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  1. Wow cool, looks awesome Rodney, well implemented! I'm glad my inputs could help you somehow!
  2. Rodney, these lights are are looking great, you got it!!! How about the shifter plate? Could you find a final solution with a warm LED strip? I remember you had some issues at that time...
  3. Awesome!!! Why do you sell that great Riv??? If I had the money, I would import it right now! Looks great on the ebay images...
  4. Thanks Steve! I couldn't find them on The Part Place, but here: I just ordered Thank you guys for your cool inputs!
  5. Seafoam65, Wow, your interior looks absolutely gorgeous!!! And the push button emblems too! (Can't figure out the right color on that pic... looks like dark green, right?). Anyhow... looks amazing! Since I restore my 65, I ordered a couple of items from OPG but I never stumbled over these cool fisher emblems... I will have a nearer look at these! Thanks for the information!
  6. These are the ones I took for my 65 Rivi... they will fit perfectly to yours! (I just had to paint them in the color I needed). Catch them! ;-)
  7. Seafoam65, what's the problem, these baby diaper safety pins are doing a great job, I never would take them off again!!! *hehehe* I'm kidding! No, seriously... Because of the tensile force of the retractor I had to fix the belt somehow, before I had it sewed by a saddler. ;-) This images supposed to show how to restore/clean your belts and that it is not possible to change the retractor housing without cutting the belts. I any cases let them reattach them BY A PRO! About the faded emblems, I wasn't aware until I red your lines... Where could I get some? Do they really look like the original fisher emblems? (Somehow I also like the original fades emblems though...)
  8. I had the same issue here.... follow this thread:
  9. I absolutely agree, I love this mag very much too and Ray Knott is doing an amazing job!!! We're often in contact and for me, it's a great honor and a such a pleasure to know him and to be able to do some humble contributions to the Riview. This is a big satisfaction for me, I never thought Ray would ask me to do that! The ROA is for me the best and coolest source of information for Rivieras on the planet!!! I look forward to read about that cool Aqua Zephyr, Mike!
  10. What a beauty! This 67Riv looks like it came directly from the production line.... Would like to have it as second Riv (I wonder for how much it will be sold!)
  11. Seafoam65, I'm vegetarian. No, of course not... just kidding ;-) Yes, I know the wheel in this condition is quite rare (why I asked for the price I could earn), but the guy who got it seems to be "a very enthusiastic good one"... so I've no problem with a "small price" and its a good feeling to make someone happy! I got myself also some priceless infos or cool and cheap parts from Riviera guys, for example here in that forum or on some Facebook groups... I see it this way: I just give something back in the "Riviera-Community"... These cars must stay alive - and in best possible condition!
  12. Hi folks Thanks again for your help in this issue, I could sell my steering wheel for 400$ goes to Australia. I think the price is OK (even though I think it could have been a bit more, I'm quite satisfied with it). Greez, Schmiddy
  13. Thank you guys for these very useful infos! I very appreciate! I guess, I will start at 450$ and see how the reactions will be...
  14. Oh, I'm sorry for that! I'm sure you will find the right one - some day! ;-)