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  1. STUDE48

    Fuel Filter in Early Cars

    I just installed a glass sediment bowl with a fuel shutoff that was sourced from the local tractor supply. And plumbed it into the vacuum tank and the carb
  2. STUDE48

    1930 commander for sale

    That was my assessment of the car as well. It is located in California, I forgot to mention that before
  3. Not mine found on the pre war group on face book
  4. STUDE48

    Head guide install tool with instructions

    That would be great, thanks
  5. STUDE48

    Head guide install tool with instructions

    If it falls through Roy I am still interested thanks
  6. STUDE48

    1920 Big Six

    Here is a picture of the linkage from the studebaker parts book 3 series 19 thru 22. I hope it helps. I found it helpful when I was sorting mine out.
  7. STUDE48

    1920 Big Six

    There is an Sv 14 currently listed on ebay
  8. STUDE48

    1920 Big Six

    The dukes auto encyclopedia calls out the model of the ball and ball as an sv-29 in the adjustment procedure
  9. STUDE48

    help but broken rear axle

    You can send the original to a place like dutchman motorsports and have a new one made
  10. STUDE48

    old starter ebay not big six

    Correct starter for ek, or el. Will also directly replace an em201 Wagner on a sh,eh,or eg. The only thing that determines whether a car was wagner or remy equipped was which distributor or magneto the engine was ordered with. All will fit work and interchange with one another. Also learned that each starter was not comprised of interchangeable parts. They must be final fitted as an individual unit. The previous owner of my car tried to make two starters into one good one it did not go well.
  11. STUDE48

    1920 Big Six

    The parts book list the ls2 stromberg for only eh (special six)models from 20 to 22 and the ball and ball for the eg(big six) in the same years. Owners and shop manuals confirm the same. If you need it I also have the adjustment and repair procedures for both carbs
  12. STUDE48

    Head guide install tool with instructions

    Is it still available, what would I owe you with shipping to Oroville ca 95965
  13. STUDE48

    1953 willys jeep

    I will look next weekend those are definitely available new at willys America
  14. STUDE48

    1953 willys jeep

    Also you can go to the forums at