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  1. 1926 fuel line

    ok, thanks I guess I'll get copper or mayby bundy tubing. I used the bundy tubing on the chevys and it worked real well. Thanks again. Roger
  2. 1926 fuel line

    How is the fuel line routed on a 26 between tank and pump? Is it along the frame next to exhaust . That doesn't seem right but maybe.
  3. 1926 innertubes

    Must not have looked long enough. What kind of inner tube valve stem was it? rubber long or short or threaded metal?
  4. exhaust pipe

    Ok great let me see what I find out the week, Thanks alot
  5. exhaust pipe

    The 2 drawings that I referred to (47699 and 31737) seem like difer from each other. almost looks like one follows the frame then bends out for the muffler, but I cant tell for sure. Not like the one that I took off but the one I took off aint to good and can not tell if its original or not.
  6. exhaust pipe

    Is there a company that has the correct exhaust pipe for a 26. I look at the drawings it don't help me much and my source cannot put the correct bend in the pipe and I do not know for sure that the old pipe I have is correct either. Drawing no.47699,or 31737 thanks
  7. wiring

    yep, that's the easiest for me, very pleased.
  8. wiring

    Got my new wiring harnesses today, very very nice. Every harness is no. and a diagram with it ,all the correct ends. Leather conduit looks great. I do recommend RD. Island wiring. This is for a 26 11A.
  9. revets

    I called a few places in Spokane and nothing. I did not think tubular rivets were that old, but most people did not know what I was even talking about! Hansons Rivets in Calf. was good. With more calling I found some older farmers that enough between them to work. Thanks for all the help and info. Roger
  10. nice lock, if I had not already bought a lock I sure would have bought that one
  11. revets

    Maybe Pacific Brake in Spokane
  12. revets

    Ok thanks Ill give them a try, shipping can some times kill the deal. Thanks again
  13. revets

    Thanks I do have the rivet machine and counter sinker, just no rivets
  14. Pickup

    What year did franklin offer a pickup?
  15. revets

    Does any one have a good place to buy #9 x 11/32 tubular rivets for the brake lining on a 29 franklin? Thanks