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  1. Schmiddy

    65 GS on BAT today

    And here is the link! 😉
  2. Very nice 65 GS!!! Lookin' forward to see for how much it leaves the carpet! 😎👌
  3. And here is the direct link to it: Looks damn cool (would like to find one for '65) 😜👌
  4. Wow Winson, this steering wheel looks awesome!!! Never thought it would turn out that nice... Price is very fair. Congrats on that little gem! 🤩👍 Now replating the horn cap as soon as Advanced Plating could rebuild their shop...
  5. Hey Rupe, black & white... The perfect combi! By the way, tell your wife that she has a very good taste! 😜👌 These charcoal veneers fits surely quite good to the black interior!
  6. Sad to hear that Winston... on the other hand, cool that you still have your rare horn cap!!! In my eyes it is also very fair from you to wait until they have rebuilt their shop and that you still want to let it plate form them! 🤗...Shit happens some times...
  7. In french we say: "Quand on aime, on ne compte pas!", what means: "When we love, we do not count!" ...I'ts all about passion!!! If you are able and willing to give some huge efforts and spend a lot of money for perfect quality & finish on everything you're doing on your car - just do that, man! The feeling you will have to drive you car when work is done, will never be comparable to any other car you gonna drive! (...somehow like becoming a father and raising your children and be proud of them, so you are not afraid to pay! 🤩👌) Please, send us pictures as soon as your steering wheel is done! I'm looking forward to see it, Winston! 😜👍
  8. Ah, if you're looking for that kind of finish, then its alright! I thought first, you wanted to have the same look as the original GS wheel, but with the color fitting you your wood applications. 😉 Please, show us some pics when its done, I'm very curious about the new look this wheel will have! Good luck with it!!! 🤩👌
  9. By the way... Have you seen that one? Fair price, mostly complete GS steering wheels without cracks are much over 1000$
  10. Hi Wiston Wow, the wood looks great (I attached the file below so that others can see it immediately 😉)! Will the wood be coated the same way as the steering wheel of the Mercedes or will you leave the wood more natural? (...the way it is presented, it looks very shiny, right?) And will they keep the metal ring on the outer border of your old steering wheel? If at Craft Customs they are able to rebuild the GS steering wheel exactly the way it looks originally, dear, this is going to be awesome! Whoohooo!!!! 👊😜
  11. Yep, that' right Mike... there is nothing else to do against these fractures... they are very, very thin but quite deep in the coat why it gives this "ghost diamond" effect when you look from the side... I've the same problem with the emblem between the rear seats. But with polishing you get a very shiny surface - at least that! 😉
  12. I'm really looking forward to see some pics of how it came out, Winston! 🤩👌
  13. Winston, I had the same problems as you with the emblems (steering wheel and the back emblem of the grill between the back seats...). These cracks are mostly superficial and with some elbow grease and the right polish, that's easy to do ... too for the lens of the gauges I have used the same procedure, they all looks like new again! Also the emblems of the hubcaps can be polished with the same polish, all these parts looks like new again - very satisfying! 😉
  14. You're absolutely right Winston, as much cracked as this 57 Studebaker, I would try to find an other one. The vid was meant do inspire Rivnik to repair its own... I don't think his steering wheel is that cracked as on the last vid... I mentioned the clear coat 'cos of the embedded metal strip... The clear coat would seal the inserted metal ring, in case such a ring would ever be inserted. If the furrow will be filled up without this strip, a clear coat makes no sense. Without the strip, I would do it as Pete suggests - with a rig to hold the steering wheel while working on it.
  15. Hey Drew The vid Ed sent shows pretty well how to proceed on these cracks... I haven't seen a better way by now. Here a guy who is restoring the black steering wheel of his 57 Studebaker. For the embedded metal strip, I could well imagine to proceed like on this vid (watch from 6:47). Then after the wheel is lacked in black, I would fill up the furrow with a steel wire. Make sure that no bending occurs when inserting the wire. I would have the two ends of the wire together in the lower middle. Some of the wire should stick out so it can be ground down a bit until it looks flat. Carefully blow out all the dust and then paint everything with an epoxy clearcoat. Evetually apply 2 - 3 coats. This is the way I would do it and would come the closest to the original look. I also would take an epoxy clearcoat that it UV resistant (some are getting yellow and matt with the time and solar radiation). Good luck! 😉👌🍀