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  1. I saw it yesterday. I said "Hey - wait a minute..." I rewound the DVR to confirm my observation (who re-winds commercials???). Sure enough - I was right. They're flipping pages of the collector car Blue Book and in the pages pops a 1939 Buick Series 40 Business Coupe! Finally - some props!
  2. Takes A Lickin' Keeps On Tickin'

    That's another great thing. They don't get hot. That one's a 100 watt output (1600 lumens according to the box) & uses 16 watts. No need to buy another drop light kit, either. They're about $6 per bulb & practically all you can get here in NJ.
  3. I don't know about you guys, but I find these new fangled light bulbs to be a lot more durable around the shop. I'd have been through a half dozen or more of the old tungsten filament jobs by now!
  4. Steering Wheel Colors

    Included with my '39 Special was an extra steering wheel. While the mounted one was obviously cast in red, the spare appears to be cast in amber resin. Is that the case, or did one age differently from the other?
  5. WTB 1939 Buick Special Gearbox

    Auburnseeker - That would be a real bonus - and practically local! Thank you for checking this out.... John
  6. WTB 1939 Buick Special Gearbox

    Still in the market for a spare '39 Special gearbox...............
  7. Spoiler alert....it left on its own, but came home on the end of a rope! I made it a couple of hundred yards up the street and it petered out. I only put about 3 gallons of gas in, so I'm hoping there just wasn't enough to draw from. New filtered pickup, new electric pump with filter in place, so I don't suspect a clog. Nonetheless - small victories are still momentous for us in this hobby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTDyJg98f5g
  8. Well I pulled the pan and extracted the offending digit. Not as difficult as it could have been, I don't think this was the correct pump in the first place. It was a glass globe on top unit, but the evidence below indicates it's a "3904"
  9. Jeez - Thought I just had to bleed the brakes and finally get out for a test drive. 'Cept the darn car stopped running. I hung an IV bottle of fuel in the form of a Snapple bottle connected to the carb inlet line and it ran (thirsty bugger, too) so delivery was the issue. I pulled the just rebuilt fuel pump and found that the lever had snapped off. Of course it landed in the just installed oil pan, so that comes off tomorrow (all 96 bolts) and I go fishing for the lever bits. I ordered an AIrtex 8902 pump. It's listed at 2.5 to 4 PSI and I plan to mount it in the rear and run it un-regulated, but not through the old pump. Old pump will stay in place just to block the hole. Next thing you know the Carter WD-O will show how desperate it is. This hobby tries my patience......for 3 cars now. Probably will for the next one, too!
  10. My 19-tooth speedometer pickup gear has about 15 teeth remaining. Anyone have a spare pickup unit or even just the gear available? Getting closer to a self-propelled ride around the block. Could it be this weekend? Will it be a round trip, or returning home on the end of a rope?
  11. I Challenge You.........

    to find any vehicle with a more pain-in-the-asstic location of a master cylinder than a 1939 Buick. Italian cars don't count. I further challenge you to find anyone - including a Marine son of a Navy man - who found more colorful ways to express frustration than I did while installing said unit. It was bench bled and somewhat full, at the beginning, anyway, and I was on my back. How in blazes do you refill the darn thing while bleeding the system? I think a bent nozzle squeeze bottle is a good start.
  12. Thanks to Northwest Transmission I got that silly gearbox assembled and functioning. Thanks to help from my neighbor it popped right in. Loaded it up with 140 weight GL4 and watched it go drip, drip, drip from the seam between tail end and the gear box. Fortunately when I backed that section off I found the gasket had a corner folded over so unfolding that gave me the proper seal. I did discover on the gearbox that I am missing the shift selector tension springs and the "detent hoops" from the left hand side. I'll call Northwest AGAIN and hope that they have them. Poor John there has been a great help. If they don't carry them - any suggestions? I can bend them up myself if one of you can provide me a pattern. Got my rear axle reinstalled along with the springs, shocks, torsion bar and torque ball spacers, too. Plumbing the brakes and reinstalling the gas tank are next, followed by a drive around the block!!!!!
  13. OK - starting to reassemble my transmission with parts from Northern Transmission. Couple of questions, though. I loaded the new needle bearings in and have space left over - about 3/4 of the space needed for one last bearing. 1 original bearing fits in the space snugly as the last one. Apparently the originals being of slightly smaller diameter. Should I put that one in to hold the space or run 1 less with a gap? Second - the front shaft bearing passes through the case (no taper) and slides outward with the shaft installed - allowing the clutch gear to rub on the inside of the housing. Retaining ring is installed on the outside of the case per the manual. Will the final assembly keep the shaft from moving forward and rubbing on the housing, or will the bell housing mounting plate keep the bearing race pressed into the trans case?
  14. '39 Hose Clamps

    I was tightening up my just-received rebuilt water pump and took notice of my hose clamps. I don't know if these 2 are anything special, but if they are and somebody needs them I'm o.k. with modern worm gear type and will gladly give these up. Let me know if you want them. They're both the same size - about 2".
  15. I checked mine, Bob. I would have thought all my glass was original - given its so-so condition. However - I only have bugs on the driver's side vent and rear quarter windows. Both are on the outside and read correctly from the outside