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  1. Right, at the end this is way better instead of taking a lot of space from your glove box... If I knew that earlier, I would have done it the way Rodney did - wich is so much more elegant and cool than my solution!!
  2. Hey USA! Well, we sadly appologise, the Trumpet you wana trade us plays wrong notes - no bugfixes known so far... ...We could start a deal at 1 Schmiddy for 2 Fooses!?
  3. Many thanxx Rodney! Yes they sound not bad so far... (I miss the basses a bit). That's right, but subwoofers don't have to be always turned on "Are you nuts!?" ...I want it just to give the adequate balance between treble middle and bass. On the highway nobody hears it when I'm hearing my funky beats a bit louder...
  4. Hi Rodney I promised to come back with pics... Uffa... It is finely done. My speakers are integrated in the armrests and paint in the same color than the used vinyl... I like it the way it came out (in the center between the back seats, there is a new speaker too)... sounds pretty loud from the back!!! (Now I'm thinking about a new subwoofer in the trunk ) Regards, Eric
  5. Great work, cool solution! 👍🏻 I had the same problem with the shifter plate of my 65... Here is the solution I worked out: I first designed the plate in adobe InDesign with the apropriate font and made several tests by printing the layout on a filmlayer. To have it more glossy, I printed side flipped, so the back of the film is side up. After that, I glued the film on a precutted transluside (milky) plexiglass plate and sprayed the whole thing with a transparent epoxy color spray. Came out not bad neether! But at the end, I found the refurbished original was better to reinstall... but for someone who's plate is completely cracked and not restorable, this way of doing should be not bad neether 😉👌🏻 If somebody is in need of a new 65 shifter plate and want to do it the way I did, take the attached PDF. Size fits 1:1 and it is vectorised in lineart (no pixels, only vectors 😉) good luck! Shift indicator.pdf
  6. Thank you Rodney! I just try to be a bit creative First I also tried to change the bulb with a "normal" LED bulb, results wasn't what I expected... but as I've seen these LED strips, I thought this is it to give the same brightness to the whole shifter plate form top 'til down... There are a lot of varius LED strips like the one I've built in. As example, check that link: I took a bright white one. Regards, Eric (aka Schmiddy for my Riv mates )
  7. If you want a LED conversion, here how I did it... (looks pretty awesome in the dark! )
  8. You can find more photos here: and here:
  9. Just found this article about this 63 Riv while seeking for "Autometer American Muscle Gauges"... Quite interesting As a "purist" of original interiors, I must admit, the one of this 63 is very very well done... the wood applications are gorgeous, seat covers fit well to the theme, only the steering wheel is (only my opinion!) a little bit too "modern" or too shiny with this big center cap. For myself I had chosen something more slim and "woody"...but again, all in all a very hot and nice ride I would like to see in my garage ...even with a LS
  10. Wow, very cool rod! The color is awesome and the way the tail light are integrated is very unusual but very clean - well done! Interior looks also noble, only the rims is not my gusto. All in all, a very succesfull car, congrats!
  11. Hi Do anybody have seen this poster somewhere and perhaps know where to get it? Thanks!
  12. Pretty close to 3 Angels for ... Buick!
  13. Hi Adrian I converted my interior lights to LED, also the shifter indicator light. As I can remember, originaly there was a small connector welded on the back of the metal piece, from where it is grounded. You could also use a "Snapp In" plastic light socket (with two cables) in same diameter of the hole... for that you must connect the ground cable to the welded connector on the back of the metal piece. You can find some of these sockets on ebay... Just be creative, there are a lot of possibilities to fix that problem Regards, Schmiddy