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  1. OK Bernie, you got me about "aggressive"... But that one has a bit too many doors!
  2. By the way... I just found this "girls on Buicks"
  3. Thank you Rooster! For Electras, I always had something left, I particularly like the '60 225. As soon as my '65 Riv is done (that means in a decade or something ...and I also have enough space for another car in this length), I would like to restore such a one (but the convertible). The shape of the '60 and her interior is just a dream! The front is in my opinion more decent and less "aggressive" than the '59. Side shapes of the '60 is more fluid though, but clear, it's always a matter of our own taste
  4. With a little trust, you can make your life so much more enjoyable!
  5. Cool Elpad! It is due to the data format of the image... it seams the .bmp format (wich is a microsoft image format) isn't supported to be displayed in every browser (or application). You must convert the format from .bmp to .jpg oder .png (.gif works also but you loose a lot of colors and resolution 'cos gif only supports 256 colors). By the way, behind both links were the same image ;-) This Electra has a very special color! Is it Original?
  6. Thanks Paul for these very useful informations... Looks great!
  7. Wow, this is absolutely amazing! Like new again!
  8. Now I got my Review too (it always need a bit longer to Switzerland ) and I had the great opportunity to read the article about your extraordinary '66, Jason! What an outstanding and great work you've done! I wish, I had the skills to bring my Riv on 1/10 of the level of yours! Guys like you are my big role models and thank you for motivating me that much! If it was not so far away, I would be there in September and admire the car with my own eyes!