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  1. Sorry Ed, I don't have any info on them. I would like to get the one in the bottom picture. Cal.
  2. Cruise control again

    With an attitude like that there may be a reason. Padgett also replied, which you did not reply. I have no idea but if you expect everyone to instantly reply with an automatic fix don't hold your breath. Did you do a search for other threads ?
  3. Newbie

    Welcome to the forum. Where are you from ? Cal.
  4. Reattas at the National meet

    Barney, Nancy, I hear you on the birthday thing. I did not make it Brookfield or this year so I'm not sure of his name. Marck are you talking about the person in the in the poncho ? If you remember that day, when we were eating the Judging breakfast that the RAIN was bouncing off the road 2 feet. Tom had a picture that was taken approx. 10 days later and where we are standing it was under 10 feet of water, dam or something let go. Cal.
  5. Reattas at the National meet

    Hi Barney. It is I, Cal Dewhirst to the left of Ed. And yes I have earned 4 long distance awards, 3 back to back. Plano Texas '04, Batavia New York '05, and Rochester Minnesota '06. Where I come from that is a Hat Trick. The other one was at this meet in Ames IA '10. I was the first one to get the current Domenick Clemente Longest Distance Driven Post - War Award. The first three were in my '90 coupe and the last was in the '91 vert, both gold senior cars. Cal.
  6. 2017 national meet photos

    Great photo's Pete. Wish I was there. Cal.