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  1. You may not find breakdown ,. The second series was only built 6 months, It was a truck in transition to the 36,. We find with all model changes during production, especially in early years with Engineers always trying to improve
  2. Dennis , I mounted the crossbar to frame with a 1/4 rubber by 2 inch sheet as a bumper , once fender mounted and shroud put on radiator, it has to be adjusted together to align. ,adjusted engine cowling with rods
  3. WTB 1930 DB DA sedan interior rear corner lights and switch PM me with information
  4. Sent you a pm
  5. Looking great! Lots of Chrome what webbing are you using between cab and frame?
  6. Happy Birthday , Jack
  7. Permatex gasket sealer,it helps to let it get tacky first then put gasket on , it keeps it in place till to install and tighten bolts
  8. Well, now Matt you are track to getting this fixed, 1 problem at a time, compression then timing!
  9. We had the same problem with Bill 16, it was the valve not seating, but it was running on 3 cylinder for a while, ran a little rough, 0 compression.
  10. Some of new gages read both, inch of hug vacumn or psi, centered on 0
  11. I have Dual side mounts with two piece rear bumper! I think I read you get with rear spare?
  12. Looking at picture looks like a 29, not 30 because of doors, 30 doesn't have lip around window opening, also not correct luggage rack, wire wheels could be correct, either 48 or 60 spoke, correct hupcap for wire wheel, numbers will tell for sure, on frame on right side behind front rear spring Pearce on frame.
  13. http://www.gregsengine.com/using-a-vacuum-gauge.html here you go Matt
  14. Kim from DB store worked on a project for my Christmas present to myself , We had Uphostery shop Digitized a picture of Dodge Brothers Wings, my car and truck to embroider on my Denim jacket. I love the way it came out! If interested she has Digitized pattern.
  15. If you have adjusted on the one bolt that has eccentric where box mounts on bracket, then you will have to go all the way to the beginning, word of caution done try and take all the slack out of worm gear, it will holler at the extremes, all adjustment done on jack stand, the the third paragraph on first page is important, no sideways bind on column