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  1. did you get any of my messages? I said I would buy it. rtpfaff@frontier.com
  2. Looking for a model 12A Klaxon horn or a model A.U. Sparton for a 26 Franklin . Thanks
  3. looking for a gas peddle button for inside cab for a 1926 Franklin. Thanks rtpfaff@frontier.com
  4. This is Roger rjp, did you get my address or did I send it to mars? Roger Pfaff, 101 Ladow Butte Rd, Wa. 99130 509 635 1236
  5. Where can one find a close sized muffler for a 26 franklin?
  6. Ok let me know what the total damage is. my email is rtpfaff@frontier.com my zip is 99130
  7. Thank you and I will waiting to hear from you. I did drop the pan and the sludge was bad--but dropped the bearing caps and looks good I will plastic gauge them this next week . I will get the felt pads from Jeff I shall check valves and pistons soon, it does look I need a new timing chain that Jeff said he had. Thanks again and if you think of something else I should do please let me know.
  8. I am ready to drop the pan and check bearings. Can I screw any thing up as far as the oil pump and or timing?
  9. If would fit a 11a I would like to buy it and pay shipping. thanks
  10. 1926 franklin looking for adjustable visor rod, a muffler, agood lion mascot , hub caps ,and oil pads for the valve covers. rtpfaff@frontier.com or 509 595 0136
  11. Looking for a set of 1926 franklin hood hold downs 1509 595 0136
  12. Any one have any other ideas?
  13. Rich thought it looked like a 1927 Studebaker, and it does but the Studebaker has a square shaft. rats Roger Any one else
  14. Thanks Carl Iam trying to get in touch with Rich but not much luck Thanks Roger
  15. All I have is a broken piece of one of the handles. About all that is left is the threaded shank that goes on the regulator. The huckster is mounted on a 1930 Chevy frame, the body is made by York-Hoover but it is hard to know who they bought the hard wear from. There is 4 hinges on each door and they are not chevy or any one else that comes to mind quick. Any help would be great. Thanks