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  1. Please welcome your new Moderator

    Congratulations Ronnie. When I saw that they were looking for a new mod, the first person that came to mind was you. I believe you will be a good choice. Cal.
  2. November Bugle 2017

    Hi my name is Cal. I can't answer for Jake but I will give you my opinion. Over the years I have only bin to 10 Nationals, but I have had a Great and Fun time every time I go. As far as having to walk the whole field to see what interests me I don't have a problem with that, as I walk the whole field to see everything anyways. I have my favorite years but I enjoy looking at them all. Sometimes I go out off the field to see what some of the locals have brought as well. I always enjoy seeing the good friends that I have met and meeting new friends. Can things be made better ? You bet. Can things be made worse ? You bet. Cal Dewhirst. Comox, BC
  3. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Something seems to be different with this one. Sorry Ben.

    Anybody know anything about this one ?
  5. 1991 White and Flame Red

    Hi Barney. There is one in my garage. Being in Canada it won't show up Polk. Also a lurker. Cal.
  6. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Brian, congrats on your new purchase. I agree with you that you should fix up the drive train, a little polish and enjoy it the way it is. Like you stated you can enjoy it and not worry about where you park etc. You already have a very nice restored car and working on more so this could be more of a daily driver. Looks like you had an enjoyable trip thru the mountains of BC. This morning there is a foot of snow up there and the highway was closed last night. There is a show up here on Discovery or the History channel called Highway Thru Hell showing the tow trucks that keep that highway open in the winter. Again congrats. Noticed that you have a Charger, what kind of shape is it in ? Cal.