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  1. Retired #oldcarprincess

    Congratulations and best of luck on your new job, Victoria! It was a pleasure following you on the AACA Forum. It's obviously that you're an intelligent, resilient, and strong person with a great sense of humor (and a loving daughter). I hope to meet you some day at a future AACA meet or tour. Best wishes in your new job and home. Keep everyone up to date occasionally on the Forum about your & Patsy's old car excursions.
  2. The 14 AACA Regions in Virginia that comprise the Old Dominion Meet Association (ODMA--a non-geographic region of the AACA) are holding their 65th Annual Old Dominion Meet on Friday-Saturday, April 27-28, 2018, in Harrisonburg, VA. The Tri-County Region AACA is hosting this year's Meet. All AACA members are invited to participate--you do not have to belong to an ODMA member region (but only a member of an ODMA member region may win the Best in Show trophy). AACA Official Judging Guidelines and classes are used for the Old Dominion Meet, but the points required to win an award are lower (i.e., First Junior Award vehicles must score at least 320 points, Senior Award vehicles must score at least 330 points, Preservation Awards at least 300 points, Second Junior Awards at least 280 points, and Third Junior Awards at least 240). First Junior Award, Senior Award, HPOF, and DPC winners receive ODMA radiator badges (which are the same size and shape as AACA badges). For more information and the meet registration form, go to (For more info about the Old Dominion Meet rules and awards, see the ODMA Bylaws posted on the ODMA website-- under "About ODMA." Come join us for a fun time at the Old Dominion Meet in beautiful Harrisonburg, VA, on Friday-Saturday, April 27-28, 2018--you'll have a great time.
  3. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Hello Phillip, I'm sorry I missed you, too, but I did see your car (and took some photos of it). Thanks for not letting the rain scare you off and bringing it out to share with everyone. And congratulations on the award!
  4. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Hello Charlie, To my knowledge, AACA judging teams are not informing car owners about the Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall, but that's a great suggestion. The VP of Judging--Jim Elliott--reads the forum and will probably see your post, but he's a pretty busy guy, so I'll forward your suggestion to him. It's also something we could mention at the Owners Briefing before every meet this year. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Bob, I strongly encourage you to give the Charlotte Meet a try next year. The new and modified vehicles people are complaining about (understandably so) are in the Car Corral, not on the show field. The Meet itself usually has between at least 300-400 AACA vehicles and every year somehow attracts some unusual vehicles not seen as most of the other Meets. It's definitely worth going. The Swap Meet may have contracted a bit in recent years, but it is still significantly larger than the Swap Meets at almost every other AACA Meet other than Hershey. And lunch or dinner in the Speedway Club is always great (and better food than you'll find in the Swap Meet). I suspect many of the newer vehicles in the Car Corral are using the space for convenient parking (because I didn't see "For Sale" signs in most of the newer pickups), which is not that different than the many newer vehicles you see parking throughout the flea market at Hershey each year.
  6. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    As usual, the Hornets Nest Region did an outstanding job with the Southeastern Spring Meet this year. They really have this down to a tee--well organized, nice set up, friendly and helpful volunteers, and they always manage to attract a nice selection of cars on the show field. Kudos to everyone who made it happen! Unfortunately, the rain impacted the number of vehicles on the show field, but there was a great variety of really nice vehicles. Thank you all the owners who braved the rain to share their vehicles with all of us and the many spectators who came to Charlotte Auto Fair--it's great publicity for our hobby and our club. For those who couldn't make it to the Meet, here are some photos. Try to make it to the Charlotte Meet next year--you'll definitely have fun.
  7. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    I'm looking forward to seeing your 1973 GS again, Phillip. Have a safe drive! As others have already said, the show field is on pavement, so you don't have to worry about mud. The Charlotte Meet and Auto Fair are always great regardless of the weather (although it is nicer at any meet when you don't get drenched). The Hornets Nest does a great job hosting the meet. A well-kept secret is to go to the Speedway Club (located in the Smith Tower (the tinted glass building) for lunch. It's great food for not much more than you'll pay one of the food vendors and you get a great view of the entire track.
  8. Lloyd Young Estate Auction of Cars

    Thanks for posting this. It looks like there are some nice cars in the collection. And I agree--I like the tail lights being illuminated on the display board. Did you know the late Mr. Lloyd? How did he assemble his collection--why those particular cars? For those who want to see the photos, here's the link:
  9. I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike Werckle, but from the comments I've heard from members in our region who knew him (e.g., Terry Bond) and comments here on the AACA Forum, it seems I missed meeting a special person who contributed a lot to our hobby. May God welcome Mike into his loving embrace and comfort his family. My sincere condolences.
  10. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    Marion & I echo all the praises others have shared about the 2018 Winter Meet in Mobile. The Deep South Region did an outstanding job. Every aspect of the meet was well done. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it (and had a great view from our room!). Kudos to all involved for their efforts planning, organizing, and executing the meet. Here are a few more photos from the meet. choose files...Click to choose files.url
  11. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    Bob--AACA HQ usually posts the results within a few business days, so you should see them soon. Check back tomorrow.
  12. March 10, SWAP MEET, Tidewater Region AACA, Virginia Beach Va

    It ended up being a great day--lots of vendors, plenty of neat things to buy inside the hangar and outside including some good deals in the Car Corral, good friends new and old, and good food from Back Bay Catering, Heavenly Kettle Corn, and the club's bake sale. Thanks to everyone in the club who helped plan, organize, set up, hold, and clean up after the meet, especially our new Swap Meet Chairman Bill Treadwell, our Pre-Registration Chair Neil Sugermeyer, and our Day of Show Registration Chairs Jerry & Ellen Adams and Charlie Dawson . Thanks also to everyone who helped lay out the field on Friday and everyone who contributed goodies to the Bake Sale. Even though the rain cut the Swap Meet short (which saved me some money), it was still a successful and fun day. Enjoy the photos!
  13. I miss the DFers!

    Interesting post, guys--I hadn't heard of the "DFers" before, but definitely like the idea of resurrecting them and chuckled at the stories you related. Wayne--I understand what you're saying. None of us know our expiration dates. Not to be mushy, but we need to treasure those around us and not take for granted that they'll be there tomorrow. I'm also at that point that I can't keep putting off things expecting that I'll have time to get around to them next year. (It's part of the reason I'm retiring at the end of this month.) There's an old Credence Clearwater Revival song--"Someday never comes"--that sort of says it all. I hope you can make it to this year's ODMA Meet--we didn't get much time to talk in Philadelphia.
  14. What a great start to the 2018 year. On Saturday, January 13th, 49 Tidewater Region (TRAACA) members & friends toured the René Lalique: Enchanted by Glass and the Picturing Innovations: The First 100 Years at NASA Langley Research Center exhibits at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA (followed by lunch at the nearby local favorite restaurant—Freemason Abbey—a refurbished former church originally built in 1873). The Lalique collection was beautifully displayed and included jewelry, medallions, perfume bottles, lamps, clocks, tableware, and automobile mascots (automobile hood ornaments). To our delight, there were numerous Lalique automobile mascots on display. The photos below are only part of the display. The NASA Research Center photo exhibit was particularly relevant to Tidewater Members because the center is located in Hampton, VA—part of the Tidewater area—and is a significant part of the U.S. space and aviation programs including training astronauts for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs, testing the Apollo Lunar Landing Module, pilots testing experimental aircraft, and its wind tunnels testing all U.S. military fighter aircraft since 1960 (including F-111, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, and Joint Strike Fighter). (Note this info is from the article Marion wrote for the TRAACA's newsletter.)
  15. March 10, SWAP MEET, Tidewater Region AACA, Virginia Beach Va

    Admission to the Swap Meet is free and no charge for parking. Breakfast and lunch will be available onsite from Back Bay Catering, and don't forget the goodies at the Bake Sale table!