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  1. Mr. Willys got a bath today!

    Got the first layer of dirt off the 48 Jeepster today.
  2. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    Do we need to start a new thread for this cordless convo? It sounds like it could go on a while... 😂😅🤣
  3. Shop Sale Harper, Tx

    If any of you are in Tx, I am having a sale this weekend in Harper. PM me for directions. People had asked me to let them know and I don’t remember who all asked. Open 10-4 This Friday & Saturday (19 & 20th) (Sunday also possible, if enough items are left. I will post an update). Clearing out a mechanic garage: ***Tools ***Antique Car Parts, some NOS ***1979 Lincoln Town Car $7500 ***Flathead V8 engines (48-51) & 1 Straight 6 ***1950 Shoebox Trim ***Teardrop Trailer $2500 ***Homemade Trailer $250 ***Motorcycle Trailer ***Lots of Franklin Mint/Danbury Mint model cars in original boxes ***Much More! Still unpacking items.
  4. 1929 Model A wheels

    I was told Model A’s were notorious for using leftover parts from year to year, so I would think judging would get tricky. Hopefully the book answers all the questions. Love your car! Here is one of my dad’s that I sold. I hauled it from Tx to Or and boy did it get attention. People still love these old cars!
  5. 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    Sadly many have. These guys are sneaky and hack the account far in advance. They wait for the right time towards the end of the transaction and send very authentic looking emails with logos, etc. The return email address appears legit also. They have other emails diverted so the buyer doesn’t see them. It’s all very sophisticated and believable. Even Realtors who do this all the time get duped. NEVER follow advice to transfer $$ via email. Always confirm in person or with a phone call you make to the appropriate party.
  6. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    I wish I could do it without being on camera. I really don’t relish that thought.
  7. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    FaceTime is a video call on an iPhone or Mac laptop.
  8. 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    Jack, this happened when I was a title rep in Portland in my office. Luckily, the client called to ask the escrow officer if the email instructions were valid. They were not, their email had been hacked. It has been happening all over the country for the last 6 years or so. I taught a class on wire fraud and other types of fraud to Realtors. We changed the way we did business to prevent this, including telling all parties not to expect changes in wiring instructions to come via email. Sadly, this type of loss is not insured and the money is usually not recovered. It’s devistating to think of someone loosing their life savings.
  9. 57 ford brake drums

    I could use some front drums too. If you find a source with multiple sets, please let me know.
  10. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    The show is still unnamed. They are filming in a February. Not sure when it would air.
  11. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    I just finished the interview. They are doing 12 episodes initially. They will edit the interview and submit it to the producers for consideration. I did tear tear up talking about my father but was able to get through it. I’d say with so few episodes, there’s a very small chance of the 57 being chosen, however I do think this is a great format for a car show and I look forward to seeing it in when it airs. I’m so glad that’s over now! They asked me why this car is special to my father and I and what I think it’s worth. They’d ship it to La to appraise on air. I reminds me of Antiques Road Show but with cars.
  12. Cute pups! My pit mix Patsy loves to ride around in the convertible with me. I wish I had a pic! She sits right next to me. I sit on her leash to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere, but it’s not even necessary. Haha
  13. 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    Matt, my attorney is an expert in his field and has been doing this for many years. The people they sell the emails to are the same people who scam people out of money everyday. Plus they are blatantly violating copywrite laws, so if they will do that, they will break other laws. This is absolutely something that should be stopped to prevent fraud. Several years ago I ran a blogging group and he was one of my speakers. It is pretty interesting how these people operate and what they are doing with these websites. I agree the average person couldn’t justify putting enough effort in to file a lawsuit. He is doing it more because he has the resources and it’s the right thing to do.
  14. 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    I don’t want to say too much here because it’s publically searchable, however, my attorney has filed a couple lawsuits in regards to this. I’m kind of surprised as I’m not clear if it will do much to stop or punish this man. I assume the most I can hope for is to have my ads taken down but I think it’s going to take a long time. This is my attorneys area of expertise and I am absolutely certain he is not doing it for money, but because it’s the right thing to do, so I trust him. He is also someone I’ve know for years and has represented friends as well as large businesses. I “inquired” if the car was for sale, never received a response, and immediately started receiving 7-10 spam emails a day from various “businesses”. Between those emails and the ads on thier site, it is clear they are trying to get sensitive information from people to take advantage of them.
  15. Here I go again...Another New TV show

    I think so too which is the only reason I’m going forward. Regardless if my father’s 57 is included, I look forward to seeing cars presented in this light.