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  1. discreet

    Origin of the expression "Deuce and a Quarter?"

    Thanks! As far as making mistakes go - no-one got hurt, but I'll have a red face for about a month, no doubt. This is how we learn, isn't it? What doesn't kill you just makes you older and more embarrassed...
  2. discreet

    Origin of the expression "Deuce and a Quarter?"

    Well there you go - wrong again... of course, two minutes on Google would have prevented this embarrassment... duh! So I'm off to annoy people on another forum I know nothing about. Incidentally though, the 'deuce and a quarter' that John Hiatt refers to in his song 'Detroit Made' was assembled variously in California, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas as well as Michigan... so can it really be said to be 'Detroit Made'?
  3. discreet

    Origin of the expression "Deuce and a Quarter?"

    I've registered here purely to resurrect this zombie thread... stumbled on it totally randomly while Googling the lyrics to John Hiatt's 'Detroit Made' (a song I'm learning for an audition) in which he refers to 'a deuce and a quarter', apparently a Buick Electra 225. I don't think '225' has much to do with the length of the car, however - I believe it refers to the engine, which was a 225 cubic-inch V6. 225ci approximates 3.5 litres metric - which in the UK is considered a big engine, though I did run a 351ci V8 for a little while until doing eight miles to the gallon became prohibitively expensive.