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  1. Is there a part number on the box?
  2. I want to get some wide white wall tires for my 56 Thunderbird. I've pretty much decided on Diamond Backs and am looking at the Diamond Back 1 which they say is entry level tire. It is S rated (112MPH), the same as most of their other tires. I drive this car all over, including long distance (coast to coast twice) Does anyone have any experience with this tire? Thanks for any info you can give me.
  3. Your wife will not like one without power steering (women usually don't) so add that to your modifications.
  4. If your going to change to an automatic, you should consider to going to an later auto, say a C-4 from a later Ford. You will need an adapter (Flat-O-Matic makes a nice one) but it's pretty much a bolt in but there will be some fabrication that has to be done. Because you are starting with a manual car, you will have to acquire the automatic linkage for the accelerator and trans. You can use the stock TBird auto shifter. I put a C4 in my 56. If you want to go with a original 57 trans, they are pretty cheap because there is not a decent market for them. If you want an overdrive, then go with a AOD. There seems to be a lot of 57's out there for sale and you might consider looking at automatic ones before going to the work of a change over.
  5. Since it does go into reverse when cold, check to see if the fluid is ok. If the fluid is ok it looks like you need a repair. To check the fluid, warm the car up to operating temp, put it in gear a couple of times, but it back in park and check the fluid level while it's running.
  6. Can you post the numbers on this? How about a price? You would get better response if you list a price.
  7. That is not for a 55-57 Thunderbird
  8. The 2017 CTCI Regional Convention (the only one in 2017), is being held in Hanover NJ on August 2 - 6 and is sponsored by New Jersey Open Road Thunderbird Club (NJORTC). For full information, including hotel and registration, go to
  9. Got it squared away
  10. Anybody know anything about this site? Cannot bring it up over the last few days.
  11. My switch looks almost exactly like the one pictured in the restoration manual (page 467), even down to the two "dimples" on the bottom. it seems that the terminals on yours are just a little bit different in placement. I can't really see if you have the "dimples".
  12. Yes - the road lamps do not go on when the headlights are on and the road lamp switch is off. However, I am not sure where I got it power wired to. I may have it wired to the ignition switch instead of the headlight switch.
  13. There must be something internal in the switch to prevent feedback. Did you check continuity between the two posts (rear lights and road lamps) both ways? With my switch (an original as far as I know) there is no feedback to the road lamps when the regular lights are on.
  14. I don't agree with your assumption that if the taillights are on the road lights need be on. The switch my be wired so there is no feedback through the switch to the road lamp wire. I'm no electrician but I know this is possible (diode?). If both wires were connected to the same terminal, then the road lights would go on when the taillights went on. You say they are on the same terminal, but there are two terminals, one for the road lights and one for the rear lights. At that time (and may still be at the present time) some states required that you not be able to use the roadlights if the headlights were not on. This is when road lights were big things on pick up trucks. So I think that the law in some states was the deciding factor on how road lights can be used. In a pick up truck I had, the headlights had to be on when the road lights were on. This was in NJ.
  15. What kind of fluid are you using? 57 Birds used auto trans fluid. What they call Power Steering Fluid, if used in the early systems, tends to leak. If you are using "Power Steering Fluid" try draining it and use auto trans fluid - Type F will work.