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  1. Juniors vs. Seniors

    Haha, that's cool Ed! Right, I know some very nice guys madly in love with their Rivieras and they are much junger than I am! But actually that doesn't surprise me because Rivieras in general are character vehicles and have an incredible attraction potential at all - not least also with the ladies About my status: As I said it does not bother me at all to be classified as a "junior", I was just curious how the ranking in this forum behaves... Maybe in the future I will be able to edit this ranking myself like you guys and from a certain number of posts - we'll see! Junior greetings from Switzerland and I wish to you all a great day!
  2. ...and this was my weekend... My first ride this year. Had to bring my old lady to the shop. Drag link has too much play and the wheel bearings have to be changed.
  3. ...and you got mine too! What a gorgeous Riv and the color is outstanding!
  4. Juniors vs. Seniors

    @RIVNIK: I wouldn't know what to do with all those brooms hahaha... No, it's just a saying here. ;-) Kind of synonym for "year". And thank you so much for you compliment - I very appreciate that! The link to my webpage is on the logo of my signature, just klick on it. There you will find my work in process and the step by step restoration for your door pannels (Rivew article as PDF-downloads too). @RivNut: Thank you for the advise! Looks like a don't have posted enough 'cos I can't change the wording of my ranking... We will see. It is not a problem at all, I just was wondering because some person has "senior" in the rank but less than 100 posts and some have many different wordings. I suppose, this will unlock from a certain amount of posts: Or is there an other place to edit that rank wording??? Anyway, nothing important
  5. No I don't know these other kill switch solutions. I've no such switch at all in my Riv... I guess I've to think about it. I'm sure, with a little imagination, there are a lot of possibilities to hide such a switch. And what a story by the way
  6. Juniors vs. Seniors

    Exactly - and I'm glad to be more than a "freschman" ! In the 2 years that I am here, I could benefit so much and also meet many new interesting people who have the same passion - that's really great and I feel very lucky to be part of you passioned Rivi owners! (Even if I am so far away... This is the good thing with internet! )
  7. Hi Guys Since I am a proud member of the AAC forum, I always wondered why I still am a junior member... Newer members are from the beginning "senior". So I think I have to feel flattered to be a junior with my 55 brooms ...or are the senior members that much older??? Either way, here I feel so well and taken in my questions! And if I can give back something small with some of my inputs and informations, so much the better! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your much appreciated support and expertise, I love you all! Schmiddy
  8. Great, thank you for your advice! Oh cool, I'm glad you got my sample and I hope, this helps you to choose your new one! (You got my letter faster than I thought ) Greetings from Switzerland!
  9. @steelman Ah, ok... So I understand you wrong. I just need a fuse box that work easy and well and is not too tricky to install. @Seafoam65 Yes quite a bit... either very rusted or extremely corroded. I will follow your advice before I buy a new box, sounds good and easy! I will do some pics and let you know about my progress... Thank you very much!!!
  10. Right, we have this law in Switzerland too (medicinal purpose only). But they say never drive while medication! Of course it limit the driving skills, no question! You can say goodbye to your license for few months if the police test you on positive THC in your blood (mostly they test your urine, 'cos its less invasive). But the coin-strategy sounds very ingenious!
  11. Steve, I've the same situation like Chewbacca and found this: (...but unfortunately its a Painless) Do you think this is not a good idea to buy that one? The reviews are over all good ...couldn't find the appropriate fuse box on the link you sent above. The repair kits I found are all for Vettes
  12. Oh my gosh... That sounds pretty skillfull! Hoping they will never discover that secret switch! I know that some of them are looking into ash trays while hoping to find some remnants of joints or marijuana
  13. Haha, very cool!'re kind of Mr. Q, hm?! (...the guy who build James Bonds gadgets ) Great idea!
  14. Hello Jason Thank you for your valuable and much appreciated inputs! I've found few suppliers in the States who are rebuilding/refurbishing rare parts, but I did not know this company, it looks very solid. This the best I've found so far: I will consult my mechanic and see what the best solution would be. I'm pretty sure he would be able to install the repair parts if it possible to get them from Rare Parts Inc. Worse case is that I must send my old drag link and let it refurbish from a US specialist like Rare Parts Inc... If I have to go through, I go through.
  15. Hmmm... Unfortunately, that's what I feared. Seems that these parts are pretty rare! I know a nice guy on Facebook, his name is David Jackson and he is one of the admins of the "new" official ROA Facebook group... He is able to send me a good steering center link. But due to the ridiculous shipping fees from the US to Switzerland, this is the second option. I first want to check by a local mech if its possible to repair mine. Thanks Ed! Just besides: This group has been around for some time, but thanks to various clarifications and negotiations by Ray (Knott), this group became the official ROA Facebook group in March 2018 - wich I think is a very cool and interesting group!