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  1. fender welting

    When putting the fenders and splash aprons back on: does the welting start at the front fender across the splash guard and to and over the rear fender? Is there any welting on the ends of the running board where the fenders bolt on? And will a 25 ft. roll do both sides? Thanks Roger
  2. rivets

    can any one tell me the size of the center hood hinge rivets. On a 26 . Thanks alot
  3. 26 window seal

    Can anyone point me in the correct direction on the door window seal, the rubber that seals out the water on the out side? Any help? there is no factory number that I found. Thanks
  4. 1926 running board tool box

    Would any one have the measurment of the tool box that fits on the running board of a 26? Was it a factory item or accessory?
  5. 26 running board mat

    I don't see in the drawing where it shows the rib type, any other drawing numbers?
  6. 26 running board mat

    All right thank you I ll start looking Round top must be to easy to come by.
  7. 26 running board mat

    Is the running board mat on a 26 round top or square top? Where would a person find it at? And how about the trim? Thanks
  8. Trim

    Have tried several times, one no. is not and the other I left messages. I Email and no answer. Are not in business any more, I hope something did not happen to him. Restoration has one close but the side legs are 1/4 shorter. Any suggestions?
  9. Trim

    Tried that Number and they say disconnected. Any other places ?
  10. Trim

    ok, Thanks
  11. Trim

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find running board trim for a 26. 1/2 x1 1/8.?
  12. How is everybody doing

    Out west here, Washington st. open winter.getting as few things done seems like a long ways to go.
  13. mufflers

    That is what I found out also.
  14. mufflers

    No sorry about that I meant the correct pipe size
  15. mufflers

    I got a price from United Muffler, For a 26 Franklin the Muffler was $153, 25x6 with correct ends + shipping. They make them also for Waldrons. Phone no. 1-866-229-3402