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  1. Ken, very well said. And Merry Christmas to you!! Stean
  2. Put one in my 55 Special about 3 years ago. Works well and every fastener hole was a perfect fit. Steanson
  3. Mud, what a fantastic video, great looking car and countryside! The Fireball V8 sounded great, and the driving looked effortless. Stean
  4. PS -- you do not suck at the video business. Please keep filming and sharing. Stean
  5. Ken, the car looks great as is. I know you can't help it, but too much striving for perfection in every detail can rob you of a whole lot of pleasure. Just put friends in that car and drive it every chance you get. Stean
  6. Robert, truly a great story so well told. Made a bright spot in my day. Thank you! Stean
  7. WOW!!! Very well done! Stean
  8. Think the Pats made a swell choice for their support personnel.
  9. Ditto what Mike said. Stean
  10. Great pictures, thanks for showing them. It was good to meet you. Stean
  11. Willie, WEST? Was looking forward to meeting you in Springfield. Steanson
  12. Please put Steanson down for two. Thanks, Stean
  13. Hans, you did good. beautiful car!
  14. POWERFUL!!!!