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  1. I'm in the Edmonds area. That looks like a great buy, well done!
  2. This type of ad strikes me as the "wife told him to sell it, so he put it out there" with a price that won't get a bite, but he can go back to the wife and say, "oops, well I tried!"
  3. Well it's already at $9,600 so yeah I'm probably being too harsh on it, the engine bay just really put me off and the seats. I'm all for a rising tide, so I hope it sells for a ton!
  4. I agree, I consider this an under $10K car. I suspect the seller does not.
  5. Apologies if this belongs to someone on the board, but here's a 63 for sale on eBay, with buyer warning bidders about making $20 increases, etc. because of a reserve. That's "patina" all right. I see a car that needs a lot of TLC. Not a fan of ads that portray that as originality - especially as this has had a repaint. There's a difference between a "survivor classic" that has been babied all its life, and a car that hasn't had restoration and needed it!
  6. Very jealous. I live in a condo and mine sits in a carport with a car cover on it! That's all I got. Considering the circumstances, it stays very clean and no rodent problem yet. Weather in the PNW is mild though, that helps.
  7. I use a screwdriver, pry it at the area where the air nozzle sits. I have found the cover can bend in other areas.
  8. While I dream of driving mine from Seattle to Vegas, I just can't imagine that's a good idea AT ALL! You guys are brave!
  9. Found something in my chassis manual. Sorry, it appears to show the bottle going where we all are used to!
  10. What do you guys think of these Boss wheels (not my car pictured)? That's staggered with 18s in front, 20s in rear. I have the stock spinner style wheels but damn these are tempting. Do you hate seeing modern wheels on a classic?
  11. This 66 gold appears to belong to a board member! What a stunner! Flawless. I really enjoy the videos from this YouTuber and love it when a Rivi shows up.
  12. well damn it, upside down huh?
  13. Anyone have advice? I installed a set but couldn't get the trunk to close. Started trimming it and still couldn't get the trunk to close. I finally got pissed as it was getting dark and I ripped it out and am starting over. I seem to remember the old weatherstripping did not extend much higher than the steel frame but clearly the new stuff isn't compressing enough. I even crawled in the trunk and tried to see where it was catching when I close it but that didn't teach me much. ?? I have ordered weatherstripping from both CARS and OPGI and they're the same.
  14. Fair enough. I agree there just aren't a ton of people looking for Rivieras, that makes it all complicated. Hagerty Price Guide tracks sales and that's a good resource. I'll give an example though of how ranging prices can be: I bought my Riv two years ago for $16K from a private seller. Two weeks before that, I had looked at one nearly identical (expect it was lowered with chrome Thrust wheels and had a thump-thump stereo that was old) for sale at a local classic car dealer. He wanted $29K. I offered $27 (ouch) and he said no. I'm thankful I passed since I found the one I bought right after for way less, but that dealer car sold within a few weeks, too. There was a butt for that seat! Price is really variable, and even comes down to when, where and who is selling. I don't knock anyone on eBay or BaT who has a reserve. And I don't knock anyone who wants to buy a $10K car either, good luck (bet you need to put $$ into it).
  15. I agree Chris. It takes two to tango on price, and no one has to sell theirs for $10K if they don't want to. There may not be a huge market for Riviera fans, the same as for a Chevelle or Mustang, but a very nice first-gen Riv should not be a sub $20K car in my opinion either. I'm watching the Bring a Trailer '66 Riv to see how it ends. That might tell us where the driver-quality market is. I would guess it hits at least $17K - the reserve has to be at least that high.