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  1. This would be much more elegant Ed!
  2. You're welcome Alex! Yes...That's nothing new an can be fixed quite easy. As Ed mentioned, just take a new smaller speed nut, or put 2 heat shrink tubing on top of each other. (As long as you don't drive at 200 miles per hour, this hold good enough ). If you buy a new repro part, you can of course try it with a matching bolt and some sensitivity - take care to take a bolt wich is not too tight (otherwise you could break the pin... that's how I did it, this fits perfectly). The bolt cuts a much finer screw thread than the speed nut. You can prepare this before the final assembly and the bolt can be screwed back easier and more precise - use an adequate screw spacer between hood and bolt. (You can't do this 100 times though, the metal is really very soft and the "new thread" keeps it up to 3-4x I would say. After that, just use a smaller bolt, or the same method with the shrink tubing. (Way better than this dumb speed nut... didn't understand why they fix it that way in 63-65).
  3. There are several places you can buy these repros... Right '64 & '65 are the same. You can get the repros at Ebay, OPGI and - I'm not sure but - Clark's should have them too (or had them for a while). I got mine from OPGI. Quality is quite good but they are a bit expensive: Here I found one for less than OPGI wants but can't say anything about the quality: You can also ask David Jackson for an original ornament... He is on Facebook and has a lot of cool and good quality parts (I bought a few from him - always neat)... Just drop him a pm via FB messenger with your request, you will get a fast answer: Good luck!
  4. Custom door panel

    You're welcome! Many roads lead to Rome! ...Decometal has great stuff and in my opinion, for a custom look, this is a cool alternative! A real option for customizing your inserts is WTP technologie (Water Transfer Printing). You just need your insert sheets cut the right way (Does not have to be metal) and then you can print them with the subject you want! Ask the supplier that the finish is made in a scratch-resistant layer. Has a terrific look when it's well done! I don't know where you have such supplier in the US, but big brother Google will surely help you! A quick search gave me this example, they have a huge amount of pattern:
  5. It is solid black plastic (no paint). If you can't use it nor have interest, no probs. I just thought this could help you somehow. Would be a good base to make some tries with 3D printer or some other approaches via digital tools. Your idea is surely working, but will have a completely different look than the original has. In my oppinion, it must go in direction solid material, not translucide plexi.
  6. Hi Loren I made the graphics already... find behind the link below all the needed files. They are vectorized and the fonts are rendered in line art... I'm sure, with these files you will be able to work. The measurement is exactly 1:1 for the '65 Riviera. How do you want to reproduce them? For the 65 there where in black plastic with warm white inlays (no plexi). One of my idea was, to print out the shifter lens on a thin plastic film, then put it in a negative form and mould it with epoxi... (but never tried it).
  7. Wow, thank you Drew, what a cool invitation!!! I heard about the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour... Next time I'm in your neighborhood I will let you know! It would be such a pleasure to take a ride on your boat and see these lakes! And its also well rated on Tripadvisor as I've seen ... Looks awesome on the pictures!!! I hope its getting warmer soon (the first week of January was so damn cold... we had around 0°C the other day in Kissimmee!) But it was pretty warm again in Miami as we flew back to Switzerland.
  8. Thx RIVNIK, if I ever should move to another country, you can be sure it would be the USA!!! ...I just came back from my holidays in Florida last week, I enjoyed your country very, very much! (I was very near from you - in Kissimmee)
  9. Sounds great RIVNIK, I was searching a very long time for a new shifter lens but couldn't find one like the original. When you will get yours, please let us know more about the quality and how good it fits in the housing! The design is a little different than the original, but if the quality is good, it is surely better to go with this one than to try to rebuild the whole thing... I tried myself with different techniques, but wasn't really happy with the results. What I didn't tried is to make a negative form and fill it up with epoxy... So decided to refurbish the original and it came out pretty well. To use a LED strip makes it much brighter and gives the same light intensity on all letters. I would do it again.
  10. Custom door panel

    It looks like they used the same material as the light grey (leather or vinyl) of the seats wich looks pretty cool on that picture... I used to remake my door panels with wood. But you you can redo them the way I did, while using different materials... for example with leather, vinyl or any other material wich is not too thick to apply. (Even with bursted aluminium sheets or very thin structured metal wich gives a kind of silver look). Here the way I‘ve done it, maybe this helps. (You can navigate from part to part using the side arrows) Here it starts: enjoy and let inspire you 😊
  11. I got one ot these, they are amazingly weldone! For repop horn bars, Rick Rawls is the man... I recommand his stuff! 😜👌🏻
  12. Wow cool, looks awesome Rodney, well implemented! I'm glad my inputs could help you somehow!
  13. Rodney, these lights are are looking great, you got it!!! How about the shifter plate? Could you find a final solution with a warm LED strip? I remember you had some issues at that time...
  14. Awesome!!! Why do you sell that great Riv??? If I had the money, I would import it right now! Looks great on the ebay images...
  15. Thanks Steve! I couldn't find them on The Part Place, but here: I just ordered Thank you guys for your cool inputs!