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  1. That would be a stromberg ls2
  2. 1914 SC-4, An Introduction and a Request

    Well rusty, I am not sure i will look in the parts books over the weekend. How ever I and sure that starting in 16 all the way thru th3 28 gh commander the part number for the impeller was a 16871, and the scroll housing was 16728 tjat was used on the sf ed eg eh el and gh series engines as well as the ton truck. The earlier books are out at tje shop with the series 18 four i am currently working on
  3. Early 1920s Studebaker ?

    Well best as I can find you do indeed have a 20 or 21 series EJ light six, the carburetor looks to be correct and should be a model os-1 stromberg per the parts book. And the magneto may be correct to this car as well studebaker offered them special order only and listed them in the parts books for all models through 1924. Although I have only typically seen them on RHC export models.
  4. NOS ignition parts

    Please provide a list of available parts for 1920 studebaker special six with Wagner electrical and pricing thanks in advance
  5. Parts from a stude estate sale.

    Eh special six heads?
  6. 1917 Studebaker 4 engine

    You are correct that studebaker 4 cylinders were mono bloc construction on the cylinder and head. Demountable cylinder heads did not enter the studebaker line untill 1920. And the last year 4 cylinder was 1919, which was also the last year for the transaxle in studebakers. New with the hotchkiss drive in 1920
  7. New 1925-26 Studebaker Generator Armature

    Would you please emal me pictures of the studebaker armature. To
  8. 1936 Dodge Truck rt. front side mount fender

    I will call this afternoon
  9. 1936 Dodge Truck rt. front side mount fender

    How much and where is it. From the pictures it looks like it os missing the inner apron section which ia fine mine was not damaged.
  10. 1931 Studebaker "El Diablo" special

    Very cool speedster
  11. Gear shift lver wtb

    I only needed the shift lever, i forgot you had one up there, we need to talk, do you have any needs still? Maybe we can do some bartering
  12. 24 special six wood in body

    Randy you are always welcome to come down and look at the 20 if you need to Ethan
  13. I am looking for an eh eg lhc gear shift lever no breaks please studebaker pn 36857. Application is for a 20 21 special or big 6. Thanks in advance
  14. more stuff from estate purchase

    Can you please send me a list and pictures of the 1920's era special and big six parts and maybe some prices. Thanks in advance. Ethan