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  1. It wasn't on the docket when I had looked earlier in the week, but there's a 64 dual-carb black/red on the action block Sunday. And there's a 64 restomod in silver ahead too.
  2. $107,000. That really is a stunning sale price. All the more interesting considering a more normal white 63 sold hours earlier for $17,500. I have to think the 65 GS has enough rarity and beauty to command special status - and evidence would say other years are not jumping in price like that? I keep an eye on eBay and there have been very few sales even above $15K. Maybe that's just a bad marketplace on eBay. Makes me wish I had snagged a 65 when I got mine!
  3. Wow what a car!

    The white 63 just sold for $17,500. Not bad.
  4. Wow what a car!

    After buying my 64, I wanted to clean up the engine bay, not restore it. Most of the blue paint on the engine block had peeled off. So I painted what I could reach with high-heat black paint. Kill me for it, whatever.
  5. Wow what a car!

    Auction is this afternoon. Looks there is also a white 63 Rivi going across the block in a little while.
  6. Wow, never heard of ShiftWorks but those are some nice pieces. You can even replace the entire shift assembly.
  7. This is great! And I gotta say, unless you are buying a new car, you gotta know you are going to have to pay out on top of the sale price for who-knows-what fixes. When I'm buying, I always ask, "what needs to done and what would you work on it"? I just assume something isn't right. If they are a good seller, they will give you a direct answer and are confident they have priced the car with stuff like that in mind. I once heard someone say to buy a car based on the seller (do they give you an honest vibe? do they have other cars and what shape are those? are they nervous? do they have a clean house, garage, yard, etc?)
  8. Never studied a 73 before, but man that front bumper is unfortunate.
  9. Wow what a car!

    That car will do well at auction, wow!
  10. I've been waiting forever for them to be in stock, and finally they are! Just got a pair and they are very very nice, good quality. I was this close to paying $$ to have my originals rechromed. These are $99 each. Hope they fit well, we shall see.
  11. Unfortunately, while I would love to see Riviera values go up in the years to come, I doubt prices change much (except maybe some inflation effects). We are seeing a bump now with cars from the 80s and especially 90s, as the Gen Xers get money, but those folks (I'm one) don't seem to be super interested in 50s and 60s cars, unless Dad had one, etc.
  12. Tremendous condition. Hagerty values don't give you a lot to go from - it suggests anywhere from $31,000 to $67,000.
  13. I don't think I ever shared this one of my 64 at the Edmonds park last summer, with the ferry in the background. She's a beaut, Clark.
  14. I check eBay almost every day and maintain a "watch" list of Rivieras. You're right, it is extremely rare to see one sell on there. The last one I can think of obviously sold off site because it was removed before the listing was up. There's one gray first-gen Rivi in Idaho that is on there all the time and people clearly love to bid it up to below reserve over and over. I love Bring a Trailer but it doesn't usually get good prices on 60s American cars. Probably why I have never seen them list a first-gen Rivi.
  15. It would work well in that situation. I used it to disguise a spider crack on my NSX paint that wasn't deep.