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  1. Hi folks Thanks again for your help in this issue, I could sell my steering wheel for 400$ goes to Australia. I think the price is OK (even though I think it could have been a bit more, I'm quite satisfied with it). Greez, Schmiddy
  2. Thank you guys for these very useful infos! I very appreciate! I guess, I will start at 450$ and see how the reactions will be...
  3. Oh, I'm sorry for that! I'm sure you will find the right one - some day! ;-)
  4. Right! We're all infested with that strong virus!
  5. Thanks Paul! Right, I change it to the GS wooden wheel... I had the great opportunity to get one for a good price and upgraded it with the horn bars from Rick Rawls. Looks awesome!
  6. Yep off topic but who cares Yes it was power windows but it wasn't original... Had also some trouble with the motor and also with the gear, so I changed it back to a normal handle.
  7. Hi folks I want to sell my original steering wheel. The condition is very good (no cracks) and in my opinion it looks great. I have someone who is interested but I have no clue how much I can ask for... Want to give a fair price for it. Does anybody knows how much I can ask? Thanks!
  8. Very nice item! Thanks Gabriel, the detailed pictures will help me to reassemble the arm rest I purchased few week ago who came disassembled (the screws where missing too). I didn't invest a lot of time so far, but at the first view, I hadn't any clue how to put these parts together. Now I see it better... Thanks again!
  9. I'm in contact with Ken Becker who converted his son's 1. Gen Riv +/- the way you want to have yours... (as I understand right) Ken has amazing skills and is a very nice guy! I'm sure he'd like to give you lots of good tips and valuable information for this kind of transformation. You can find him on Facebook. (Send him a PM let him know that "Schmiddy for Switzerland" gave you the contact infos I'm sure you will get back cool advices and answers to your questions). Here is the car: (...The wheels are not my gusto but this Rivi has many very cool features - in my opinion)
  10. Just click on "contact" and send your request by the form. (This is how I did). And here is his shop: (there are some more cool posters too... Enjoy!)
  11. Yeah, I got mine last week... Looks absolutely gorgeous! I also bought the data from Joe and I made a big size poster for the wall of my mancave (A0 -> 33.1 x 46.8") ...the small original one is hanging in my atelier I like the design that much, that I isolated the Rivi and will do some cool T-Shirts and embroidered caps with this pic...
  12. Thank you guys! After some research I found it myself... I'm in touch with the designer, his name is Joe Natoli... I will get the source file of this poster and will print it localy! I feel so happy about this!!! Greetings from Switzerland! Schmiddy
  13. I can understand your decision very well... I live in Switzerland and the behavior about charges is nothing new to me! For every part I need from the US, I always pay so much more for shipping fees, taxes, extras for foreigner bank transactions and so on, I stoppt to count quite early... (otherwise I should sell the car and start an other hobby! ) For me, my Riv is a deep emotional thing, if I start to think about what I spent already... no better not!!! To leave the idea of a self made console is nothing bad, your interior looks pretty neat anyway, so... In any case the threads were very interesting, so thanks for that!
  14. Does anybody knows, if this poster is available to buy somewhere? I must have that one!!! Any information is very appreciate! Thank you guys