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  1. 1938 Oldsmobile pickup truck

    It was likely a local ordinance as it was in Argentina for Studebaker and Packard franchises. The Packard dealer in Argentina scored a major deal for a fleet of trucks, but some trade law there prohibited him from selling Studebaker-branded trucks, so Studebaker-Packard in South Bend produced a limited run of Packard-badged 4X4 trucks to satisfy the order. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?73547-Ortiginal-Studebaker4-X-4-truck-photographs&highlight=3e12d Craig
  2. 1938 Oldsmobile pickup truck

    You mean like a Chevrolet and a Maple Leaf truck? Craig
  3. 1938 Oldsmobile pickup truck

    It must have been sold new in either of those two countries, or possible South Africa, being RHD. Craig
  4. Through to the 1960's, it was within car manufacturers, and on one continent. Starting in 1974, GM brought out their first 'world car', the T-body Chevette in Brazil, which expanded to England and North America by 1976. That would be considered "family". Ford followed with a 'world car' in late 1980 with the Escort. In the mid-1980's platform sharing between different manufacturers became common. For example, the Fiat Chroma, Lancia Thema, Alfa Romeo 164, and the Saab 9000 share the same 'Type Four' platform. And its very common between VW, Audi and Porsche sharing 'family' engines and bodies. And when Ford owned Jaguar, the X-Type and Lincoln Zephyr were 'family'. In a lot of ways 'family' killed their manufacturers like it did British Leyland and cost GM plenty with BRAND DILUTION; five or more different marques all looking the same. GM could have learned from BMC in the 1960's where there were at least two platforms spread among six marques looking almost the same except the grilles. The Farina-bodied BMC products, Austin Cambridge, MG Magnette, Morris Oxford, Riley 4/72, Wolseley 6/110, and Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre R all bore family resemblance. As successful as GM redesigned and downsized 1977 full size line was, they all look too much alike, and when one found out he had an Oldsmobile engine in his Cadillac and successfully sued GM, 'family' suddenly became a liability to their manufacturer; not a cost-saving asset. Craig
  5. March April The Antique Automobile

    Now those are two magazines I truly miss! I started buying Car Collector when it was previously 'Car Classics' and the long-running Cars & Parts magazine. It was very sad to see the demise of both publications. Craig
  6. Here is a 1926 Jewett: Craig
  7. BRASS Lamp reference

    It would be interesting to see if any were scripted with the end-user marque either on an attached tag, or stamped/engraved directly into the housing. Here is E&J-made one for EMF: Craig
  8. Classic Car hit by Semi - Michigan

    100% autonomous cars on the road will not happen within my lifetime, or yours. If so, all new cars currently for sale would have to be 'autonomous-ready', and they are far from that stage. Craig
  9. Classic Car hit by Semi - Michigan

    Then you must mean forced 'antique plate' use on certain vehicles, as they have those kind of restrictions on them already in place for the most part. Currently, one does not have to register a 100 year old car on 'antique plates', and can use regular plates, although, it is not as economical as going the antique plate route. Craig
  10. Classic Car hit by Semi - Michigan

    Then what is a Driver's Licence? Around here, a 'Class 7' licence is called a 'Learner's Permit' which I got when I was 14. Craig
  11. Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    The current Rolls Royce Dawn would be the closest today. https://www.caranddriver.com/rolls-royce/dawn And with Rolls Royce's 'Bespoke' special order program, one can have it painted in ANY color combination, including those vintage Auburn colors. Craig
  12. 1953 mercedes original prices

    Thank you! Unless one counts the 1937 Röhr, which I believe was a one-off, Mercedes Benz was the only European manufacturer who offered a four-door hardtop. A few, including Rover and Triumph came close, but not quite. Rover's P5B 'Coupe' was intended to be a hardtop, but structural rigidity issues ended it up being a sedan. Craig
  13. If one wants multi-fold type, go with Nanawall. A bit pricey, but, an excellent operating door. Craig
  14. For the overhead door opener(s), THE one to go with is the wall-mounted Liftmaster 8500 Elite! https://www.liftmaster.com/for-homes/garage-door-openers/battery-backup-garage-door-openers/model-8500 Craig
  15. 1953 mercedes original prices

    That photo will appear far more impressive with all four windows lowered and the rear quarters removed! Few know what a genuine hardtop is these days. Craig