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  1. oil filter

    Could you post a photo of tje install as i would like to add a filter to my special six
  2. Snubbers of Canadian interest

    Could you please send me pictures of your remaining snubbers. Thanks
  3. Very Old 2 Speed Rear Car Axle?

    Looks very similar to the 1917 studebaker transaxle assembly, it is a three speed trans and differential combined. Fairly common in cars prior to 1920
  4. Seagrave manuals wanted

    Well o got the beast out of the truck, here it is on the way to the car wash for a bath
  5. Looking for a Speedster Body Builder

    There is west coast metal shaping in Placerville, Ca. He is scatch building t and a bodies for $8500. I found him on ebay. He produces a nice looking product
  6. Oil distributor pjpe

    The one in my eh special six, which is similar slide out the rear of the engine when the oil pump is removed. I was able to sneak it through the cone clutch to clean it. I think if you have a disk clutch you will have to remove the flywheel
  7. Wagner em-201 starter

    It is ok i rebuilt mine and it is working good, i am now working on the spares. Happy Thanksgiving
  8. Pasco Wheels and adapters

    Could you please upload photos
  9. My 1920 eh had a smooth linoleum on the original running boards. Parts book not helpful, pictures in sails ad showed a light gray color in the black and whites. Ordered gray linoleum from restoration specialties in Escondido to cover the new boards
  10. 1925 Studebaker barn find dilemma

    Nice find What happened to this car did you find it a home, did you fix it
  11. Old Car And Truck Parts For Sale!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you have any available parts for a 906 cid seagrave v12
  12. Seagrave manuals wanted

    thank you i will give him a try
  13. I have a 1942 seagrave pumper from the treasure island fire department on the treasure island naval station on California, any help is greatly appreciated
  14. WTB Borg Warner Overdrive Housing

    I have some housing i will check sunday if i have the one you seek
  15. Do you have any seagrave apparatus manuals