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    1929 Chevy Exhaust Manifold question

    Sorry, just saw this tonight. Did you find a manifold?
  2. Purchased this car last year out of what appears to be a long time storage of a large collection of automobiles. With about an hours worth of time I was able to get it up and running and it ran well. I put it back in storage for about 6 months and recently started it's restoration. With a little research done off the sill data plate, I determined that the car was a early manufactured (first week of Feb) 6cyl, 6 wooden wheeled model, with just 249 produced. While it appeared mostly complete, there were some unique parts missing. What was missing was the decarbonizer, the Stromberg automatic choke, the proper air filter, the golf bag door lock, the rumble lid handle, and the rumble seats themselves. While the majority of the missing parts are year specific for the 32-33 model years, the rumble seats and the missing rumble latch are the same as 32' Chevrolet. Turns out the Olds DCR is almost identical in many ways to the 32' Chevrolet Cabriolet. While Olds called this car a "convertible roadster'' it is really a cabriolet with door windows. With the help of three fellow Olds enthusiasts, I've been able to procure all the missing parts but one. That one part was the golf bag door lock which I was just able to get the latch part, including the cam. The lock cylinder and lock tumbler were gone. I made up the missing cylinder with the help of a machinist friend and now have all the parts for my restoration. I will try and post all my progress as I go. First 4 pictures was how it looked when I first bought it. Second 4 show it when I stored it after purchase and quickly put up the roof and some fenders on for a look.
  3. Thanks John. My goal right along was to have it done for next spring. My good friend Joe who has helped me immensely, has also been restoring his own 32’ Olds sport coupe and he should have his finished for spring. It would be great to show them together as there’s so few of them and even though we’re 2500 miles apart, we’ve been helping each other to get our cars done. I am really ready to start reassembly of the Olds once everything is painted. I have all the parts so it’s just the painting holding it all up. I am still waiting on the wheels so taking the body out of the paint shop was a no brainer. He told me he couldn’t even tell me if he could touch it by next March. I also have a customer’s pickup that he was supposed to start in September so I had to make some arrangements for that. I will be posting later on what I’ve been able to set up because I’m holding off to make sure it all goes as planned . More to come.
  4. This is my own car Gary. I’m pretty excited about it and hope to have it ready to show by spring. It will be a trailer queen somewhat it’s first year while I’m taking it to the bigger shows, then I’ll start driving it after that. Hope to have it at Hershey next year also.
  5. When I rebuilt my Olds 6 cylinder motor, the machine shop did all the work and reassembled the whole motor for a ridiculously low amount then delivered it to my garage. When I went to reassemble the bell housing and flywheel onto the rear of the motor I realized they forgot to put the flywheel bolts in the crank flange. Like your engine, the bolts do not clear the sump or block so they came and picked it up, installed the bolts, and brought the motor back to me, all for no charge. Needless to say, this shop does all my motor work. He stands behind all he does and does it affordable for the customer.
  6. chistech

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    I drive in so I’ve never checked to see but is there a shipping kiosk for UPS or FedEx anywhere on the show grounds? You would think something like a UPS store would do good at Hershey for the very reason you state. UPS through customs would not be an issue. I bet more items would sell if there was a convenient way to ship items home.
  7. chistech

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Been looking for a 17” SS trim ring for a 32’ Olds wood wheel for over two years sending out emails all over the globe and even posting here in the parts wanted section. On Thursday, my buddy and I were tired and wet so we were cutting through rows in the chocolate field heading back to the car. Lots of vendors were either gone or closed so the open ones were easy to spot. As I’m cutting through, I see a few wood wheels that looked like they were Olds but turns out they were Plymouth but they were 17”. When I glanced over at one of the tables I saw a bunch of thin trim rings but they were split (the Olds are solid rings). When I asked about them the guy said they were 17”. When I looked through the 7 or 8 rings, low and behold, one was a solid ring and damn if it didn’t look like an Olds. I figured I’d take the chance and purchased the ring. When I got home and compared it to my other five, sure enough, jack pot! I now have 6 SS original factory accessory trim rings for my Olds deluxe (6 wheeled) convertible roadster. Now to just get the restoration finished.
  8. Few more pictures of tonight’s work.
  9. Finished up both doors today. The drivers door has good alignment with the body contour also so I’m real happy with everything. As you can see in the pictures, I have my car back in my shop. I have decided to work with another painter because the current one just too backed up and is unable to paint anything I need done. Installed the windows, all the stops, anti rattle rollers, and the garnish moldings. Had to do some trimming of the tops of the regulators to get the garnish moldings level with the door tops. Installed the windshield frame and top bow with the folding roof irons to check alignment of everything. Now the doors will come apart to put some wood preservative on the regulator boards and paint/polish anything that needs it so it’s all ready to go back together.
  10. If you remove the clutch inspection cover on the top of the bell housing under the toe board, you should be able to access the Oiler on the throw out bearing. When replacing the bearing, I always polish the throw out ring the bearing rides on when the clutch is depressed. A few drops of oil applied directly to the face of the bearing when you’re in there is fine too. Just don’t flood it with oil. As was already stated, the squealing should go away once the new bearing face gets “fitted” or worn in to the ring.
  11. More pictures of the regulator boards.
  12. A while back I made new regulator boards out of plywood but found them too soft. I just finished up 3 pairs of them and already sold the other two pairs. The ash really make a nice solid foundation for the door. There’s a ton of work in making these boards lots of set up and lots of router work never mind having to mill the board edges to glue them together. Installed the passenger side board and checked the door alignment. Real happy with the door to body lines.
  13. Haven’t posted in a while. My wheels still aren’t finished. Had a sit down with my friend and painter and decided I need to take my car elsewhere. 6+ months to do less than 20 hours work is unacceptable. The rims have been painted but he is sanding them down to remove any sags or runs and then they’ll get a single thin top coat of the single stage. My friend will be finishing the wheels but the rest of the car I have picked up. I’ve made arrangements with a top body/paint guy in my area to work on all my restoration projects. He will be working part time in my garage and expects to get a lot done as I do all the heavy body work including rust removal and all welding/patch panels. I also do a lot of the masking and wet sanding. I will most likely be purchasing an inflatable paint booth for him to paint in. More to come.
  14. Here is my homemade ice pick/fabric lifting tool and my Brad pusher which is magnetized. The head of the Brad goes in the tube then you simply push hard or tap the handle with a mallet. I left the Brad high just to show the location and angle I’ll put the tip into the fabric. Go into the fabric about an inch then lift the handle up away from the fabric to pop the fabric over the head of the brad. You need to first get through the fabric with the point of the tool then lay the tool almost flat so you don’t stick the tip into the panel board. Sometimes I lift the tip up popping the fabric over the nail head too. If you’re in deep enough with the brad, the fabric will pop over fairly easily.
  15. chistech

    Rotisserie for sale

    Figures I just see this now. My brother just ran through Hagerstown Sunday morning with an empty gooseneck trailer. This is cheap. What the hell can you buy these days for $450! I’m surprised it’s still available.
  16. Just went to look at a 28 Chevy 2dr sedan that was offered to me. It’s an original condition car that was driven by its owner until 03’ when he passed. Tons and tons of spare parts and includes a new wood kit so I had to really check it out. Digging through the inside of the car I found the drivers side kick panel almost off. Behind it was an old break top revolver loaded. I let the owner know about it and they said they didn’t know what to do as they have no license. Turns out I do, they told me I could have it, so I took it home. Thinking I will probably go and pick the car up too.
  17. Great tutorial Gary, I feel the same way as you. If by taking pictures and explaining in detail what I do on one of my resto threads helps somebody down the road, it's worth the time posting on the forum. Somebody down the road will definitely benefit from your thread. Be careful, you're going to start having people ask you who did the work on your car and then when you tell them you did it, they'll talk you into doing it for others! Ask me how I know. LOL
  18. chistech

    Balancing Connecting Rods

    My machine shop just did all this on my 31’ Chevy stovebolt. I know he also milled some off the wrist pin ends to lighten the small end of the assembly. My lightest to heaviest was off 17 grams. There was no room for him to grind either. He got all assemblies to within 3 grams of each other. He also told me he used bobs weights on it also. He mixed and matched pistons with rods, used slightly longer pinch bolts where needed, etc. I can’t say exactly how he did everything as I’m not an engine rebuilder. He did say it was very difficult though. My motor runs great.
  19. chistech

    1929 Chevy Exhaust Manifold question

    The exhaust and intake are a two piece assembly. You will need both. There is a VCCA member going to Hershey that I believe he will have one for sale.
  20. Just realized after reading my post that I used the word “often” way too often!😧
  21. Looking great Gary. All inside door handles are usually mounted at 5 o’clock on the passenger side and 7 on the drivers side. This allows for a normal arm length to push the handle forward till it stops and for outward movement of the forearm to open the door. If you try it, you’ll understand. Any other position creates somewhat of an unnatural movement to open the door. This is why you see factory pictures of the handles in those locations. The handles hitting the fabric is an unfortunate circumstance which often happens with the new interior panels. The new fiber boards are often thicker than the originals to begin with. Often the new panels are slightly more stuffed than the originals compounding the problem. With the earlier cars, I often put a couple blind nails through the panel in the location of the handles and window cranks. On the early cars, it’s the window cranks more than the handles that contact the panels. Often you’ll see wear circles around the cranks and that looks really bad. I would look at a way to pull the center of your panel in some. Not sure if there’s any wood in your doors in the center area to blind nail into. Just one or two nails would do the trick. You can also try to pre-flex the panel in and fasten the sides with some side pressure towards the inside of the panel to help flex the panels in. Not sure if this is possible on your car, just techniques I’ve used in the past to help with your issue.
  22. chistech

    Cleaning a fuel tank

    Picked up a fuel tank for my 32’ Olds and other than a fe w dents, it’s in solid condition. There is the typical light orange surface rust inside and some areas that are a little more flaky so to speak. I put a chain inside and worked the tank all around and it’s pretty clean now but wanted to get the rest of the orange surface rust off the inside. I have a bottle of Eastwood etch and was curious if I used it to clean the tank, which it also leaves behind a phosphorus coating, can I just use the tank as is. I don’t want to put sealer in the tank as it doesn’t need it. Is there something else I should use rather than the Eastwood etch?
  23. chistech

    Block number

    Of course the L is a 8 cylinder so you motor and frame are both 8 cylinder correct. If your motor was from that chassis it should have the same number as the chassis I believe. Your chassis number appears to be a fairly early production for the year with the motor being of later production though I personally don’t know enough on the 37 to know what the block casting number should be. Paul Burch is the NAOC tech advisor for 37’ and he can help you. He doesn’t list an email. PM me for his phone.
  24. chistech

    Cleaning a fuel tank

    AV gas has no ethanol which makes a huge difference but I’m very skeptical the FAA would allow a tank with a sealer in it for anything but private aircraft. I’ll have to check with my plane buddies
  25. chistech

    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    Thought I’d throw this out there because others have referenced the term rare to cooking. So, there are 5 grades of cooking meat, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well. This means that each category makes up 20% of the total because there’s five (just explaining my math). So if we apply the term rare to our cars like it’s applied to cooking meat, those adds using the word rare are probably correct. An example would be if there were 100 cars originally made and 20 existed then they would all be rare. Another would be 10,000 total production and 2000 cars exist. Anything more than 20% of the original production of those cars cars known would mean they weren’t rare. I know this formula is going to get people going! I mainly posted this to be tongue tongue in cheek as I don’t think 2000 or even 20 of something is really rare but thought it would be fun to see the reactions.