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  1. Hi I though this possibly could interest someone of you guys!? 90$ is a fair price (not mine)
  2. decent in a 63 or 64 Riv.
  3. OK John, I'm looking forward to it. :-) Eric
  4. Dear John Thank you very much for your kind and respectful answer. I very do appreciate! I hope I was not too harsh with my suggestion... I just try to negotiate a better price for me . I'm still interested to this clock. That brings me to this question: What is you very last price? I'm looking forward to your answer and wish you meanwhile a very nice day! Best regards, Eric
  5. Hi Rodney You made it real cool to keep the original touch - I like very much!!! And yes, I will paint the frame and the grill of both back speakers in trim color but I want to wait until I have some other parts to paint the same. To mix the right tone just for these two grills is a bit an overkill :-) But right, you got it!
  6. Well-done Rodney! Its a very cool idea to place some speakers under the dash and glove box (I will have to think about that too!). Did you put some sound deadener to avoid the vibration? Cos' as Paul said, symphony No.5 is quite heavy for these thin plastic and metal parts you mount on! I also mounted some speakers in the side armrest in the back... they sound not bad neither! ;-) Ray asked me for a article about this in the Review, it will be published somewhere this year (I guess). Meanwhile you can check some pics here if you are interested: Keep on workin', be inspired and rock'n'roll!
  7. Ohlalaaa... Very elegant!
  8. Hi John Nice piece of history! For heaven's sake, don't clean the flip numbers, that makes the charme! Is it real wood on it or just a fake? I'm interested to it, but not at that price. Highest I could pay is 80$. What do you think?
  9. Wow, what a gorgeous Riv Rocky! Haha Bernie, no one to inherit your beauties? (I'll send you my address ) Same for me here in Switzerland, still too salty and wet on our roads...
  10. Mmmmmm, I like that one too: (but they don't deliver to Switzerland ) Randy, you're absolutely right, sooo harmfull for my wallet! I preordered this model last year... Don't tell me I'm totally crazy, I know it but I couldn't resist! Its a handmade 24 item limited and signed homage edition Riviera - I hope to get the No. 1!
  11. Randy, I never would ask!!! My wife would narrate books and books! ...a never ending story...
  12. Bill is right... In lowrider this Buick is mentioned as a '38. Find more about the car here:
  13. Yes, me too, the whole car is a piece of art!
  14. Now this is a cool one ! Would like to buy it but ugh, shipping fee to Switzerland is 2x as hight as the car is...
  15. Ohlala....