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  1. Yeeehaa, I just got it for 100 box - and it is brand new!
  2. Hey Paul! This concept car is already on my list! ...thank you for the link! I made a bid on that one who ship worldwide for free (China): (still waiting, if he accept my proposal) I couldn't resist, yesterday I bought 2 further models from a private collector: A black BUICK Y-JOB 1938 and a black and gold GSX 1971. Both very cool 1:18 models... some further Buicks on my list to buy: (some are quite expensive! )
  3. Very nice car Hagster! Congratulation, I bet, you will have a lot of fun with it! I see, you have also the passenger rear mirror I'm looking at since such a long time! (remote??)
  4. Salt & pepper black & white fire & ice devil & angel sky & earth body & soul fix & foxy fish & chips ham & burger aah & oooh ! & ? + & - & ... ...
  5. Hahaha!!!!
  6. Well, if too much or not, is the way you want to look at it... The women look definitely not that way back then, but the women of today who like the style of the 60ies, need to express their preferences in a bit exaggerated "fashionable way". A part of women's empowerment - specially the tattoos! (...not everyone's taste, but I must admit, I like that! )
  7. Of course speedgirls, she show us the V8! ;-)
  8. Big respect for the work, but I can imagine better use of a boattail Riv 😂👍🏻
  9. Hi Ric, Since last year I'm still interested... was just waiting on your feedback about the repop horn cap, are they also available? If not, I would like to reserve a hornbar an take the horn caps as soon you can provide them. Is that possible? Do you need a pre payment to be sure? This is no problem for me... I'm looking foreward to hear from you! 😃👍🏻 Eric
  10. My pic of the day: Blondie and an beautiful Electra 225
  11. Sweet easter rabbit! (...could be a Le Sabre '60, but maybe I'm wrong... )
  12. Another nice Roadmaster with... the lady in red.
  13. Thank you guys for the great inputs! I'm sure, it will help the ones who have their veneer clear coated. My veneer was done by myself with oiled wood, not clear coated (I wrote an article about it in the last 2 issues of the "Review"). On oiled wood I didn't wanted the "pinstripes" look like painted on, so I tried the trick with ebony inlay... it worked, but I wasn't happy with my final result, so I let it be (too much work to proceed that way for the 4 panels). So I made new ones without the stripes - wich in my opinion looks great too.