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  1. I have one on a 1949 champ
  2. STUDE48

    Wheel for sale

  3. STUDE48

    21 studebaker EJ wheel

  4. STUDE48

    Early fire engine parts for sale

    It is distributor equipped, it is dual spark 24 spark plugs, PM me with seagrave components that are available thanks
  5. I have driven on for years, tailgates are available they are reproduced by Dennis carpenter in steel, good luck with your project
  6. STUDE48

    Early fire engine parts for sale

    Do you have any 906 v12 seagrave parts
  7. STUDE48

    21 studebaker EJ wheel

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  8. STUDE48

    21 studebaker EJ wheel

    I have one nos 21 to 24 studebaker 32x4 210 Kelsey wheel. $100. Located in Oroville, California. The wheel is very sound and tight. Hubcap thread diameter is 2 1/2 inches.
  9. I have one original and apparently nos Kelsey 210×4 front wheel studebaker part number 44849 as stenciled on the fellows band. Parts book list application as 21,22 EJ, and 23,24 EM. How about $100 and you pay the ride. Located in Oroville, Ca
  10. STUDE48

    20" Artillery Wheels

    If you have the hub and band you can have them respoked , stutzman wheel did mine several years ago excellent workmanship
  11. STUDE48

    Oak Bows

    1920 studebaker special six 5 passenger touring
  12. STUDE48

    Oak Bows

    How much does a 5 bow set , and how do i take measurements for tje bow and sockets so they fot correctly. And do you need the top irons for fitting. Thanks
  13. STUDE48

    Oak Bows

    How wide of a bow can you bend in oak, the original bow for my car is about 3.5 inches wide and tapers into the socket.