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  1. You may recall that I have been suffering from overheating - which was not the case last year. With my long bony fingers I can feel mud in the top tank, so I'm hoping that a nice long bath in a hot, caustic tub will clear that up. Now to the subject - if there are any doubters - the 1939 radiator can be removed from the top. Just remove the hood, fan, water pump and lower hose/thermostat/bypass assembly. I know that sounds like a lot, but it to me it sounds easier than pulling the front clip. Duct tape a nice piece of luan over the inside of the core (cardboard just isn't tough enough for me) hop on the bumper & lean over to start the wiggle out process. The fact that I am built like a praying mantis might make this easier for me than others, but it only took about an hour and I'm out. Now it's off to Finger's Radiators on Rt 1 in North Brunswick to hear his diagnosis. He advertises for classics, but I fear that he might be a "replace it" rather than a "repair it" kind of guy. How about Hawthorne Industrial Radiator Repair in Wayne? Anyone work with them before?
  2. Last year I wrapped up putt-putting around the neighborhood on bad tires without any engine difficulty. This year I get the new tires on and got ready to expand my range when up pops an overheating problem. Using a laser thermometer I found that the thermostat housing and top radiator tank were hitting 212+ degrees while the lower portion of the radiator core and lower hose were holding at room temperature. The overflow tube hisses steam in a full on boil, not just expansion puking. I installed a new zero pressure radiator cap I removed the thermostat. I ran cycles of CLR & dishwasher detergent. I pulled the rear water drain and poked a wire around to get some gook and sand out. I found that the pressure relief valve below the thermostat was missing so I installed a restrictor plate with a 5/16 hole. I'm thinking that over the winter, the sediment that I had kicked up settled in the radiator tubes, so I'm preparing to pull the radiator for service. No leaks, so I'm hoping a rodding will cure my ills. I'm going for the removal from the top maneuver, which should be the easy part. Finding a New Jersey radiator guy who will rod it out will be the hard part! I'd open it myself and have a pro seal it back, but I'm not sure my MAPP torch brings enough muscle to melt things open.
  3. JRHaelig

    39 Buick linkage problem

    I might be able to help with this one. Did you ever have 2nd and 3rd? I'm thinking that your linkage might be OK, but shift lever might not be moving forward enough to access the 2nd/3rd plane. When I bought my car I only had 1st and reverse. Turns out that inside of the transmission the central shaft and the splined tube that surrounds it (wish I could give you the real name) had become stuck. Not rusted, just gooped together over 40 years of dormancy. No manner of prying or leverage could get them sliding. I pulled and disassembled the transmission and with a generous application of torch heat I was finally able to get the pieces sliding freely. So - consider opening the transmission cover and see if your problem is actually linkage or if you have the same problem I did. Best of luck to you -
  4. JRHaelig

    '39 Special Hubcaps Wanted

    I am seeking four 39 Special hub caps I have some rough ones, but would like to put some decent drivers on. Anybody have any spares? Thank you......
  5. I am seeking 4 wheel cover/hubcaps for a 1939 Buick Special. I have the trim rings and a rough set of caps. Seeking driver quality. Thank you-
  6. JRHaelig

    Are 1939 Radiators Pressurized?

    Gee, Jack - I assumed I was overheating, too. I did fill to the brim. Did it again, too, for the trip home. Took 2 qts to get to the lip again. Maybe I do just have expansion. My needle wasn't pegged, but I wasn't trusting it, either. I'll try to get those 2 quarts out and try again.
  7. After previous test drives of only a mile or so I took my '39 for a slightly longer drive today, only to puke coolant after a couple of miles. My radiator cap has no sealing capabilities, but since my '39 Ford is a zero pressure system I assumed the Buick was, too. (Brilliant, I know...) So - am I wrong? Are they pressurized? If so - are the caps a retail items (NAPA, etc)? What pressure rating? I did a vinegar soak of the block and radiator, and had good gravity dump on the radiator when I filled it and pulled a stopper out of the bottom outlet. I'm pretty confident that I'm going to learn that these are pressurized systems and/or the velocity of the (new) water pump at speed just blew coolant past my loose cap. At least that's what I'm hoping........ Thanks for the education.....
  8. JRHaelig

    Maypop season is here !

    I'm with ya........I look into my garage across the NJ tundra and just can't see anything getting done. This morning I arrived at the office to find the landscapers spreading more salt in preparation for yet another slop-fest. Our northern brothers seem to make it work just fine, but I'm having a hard time with this year.
  9. JRHaelig

    My “new 1938 Buick Special”

    That is a fantastic looking car. Rodney. The business/opera coupes are already great looking, and WOW - I love that sloper look. Congrats and many (more) happy miles.....................
  10. Here's another one...not quite sorted out to spec, but gives you an idea of what's available https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/d/1938-buick-8/6450991375.html
  11. Over in the Pre-War Buick section there is a thing where many 1939 owners have the text '39 Buick Team Member appearing where my rank as Junior Member appears. Apparently these other guys were able to change their Rank designation and write in '39 Buick Team Member. See the profiles of 1939_Buick and Danhar1960 for example. I can't seem to do that. Not the most essential thing in the world, but but I would like to do it if possible. Any idea if it can still be done? That ability may have been lost with a software update, but I really don't know. Many thanks -
  12. JRHaelig

    Favorite Pictures of My Pre War Buick

    In the holiday spirit
  13. JRHaelig

    '39 Engine Available

    Not mine............but it would be if it were in New Jersey...... https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1939-buick-motor-and-buick-parts-lot.1089671/#post-12368808
  14. I saw it yesterday. I said "Hey - wait a minute..." I rewound the DVR to confirm my observation (who re-winds commercials???). Sure enough - I was right. They're flipping pages of the collector car Blue Book and in the pages pops a 1939 Buick Series 40 Business Coupe! Finally - some props!
  15. JRHaelig

    Takes A Lickin' Keeps On Tickin'

    That's another great thing. They don't get hot. That one's a 100 watt output (1600 lumens according to the box) & uses 16 watts. No need to buy another drop light kit, either. They're about $6 per bulb & practically all you can get here in NJ.