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  1. The Angry Pilgrim

    1966 - 1968 Riviera Console Veneer

    Tom, Yes, "plain cut" walnut has an irregular, wavy grain pattern, unlike "quarter-sawn" which is a straight, uniform pattern. Your pic of the NOS piece appears to show plain cut walnut. Thanks for the pic! Jason, I'm currently working on the glove box emblem(s) - both the standard "Riviera BY BUICK" & " Riviera GS". I want to be able to offer complete sets, as faithful to the originals as possible, hopefully by the end of the month.
  2. Hi everybody, Does anybody know what type of wood veneer was used on '66 - '68 Riv consoles? Before my hospitalization, I had finished the templates for the laser and now I'd like to be able to finally offer these sets. From what I've observed, it's a light colored wood and seems to be something other than walnut. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  3. The Angry Pilgrim

    65 Radio trim Q....

    The trimplate around the knobs and radio face/dial was black plastic. The gap in yours exists because the radio is not original. You still have the proper vinyl around the chrome bezel surrounding the entire radio. Let me know if you need a new set of walnut veneer for the console.
  4. I'm up for the radio if it's still available, send me a pm. I'm up for the speaker as well.
  5. Does anyone have the long, curved trimplate (unique to the '63) that extends from the dash down to the shifter, including the ashtray door? I am looking for one that I can use to make a template. It doesn't have to be pretty, just intact enough so that I would be able to take measurements and test fit veneer and leatherette. Thanks, Bob
  6. Would this work? Just found it on ebay.
  7. The Angry Pilgrim

    '65 Veneer

    Today was spent perfecting digital patterns for the console veneer pieces, so it can be cut out on my laser engraver. The door panel veneer can't be done by the laser unfortunately, due to its length, but those are straight pieces, so they should be easy to cut by hand. I'm going to order some walnut veneer today and use my car as a test subject - I will post pictures when done. At the moment, the console looks pretty funky with lime green posterboard material in place of the walnut! If it works out well, this opens up the possibility of using other types of wood veneer, or leather for that matter. In addition to cutting the veneer, I should be able to engrave it as well, but I would need to test engraving depths first, since veneer is so thin. I'm working on a "BUILT EXPRESSLY FOR" plate as well. The artwork is completed, but if anyone could provide an exact measurement of an original plate, as well as thickness if possible and the type of metal it appears to made of, that would be great. If I can duplicate it satisfactorily, then I'll seek permission from GM, just to keep it all legal-like.
  8. Here is my '65 on the lift. The car is/was a CA car with 55K on it, so there is a chance this could be the original exhaust.
  9. The Angry Pilgrim

    Lucky new owner of a '65 Buick Riviera GS

    Thank you everybody! Ed, thanks for the offer on the radio, but a buddy of mine is pretty sure he has one floating around in his shop. Bill, I figured I have at most, $8,500 in the A. But the trade was essentially my A, for the Riv, a 16 ft. Aluminum boat ( nothing special, but it does have a brand new 30hp Evenrude E-tec outboard) and $2,500 in cash. I think I did just fine.
  10. Just traded my Model A ratrod (425 nailhead powered of course) for a 65 Riviera GS. A friend of mine picked up a complete, except for radio, 65 Riv GS, for 1,800. His plan was to pull the engine and tranny for a hotrod project. I told him that he couldn't cut it up, it was too rare. When I went to see it, I looked it over good. An honest to god original, numbers matching car. Told him he would be a fool to cut it up. He called me later to offer a trade and I jumped all over it! The bad: windshield and back glass sheet metal and front of hood have rust-thru and the tailpan and rear bumper are rotted out, It also needs a headliner, kick panels and package tray. The good: numbers matching original, Turquoise mist with black interior. Power windows, power vents,power seat, mint door edge guards, nice wood steering wheel (broken horn bar), original Buick chrome wheels, nothing has been messed with, engine bay and everything in it is original. Engine started right up and runs great, not a trace of smoke. 55k original miles, had been painted, black plate California car until 1998. Originally owner by Warner Bros and copy of original title on its way. Floors, frame, glass and trim are perfect. Sheetmetal, except aforementioned areas, is also perfect- except for a few minor spots and straight as can be. It was neglected, sat for about seven years, but it is cleaning up real good. The interior was moldy, but cleaned up great, no rips or tears in the seats or carpet. The MD who owned it called a towing co to take it to the junkyard, the owner of the company refused, but offered to buy it, giving him $800! He then flipped it to my friend for $1,800. The MD who had bought the car in 2000 said it was absolutely perfect when he got it and he only had it on the road for one year. I will follow up with pictures.