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  1. trdatisola

    1929 pontiac window regulator

    thanks Tinindian.Since I am restoring this car , at the present time there is no window channel. I will install channel and revaluate this problem then. Thanks again
  2. I am having problem with drivers side window regulator. Window will raise and lower fine. But will not remain in raised position . vibrations or finger pressure wil cause to lower. Can the regulator spring be adjusted or must I replace entire regulator? Thanks for any help
  3. trdatisola

    marvel carb substitute

    Is there an alternative to the Marvel carb used on Pontiac 6-29A . Have had recurring problems and want to change carb if possible.
  4. trdatisola

    1929 - 1930 ? Pontiac 2 door sedan

    Thanks to all who responded. I feel comfortable in IDing my Pontiac as a 1929.If I could just find a working carb for this car I'd be fixed. Thanks again.And thanks to whom ever started the Oakland pontiac AACA.
  5. I have been restoring what I thought was a 1930 2 dr sedan.I have developed doubts about it being a 1930. Motor and Car serial numbers don't match that year model. Can someone help me with this problem? There are two numbers on the engine.Both are located on left towards the front -P617435 the other towards the back 526865 with CWC just below it.Car body has on its fire wall Job # 8940 with body# 50086. Also the hand brake on this car is different than the schematics that i have seen for this car. operation of the handbrake handle activates a brake band that tightens around a drum on the driveshaft of the car. any info will be much appreciated.
  6. Am restoring 1929 pontiac. Have running but Marvel carb is dripping gas from air intake . Carb is a Mavel A updraft unit.I need suggestions on how to solve this problem. I have made all external adjustments but still no solution
  7. The pontiac I am restoring has several numbers on the body and the engine. I'm interested in what they can tell me about the car Job No. 8940 Body No. 50086 two numbers on engine: Just above and to the left of the oil dip stick P617435, the other is 526865 CWC On the frame below driver side fender :540092-P Any help will be appreciated .
  8. trdatisola

    1929 pontiac carburetor

    Having multiple problems with Marvel carb, can,t adjust richness and unit is very fragile.Is there an after market carb available.Are there qther carbs that can be substituted
  9. trdatisola

    Sparkplugs 1929 pontiac, Split head 6

    Have the Pontiac running. Installed NOS sparkplugs and car cranked right-up. Can't adjust the richness out of caburetor. Am thinking of using different Carb.Any suggestions?
  10. trdatisola

    Sparkplugs 1929 pontiac, Split head 6

    For those interested.Sparkplug wire connected to sparkplug held to block sparks. remove wire and install sparkplug in block, wire will not spark to sparkplug. Is this normal? compression on cylinders = that suffient for it to crank?
  11. trdatisola

    Sparkplugs 1929 pontiac, Split head 6

    Tinindian, Thanks for your response. You have been advising me for several months. I have a 1929 pontiac 2 door sedan. I have been trying to get the motor to run but have been unsucessful.I am not a mechanic. I used all my expertise to make the engine run.Was not scessful so I reached out to a friend of mine who restores old Fords.He has tried unsucessfully also to make the engine run.We have rebuilt the distributor,rebuilt the carburetor, installed new plugs( Autolite 3076,) new plug wires, set timing,have 55-60 compression, can get the plug to fire against the exhaust manifold. But after installing the plugs can't get the engine to fire.Can you offer any advice on how we might succeed? Wouid you possibly allow us to contact you by phone. ? My Name is Ross Davidson.I live in south Alabama. Thanks
  12. I need the part number for the correct sparkplug for 1929 split head 6 engine please.
  13. trdatisola

    1929 pontiac distributor

    Thank you. I,ll proceed with my search
  14. trdatisola

    1929 pontiac distributor

    It is a M arvel carburetor. Model A, manufactured in Flint Mich. Patented july 8 1913.has a summer/winter adjustment arrow on lid. Numbers on flange of carburetor are 10 - 721.Thanks for your help. I saw the carbs on Ebay.You share my thoughts as to price.
  15. trdatisola

    1929 pontiac distributor

    I have removed the distributor, had it rebuilt, reinstalled and cranked the car. NEW PROBLEM. Hairline crack in float bowl of the carburetor.I suppose I need to locate another carburetor.unless this problem can be repaired whats your suggestion ? I have always been mechanically inclined but have never been involved with automobiles outside general maintenance, .