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  1. Interesting, must have been OK to travel in the trailer while on the road as there is a phone in car and trailer to communicate.
  2. Jim was on hear a few months ago asking if anyone had replaced the top themselves but didn't get a response so I don't think anyone has tried it unless Jim went ahead and did it. Barney suggested that he would probable need a few extra hands. Cal.
  3. No info on this one.
  4. OK, I am no expert but have judged a bit. I may stand to be corrected but if the tires in question are sized in the metric format , ie 225/75R/15 you will be dinged. I believe and could be corrected but I think 1 point each for wrong size and 1 point each for radial, total 8 points. Enough to put you out of Senior Gold, but not enough to put you out of Senior Preservation if you have Senior Gold already. Probably what you didn't want to hear but better here that after the show. Cal.
  5. Sure you can. Just tell her that if you sell her Enclave and Bemmer to buy the truck and trailer all of a sudden you will be able to afford it. Of coarse you may then need a lawyer so you are probably right. You have a lovely family, you just need to find your charging problem and life will be good. Cal.
  6. I would drive the wheels off that thing. That is just plain cool. Fix that bed up a bit and away I go. If I remember right it had a tow truck set up in the back bed. Cal.
  7. Your right Keith, that sign is a repro. My brother gave me his before he died. That looks like a very interesting place to visit. Cal.
  8. Never seen that wheel combo before.