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  1. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    Bernie, I have to ask... what about Ford guys and Corvair guys? This is really interesting and I wish you WOULD write about it. On another note, reading this thread it occurs to me I enjoy reading this forum because, even though some of you disagree about your viewpoints, the level of communication and tact is far superior that what I find with the younger generations and sites such as Facebook. There is a maturity I miss seeing in the modern communication style and you all just plain are so very informative.
  2. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    This! Exactly! I'm pretty sure if I would have walked in to this with my dad, rather than the dozen or so that I did, I would have tried to torch it all. For an heir with no experience, especially one who lives 2200 miles away, even a dozen well cared for cars required a huge sacrifice and much expense to deal with.
  3. Picking Up Women Using My Desoto

    The '57 Skyliner is pretty handy at picking up men! 😂 Funny video. Loved it.
  4. Tight Lug Nut

    That's a problem for another day! Thats what I say when I'm just done and don't have answers. Move on to another car. NEXT!
  5. Tight Lug Nut

    At that point, I would have burned the car down. Lol
  6. Consider your Estate Planning!!!

    Ouch. That's harsh. I can tell you from experience that there is a lot more to dealing with old car or any other estates than anyone could imagine. My father thought he was leaving me his treasures. He didn't account for the red tape he left me. He would not have intentionally caused me the grief I've delt with. Those of us who harp on estate planning are privy to the troubles no one can predict without expert advice. Please refrain from judging without knowing the details. (I didn't think this was Facebook after all.) Not trying to be mean, but there are two sides to every story.
  7. Tight Lug Nut

    Yep, this is a bunch of really helpful guys. I've never been into scotch or whiskey. I did develop a taste for brandy when dad would give me some in tea for a cold. Truth be told, I'm not much for beer either. Mostly if I have a drink, it's wine or something with vodka. I did recently try a really smooth sipping rum from Cuba. It's really good but impossible to get!
  8. Tight Lug Nut

    That's just something I used to say to my dad. He'd try to teach me about cars and I'd refuse. He'd say "what are you going to do when...". I was a teenager and said, "Well, dad, I'm going to find a cute boy to fix it." LOL
  9. Tight Lug Nut

    Well, I was going to post... "You should see the rest of the car"! I was afraid to upset you'all too much though. Hehe Everyone should know by now that if I really faced something like this, I'd call a cute guy to fix it. I've never in my life changed a tire. Haha
  10. Tight Lug Nut

    Ok guys, I confess that I'm joking here. I knew you'd all try to come to my rescue. Please don't plan an intervention for anger issues! 😂😂😂 Hopefully this made you laugh and not get too worried about me. I can be a brat sometimes. Thanks for always being so helpful!
  11. Tight Lug Nut

    I might have had a little anger issue here. Going to have a beer and get some sleep.
  12. "Matching Numbers"

    I finally had a chance to check out those links. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to send them.
  13. "Matching Numbers"

    Thanks. I may check that out, however, as many have mentioned... it really isn't that big of a deal. I guess I get a little defensive when someone thinks I don't know what I'm talking about. (And I usually don't when it comes to cars, which I admit freely.) LOL
  14. I.D. an Air Cleaner?

    Greg, it's a garage and not a priority. I understand that. I do love those floors in a shop though! My father's garages are just plain concrete floors, so you don't notice the dust and dirt as much.