out before sending them a full batch of photos. I don't find they get good prices on 60s American cars. Maybe this one will prove me wrong!
  6. The data plate I think shows this was originally a white car too, although I LOVE Bamboo Cream. If you're looking for top dollar, a color change doesn't help, even when it's a factory color like this. That said, if I didn't have my car, I would absolutely be bidding on this one.
  7. It was topping out at about $35K on ebay. It's nice and a rare color. I think it's a good buy at that price. I guess if he wants big bucks he should try for Barrett-Jackson.
  8. Wish mine looked that nice.
  9. The new battery helped a lot. I could tell immediately it was getting more juice to the starter. Holding off on the solenoid unless it acts up. Thanks gang.
  10. I think I'm going to go ahead and get a new battery anyhow. that's a lot easier and not too $$
  11. Yeah I keep a tender on the battery. It is a 2013 battery and you are quite possible right, it might be too old. The sticking ignition is pretty common for a bad battery, too!
  12. The condition is that when I am starting it, and you turn the key back off before it turns over, the ignition continues to fire despite you turning the key to off.
  13. Sorry dumb question. I bought a new solenoid - since installing a Pertronix and new high-po coil, the ignition likes to stick a little more often than before and I'm thinking a new solenoid on the starter is due. I just have searched from the view above and the close view below and can't see where the starter motor and solenoid is?? I am guessing it's underneath on the driver side? I have not put the front on jack stands yet, but anyone with some advice would be great. You guys are the best.
  14. OPGI lists 55-R102 Bilstein for the rears. 55-R101 for the fronts. Yeah, pricey. More than $100 each.