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  1. Looking to purchase or even trade for 1933 chrysler headlights. I have 2 sets of 1933 desoto headlights I might be willing to trade one set pending condition of your lights. Thanks
  2. Weird 32 buick 97 series

    Thanks for the info guy appreciate it.
  3. Weird 32 buick 97 series

    Anyone ever hear or see a tow truck. I've known of this one in a junkyard since I was a kid and for as long I've know this junk yard has always done towing. Anyway I was wondering if anyone ever see one like this kinda neat.
  4. eBay Rat Bags

    Yea, this happens all the time on ebay. There is a few other sellers I can list that do this, just got to beat them to the chase and know what you are looking for. But normally these guys list these items for high amounts and sit on them until someone is trying to 100% original and cannot find the part or are in a hurry to finish time is money.
  5. Wanted: 1934 Plymouth Interior Handle

    Thanks here's a picture. @cabnut
  6. Looking for an interior door handle. Thanks, John
  7. Hey does anyone know if the es57 will work with the 34 plymouth pe? I know Es36 does.
  8. Roof Inserts?

    Thanks, yea @ply33 I think atleast for this year I am might try to tuck and pin to the inside of the frame of the roof and then use that strip caulk stuff. My roof everything is there besides I guess the vinyl material. I'll post some pictures in the next few weeks. Just trying to get all my ducks in a row. Currently working on my windshield frame regulator, I am doubtful someone makes the "tongue" strip of metal anymore for them as mine is broken.
  9. Roof Inserts?

    So technically I do not even need to take the headliner down than? Headliner is good on the car and from it seems it looks like it should just come out as one piece the wooden frame with the chicken wire.
  10. Roof Inserts?

    Hey guys it's been awhile. Trying collect some information on doing my roof insert for my 34 Plymouth. I checked out ply33 site but also looking for some other input and suggestions. I've never done this before so anything would be helpful. Thanks, John
  11. Looking to swap out the front glass on 34 Plymouth Pe 4 door Sedan. I got the slide glass out easily, but my issue is that swing out window is there any trick in getting this out. The only thing im thinking is that little gear is pressed in and need to come out so the rod will release and then I should just have the glass and a bit of trim around it. Also any recommendations for the rubber for the front 2 windows? I seen a few options just wanna know what you guys think
  12. Picked me up another 34 Plymouth, originally I was building a 34 PG 2 door sedans needed the whole front end found this almost 100 percent complete 34 PE and was going to part it out....That lasted about 10 minutes now I just want to get everything working and enjoy driving it while I build my pg. Looking for this tail light lens for the driver side. Also a few pics of the car too just for fun barn fresh! Car is originally gunmetal gray wish the owner didn't paint over it with roller paint. This thing has service record and inspection until 1962! So neat its like a little time capsule and apparently my grey interior never faded. But, anyway thats lens I need just for the driver side though.

    Kinda obvious, me personally I like to text but I do call to confirm. Also I think another thing you should look out for is the google voice number. I use one for Craigslist or atleast my initial contact with sellers just because I don't want everyone I am interested in an item on craigslist or anywhere else sending me mass messages during the holidays to everyone in their contact list LOL. That being said when you do call and it forwards to google voice just ask for their real number as GV can be unreliable means of contact. By the way I never ship anything I sell on CL that is local only.
  14. fersh pile of titles just in................

    Its only illegal if you use it for the intended purposes, personally you can use them as collector items as well. Since some titles are more rare then others consider it like baseball cards.
  15. fersh pile of titles just in................

    Looking for a 34 dodge titles and a 52 chevy COE title thanks!