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  1. 8E45E

    40th Concours d'elegance of America PHOTOS

    Thanks for the information. The last time I saw the mountain wagon in Edmonton was in 1979. So for sh!ts & giggles, I Googled 'Stanley steamer mountain wagon' along with the Edmonton owner's name and got this very interesting website: http://www.stanleyregister.net/MW.html According to that website, his was chassis #6600. Craig
  2. 8E45E

    40th Concours d'elegance of America PHOTOS

    I wonder if that Stanley Steamer mountain wagon belonged to someone in Edmonton in the 1970's. Craig
  3. Funny how the Edsel grille gets criticized so much, considering Alfa Romeo has used a similar shaped grille center on all their vehicles from before the war, and continues to do so on current models. Craig
  4. That was Ford's biggest hoax---EVER!! As proved in later years, it was insiders within FoMoCo who really wanted the Edsel division to fail, including Robert S. McNamara. He was the big corporate cost-cutter at Ford, to the point where he made the Ford and Mercury share the same bodyshell starting in 1961. To say the Edsel was a 'failure' in the marketplace is not correct; especially when stacked up against its competition who also lost sales in the 1958 model year. True, it never met Ford's own expectations, but Edsel outsold both Studebaker and Packard combined that year, and Ford was marketing some rather exclusive lines of cars in Canada, (Monarch and Meteor) with different trim with far lower sales that the Edsel. If the Monarch and the Meteor weren't making money for Ford with such low production figures, they would not have lasted for all those years. I look at GM's Saturn as their 'Edsel'. For several years prior to its release, it was far over-hyped, and the public was led to believe they were going to get something out-of-this-world like its name implied and send Toyota, Honda, Nissan, et al., back to their drawing boards and rethink their products. In the end, it was a bog-standard ordinary car with painted plastic panels and a different set of marketing rules when it came to selling the product. Like the Edsel, it was not a 'bad' car, but the Saturn fell way below the public's expectations of what they thought they were going to receive after years of pre-production publicity and speculation from the manufacturer. About the only thing Saturn did was steal sales away from its other well established divisions, especially Oldsmobile. Craig
  5. 8E45E

    Dad and some of his cars

    It is far more difficult for the ones surrounding the individual than it is for the one who has Alzheimers disease, where its more psychological as they treat you like a stranger, even though you've known them forever. One can more or less rest assured the person who has it is not in any pain, nor he or she actually does not feel they are suffering at all. I have had older relatives die a painful and agonizing death from long-term cancer, and for me, that is far more difficult to watch than someone who has Alzheimers. Craig
  6. 8E45E

    You never know what you will see.

    Are you implying that Steamer will run circles around that gas-powered Indy car?? Craig
  7. 8E45E

    Is this car worth something.

    There was a thread about some Studebakers that when through that 'boom-to-bust' cycle here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?56482-Studes-that-quot-made-it-quot-but-were-nonetheless-lost&highlight=daytona+plaque Craig
  8. 8E45E


    Hopefully your son (and maybe your grandson?) also picked up the hobby. Craig
  9. 8E45E

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    A few years ago at a local car show, I had my two-ton Diesel on display, with lots of spectators around. A younger family with dad carrying a two or three year old, and mom were looking at the vehicles and the young child really wanted to sit in my truck, so I opened the door to let him sit behind the wheel. The father was visibly upset that I allowed it, and the mom was somewhat embarrassed perhaps thinking the child pulled at my heartstrings by begging to sit in it. (he didn't). So the father briefly lowered him down onto the seat, while the mom repeatedly told him not to touch anything. The dad sternly told me that he lectured his kids beforehand about touching vintage cars at shows, and what I did was counteractive to his instructions, and sent a wrong message to the child. I did commend him for teaching his children that, while at the same time, I clearly stated these young ones his age will be the future of this hobby, and I don't mind being accommodating to younger ones like theirs when they ask nicely and under parental supervision. Craig
  10. 8E45E

    Car cover recommendations & lessons learned

    Probably because the garage is full of 'junk' while his $60K SUV is sitting out on the front driveway! Craig
  11. The 'Elite' Marti Report will state how many cars were produced in which body style and options with a breakdown where you'll end up with your "1 of 1". Unfortunately, the 'Elite' Marti Report is a $200 touch last I heard, and might not be worth the expense as you no longer own the car. Craig
  12. Thanks for posting that! Must be rare. as not too many Cobras were 'formal roof'. Craig
  13. Do you still own it? It would have an interesting Marti report, I'll bet. Craig
  14. 8E45E

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    As they are 'clip-on' with having to drill any holes, that should not be an issue. They will add to the 'cool factor' at an all-make car show. For example, I know some who drive otherwise original cars with modern (and safer) radials mounted on mag wheels, but have a second set of the original style bias-plies on the original wheels & hubcaps in the garage for serious car shows where originality counts. Craig
  15. 8E45E

    Stude to El Camino marriage

    I remember telling everyone my mom bought a brand new '"vette". However, she did get 15 years out of her new Chevette, though. Craig