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  1. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    You could use it to make a year-round swimming pool enclosure.
  2. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    All ready thought of that and my idea is to make a framework possibly out of heavy pvc pipe that would do double duty as a roof support if air was lost and also something to mount led lighting on all around the perimeter of the booth.
  3. chistech

    1929 Chevy Exhaust Manifold question

    If you mean in Hershey, No. My Chevy though a complete frame off and done fairly correct, has a few high point loss items. The paint on my Chevy is an original 31' paint code of #81. Colors are fawn brown, coffee cream, and swamp holly orange. While it is a correct code, code 81 was never offered in a closed car like mine so it would be a major point deduction. I have a rear view mirror with a clock in it, white wall tires, and a few other small items that would really put it out of consideration by Chevy standards. I will be bringing my 32' Olds next year if all goes well finishing up the restoration and hopefully, it will be hard on that car to find anything outside of OEM. Sorry for the small hijacking of this thread by this post.
  4. chistech

    1932 Chevrolet Confederate clutch question??

    new carbon bearings should be oiled with some light motor oil to impregnate the bearing. Most will squeal some when first new.
  5. chistech

    1929 Chevy Exhaust Manifold question

    Post in the "Parts wanted" section on VCCA Chat that your looking for a manifold and I'm sure someone will answer.
  6. I kinda of said what I meant incorrectly. What I meant about having it checked was to just put a straight edge on it to check it. I really mentioned it so Gary could check his before he actually needs to run his car. I've seen plenty of six cylinder manifolds with doubled gaskets because of them being warped enough that they leaked with just one set of gaskets. Doubling the gaskets was a quick fix when getting the manifold planed is a pretty quick, inexpensive, and the correct way to fix a warped manifold with a leaking gasket.
  7. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    SSshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................It's a hobby!
  8. I would recommend having the manifold checked for straightness and resurfaced if it needs it. I do it will all the engines in any car I restore. Wait, not all. I forgot to do my own Olds manifold and sure enough, when I started the motor up it started leaking. My manifold was warped significantly so it was off to the machine shop to be resurfaced. No more issues with the gaskets and leaking.
  9. Not really sure of the chemical makeup or hardness rating of the block but it basically feels as hard as the smaller bumper made by Steele. I'm not too worried about the rubber as there is no sunshine to effect it like UV or any direct solvent contact. Should hold up just fine. Here's what I purchased.
  10. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    This is what I wanted to hear! I’ve read other threads on IBs and people were saying lots of negative things yet they had never used one which is so typical of internet keyboard junkies. If all sanding and prep work is done before the car is put inside the booth, dust and dirt should not be a problem. My booth was $1,400 including the two blowers, repair/patch kit, tie down ropes, tie down stakes, a storage bag, and free shipping. I have a large concrete pad behind my garage that this booth will fit nicely on. For a 1932 car that’s disassembled, my 26x13x10 booth will have plenty of room. I realize the booth I bought is probably not the highest quality but I’ll only be doing 1-3 cars a year so it should hold up at least for a couple years. The way I look at it is that’s about $225 per car if I replace the booth after 6 cars. It’s basically cheaper than loading all the pieces up and going to a paint shop. With my own in-house paint and body man now, it will be great keeping everything right here on my property.
  11. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    Has anyone here used an inflatable paint booth? Just ordered one and I have an idea on making a heat box with charcoal filters, with a Reddy Heater blowing into it. The make up air blower would get it’s air from the back of the box. A thermostat inside the booth would control the running of the heater. I’m thinking a propane one would easily produce enough heat to get the job done. The heater box design will not let the air get too hot to be blown into the fabric booth but warm enough to do the job. The booth I ordered is 26 x13x10 and appears very nice. Watched a YouTube video and the guy was quite impressed with the booths results. No, he was not a representative of the booth company but a guy who does informational painting/body work videos.
  12. chistech

    Looking for guage rebuilder for SW guages

    Try instrument specialties in Rhode Island. They did a great job on my 32 Olds but it does take them some time. is their contact. Owner is a good guy. They are also a full restoration business.
  13. I use roofing felt to close gaps like this and as an anti-squeak. Will not absorb water either. It's very similar to what was used on some cars years ago.
  14. Well, so far so good, my new body and paint guy said he would be at my garage every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 9:00 and again, he showed up right on time. He did some more work on the deck lid and worked on one of the running boards that I welded up. He told me he was very pleased with the weld job I had done and the running board is nice and true for a welded repair. He’s actually almost done with it as far as the body work on it. Knowing that that he was working on the deck lid, I went to work replacing the rubber lid stops for when the lid is opened. The bumpers I had in place were for a Chevy and no where near tall enough to keep the lid away from the lower deck metal. Turns out the Olds bumpers were over a 1/2” taller than the Chevy bumpers. No one makes them and finding good hard rubber an inch thick is not easy. The blocks I needed to make are 1 1/2” wide, 1 11/16” tall, and 11/16” thick widening to 1” at the back with two angled “ears” to hold them in place under the clamping bracket. Looking for the proper rubber I located a 4”x4”x1” rubber jewelers block on eBay for $11. It came in today and I measured then cut the block to dimensions on my band saw. Using my belt sander, I sanded the slightly oversized block the proper size. I the cut the thickness to the correct thickness leaving the two angled ears on the back edge. I installed them in the car and I now have a nice finger thick clearance from the lid to the lower deck metal. I still have enough of the block left to make another pair. So a pair of bumpers cost me $5.50!
  15. Got a text from my original painter telling me my wheels outer rims should be all finished/painted by end of this week. I will then go in the beginning of next week and prepare the stencils for the sprocket pattern and then he will paint them. Hopefully I’ll have some wheels after 7+ months of waiting!