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    Own 1935 DodgeBrothers KC. And1930 DodgeBrothers DA sedan

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  1. 30dodge35

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    yes that is the visor the cylinder is mount for windshield wiper it is mounted on windshield frame
  2. 30dodge35

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    my 30 dA has the hinge i had to grind off heads then carfully drill screws some i had to tap to 12-24 in the plate on car the hinge on my windshield was spot welded also i have a rubber seal between hinge and car got it from steele it prevent water from getting push up in car when running down road
  3. 30dodge35

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    Try mac's https://www.macsautoparts.com/early_v8_ford_truck/headlight-wiring-2-bulbs-use-original-sockets-ford-372499.html?crosssell=Homepage_Featured_Category_Electrical+Wiring+Harnesses
  4. 30dodge35


    had the same problem on 16 rebuilt waterpump same checked timing same radiator flushed my shop reinstalled same checked torque on head low torque one loose stud repaired retorqued fixed problem happy!
  5. In need of a serviceable Waterpump housing for a 1916 DB touring
  6. 30dodge35

    '26 clutch problem.

    R.White you have pictures?
  7. 30dodge35

    Transmission troubles on 26 sedan

    Glad to see you are getting some hands on time on your car, looking good
  8. the light on ebay is for top corner lights are 1/2 size with external switch
  9. I have been looking for these corner lights for 1930 DA, apparently previous owner didn't reinstall with new interior, Thanks to Tom Meyers I don't have to look anymore, He has pulled a rabbit out of a hat again! http://www.myersearlydodge.com/
  10. 30dodge35

    29 DA sedan top insert

    Nice color , what it called?
  11. 30dodge35

    29 DA sedan top insert

    Yes , my strips sit over edge on roof, that why a layed a bead of silicone between
  12. 30dodge35

    29 DA sedan top insert

    I don't see metal edging attached to bows, with metal strips screwed on and chicken wire stapled to bows, I used aluminum metal tape over strips, i let fabric warm to room temperature , stretching over strip, then stapled to wood in underneath, using heat gun in corners helps get a nice round fit. I applied 5200 black silicon ,windshield adhesive in track to seal and installed , with screws and bolts from inside cab, dont forget to lineup hole for dome light wiring.
  13. 30dodge35

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    you have lacing in between?
  14. 30dodge35

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    You may not find breakdown ,. The second series was only built 6 months, It was a truck in transition to the 36,. We find with all model changes during production, especially in early years with Engineers always trying to improve