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  1. victorialynn2

    Show me your Foliage!

    I was at Crater Lake last weekend. Leaves are starting to turn here, but you can’t tell from these pics where there is mostly evergreens. Will have the 57 out for some work when parts get in. Hopfefully I can get some pics in with some foliage at that time. Love everyones pics!
  2. victorialynn2

    Show me your Foliage!

    Thanks for resurrecting this! I failed to start a new one this year. I love these pictures.
  3. victorialynn2

    So whom would you sell it to?

    With a timeline for an answer. Say 24 hours?
  4. victorialynn2

    Saw this mini Ford tour go by this morning....

    They didn’t invite me.
  5. victorialynn2

    Inspired by Keiser

    I thought the same thing when i saw it.
  6. victorialynn2

    Inspired by Keiser

    Saw this in Medford, OR today.
  7. victorialynn2

    1949 Jeepster- VIN location Model INFO?

    Perhaps they are referring to the engine number which is used as a title number in some states. @JACK M, can you help?
  8. victorialynn2

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    We said slug bug or punch buggy. No “A” in the middle in NH.
  9. victorialynn2

    Morgan Roadster spotted in a parking lot

    Any car that can do this is worth it’s idiosyncrasies IMHO. 👍
  10. victorialynn2


    I highly recommend you post this in corvair groups on facebook and at I believe this is a Corvair Greenbrier Van.
  11. victorialynn2

    Smoke cleared a bit and I saw this

    Would you consider this a handyman?
  12. victorialynn2

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase #2

    What a beauty!
  13. victorialynn2

    Smoke cleared a bit and I saw this

    Interesting Rusty. Thanks for the info.
  14. victorialynn2

    Smoke cleared a bit and I saw this

    Oh right. The deliveries look like a van with no windows, right? Yes this has some mods but the paint was fantastic and I’m guessing the engine and suspension is not period correct either.
  15. I think this is a 55 Sedan Delivery? Custom for sure but I liked it and it could move pretty fast.