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  1. Show me your Foliage!

    Because of this thread, I want the ❤️ Button back again! 😂
  2. Show me your Foliage!

    Wow, really beautiful. Where is that @Jim Bollman?
  3. Texas Clear Out After Turkey Day ~ Looking for A Helper

    Yes it is John. Very heartwarming. I appreciate it.
  4. Texas Clear Out After Turkey Day ~ Looking for A Helper

    Thanks. I will let you know. Should be there.
  5. This is an amazing thread with a lot of detail. I have been reading it and thinking about my father and all the cars he has worked on.
  6. Texas Clear Out After Turkey Day ~ Looking for A Helper

    I actually am leaving this Saturday with my pup and the other one I’m picking up. I was hoping maybe someone around Tx could help me make heads or tails of what’s left in the garage. I’m way over my head. I think I have a friend flying down to help. I hope so anyway. There will be more trips so maybe a road trip another time. My Tundra is a good road trip vehicle for sure. I remember when I first joined this forum and was afraid to post pics or say much of anything. I’ve gotten to know several of you well enough by now that I’m comfortable asking for help. Time flies...
  7. Texas Clear Out After Turkey Day ~ Looking for A Helper

    Yes. I have to go by way of LaPine to Pu a pup for a friend in Tx. Otherwise I would have tried to meet you for coffee while passing through.
  8. Slightly better than Craigslist is a FB group dedicated to old car sales or specific groups for your type of car. Generally you can see from the profile if they appear to be ligit. I really like ebay for weeding out most of the crackheads and scammers and cutting down on low ball bids. (Put a reserve. It’s okay to start bidding low to generate activity and Interest. It won’t sell unless it’s over your reserve.) I sold over 6 cars and misc other things in the last 3 years and that’s just my experience.
  9. 1937 or 1938 LaSalle Grill *No Breaks*

    Thanks Carl. You are observant. I have my hands full. I am single handedly dealing with all of dad’s affairs and his needs.
  10. Hey guys. I’m heading back to Texas soon. I’d really like to have a sale the first week of December and I need help pricing and organizing a bunch of stuff to prepare. I may have a helper, but if he can’t make it, is there anyone that will be near Fredericksburg, Tx that could help me price miscellaneous parts, tools, flathead engines, some trailers etc? Even if he comes, another helping hand would be helpful. I know some research is involved for prices, but in many cases I don’t even know where to begin and it’s quite overwhelming. I could also use some help moving what I want to sell into a single part of the garage. I’d say 1-2 days work depending on what you prefer. I’d ask for references from some of my better known members, for safety reasons. Would like to do this right after Thanksgiving. I really do need to put this project behind me and move on with my life. Any help is appreciated as the people with any knowledge that are nearby, just don’t have a lot of time to help. I wait weeks for them to have a few hours to spare. Thank You!
  11. Corvair Ultra Van Bull(etin)

    LOL, yes and it had a removable table that goes there and serves as a second bed. Kinda of weird as two people fit in each side as you drive down the road.
  12. I did try Rock Auto and several other sites. They absolutely did not list the parts as interchangeable. There is a thread on the forum somewhere I started. I found a replacement quite by accident and many hours of searching visual images. Took a gamble because the mustang part that looked right wasn’t that expensive. It worked.
  13. It was just the first I found. I didn’t know there were other options. However, like I mentioned, I was trying to find an inexpensive part and the book even is too expensive to justify it. I am am sure there are lots of people like me, just trying to get something running to sell that finding one small part for, would make purchasing this book impractical. I also don’t know why parts dealers or the cars manufacturer wouldn’t have it to look it up. Maybe what I was looking for wasn’t even in there, but I called no less than 35-40 places looking for a part that went in the intake and I had to figure it out by looking at thousands of images from a random air intake search. The books just are not practical for the person not keeping the car.
  14. According to this the cd is 700
  15. Corvair Ultra Van Bull(etin)

    It is a very unique camper. Here is a great resource to learn more: