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  1. Mark McAlpine


    Marion's and my thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by Hurricane Florence and the first responders serving their communities (while their own families and homes are at risk). Consider making a donation to the American Red Cross and/or any other reputable charity that can help the many people who are going to need help recovering. We're glad to hear that our fellow AACA members in North Carolina are safe and well. Things are replaceable, people aren't.
  2. Mark McAlpine

    Passing of Jeff Locke (TRAACA)

    Jeff Locke's memorial service was held this afternoon. People's respect for him and his impact on the antique car hobby was evident by the attendance. The church was full with people come to pay their respects including two past AACA Presidents, four current AACA Directors, nine current and past TRAACA Presidents, plus at least one president of other AACA regions and several current & past AACA chairmen, young adults Jeff mentored when they were teenagers and are now accomplished adults. Rest in peace, Jeff. The rest of us will catch up with you down the road eventually.
  3. Mark McAlpine

    2018 Spring Rummage Box Available

    Thanks, Matt! As you know, all newsletters look forward to every issue of the Rummage Box. We appreciate your efforts in editing and producing the Rummage Box and keeping our members informed.
  4. Mark McAlpine

    Mecum Auction Harrisburg PA Aug 2-4th

    Here are some photos from the automobilia auction at the Mecum auction in Harrisburg and of cars being sold from the prior George Barris East Coast Representative Collection. (Some of these were not the original cars, but reproductions made later for publicity appearances and promotional purposes. Per the information provided in the auction listings for each car, the Munsters' "Dragula" hot rod was built for the TV show and then reportedly restored to fulfill a wish by Al Lewis--"Grandpa Munster"--to drive the car again before he died. The car was restored in three months and brought to Lewis' home for an interview, but that time Lewis was too ill to drive it. Lewis died on 3 February 2006. The "Monkeemobile" was car #3 and used on the show. The "Mach 5" car was custom built to replicate the computer-generated car from the 2008 movie "Speed Racer." The "Batmobile" was one of five built by the Barris Group and used for promotional purposes. The Scooby Doo "Mystery Machine" van was a reproduction inspired by the cartoon show. The "Jetsons" car was originally built for the "Donny & Marie" Osmond TV show, but not completed due to the show's producers deciding not to use it, then offered to a production company that was going to make a Jetsons movie, but never completed the movie. It has no drive train or interior. The DeLorean DMC-12 "Back to the Future" car is a promotional vehicle built to replicate the car in the movies, licensed by Universal Studios and used by them for promotional purposes for release of the "Back to the Future" Trilogy, and for promotional purposes by both Universal Studios, the late George Barris, and George Barris' East Coast representative Andy Perillo. The car also reportedly was modified and used in the 2011 remake of the movie "Arthur"--I've never seen the remake, so I'll take their word for it.)
  5. Mark McAlpine

    Mecum Auction Harrisburg PA Aug 2-4th

    Marion & I attended the Mecum auction in Harrisburg. We had registered to bid, but didn't buy anything. (We weren't in the market for a car yet and the automobilia we were interested in went for more than we were willing to pay.) We enjoyed it very much and will attend some other Mecum auctions in the future, but as mentioned above there were some minor burbles the first day--not enough seats for bidders (regular or gold), people reserving seats all day for phantom "bidders" or guests who never showed, and free beverages for gold bidders consisting of small glasses of water. We were also surprised that we as pre-registered bidders we still had to pay for parking (unlike at Barrett-Jackson auctions). We spoke to a very helpful rep from Mecum who explained that their Harrisburg auction is a different animal with people arriving up to 2-hrs before the doors open and then rushing for seats. The rep was apologetic and very helpful (she even offered us bottles of water), and I don't think it was a coincidence that there were more seats set aside for gold bidders on Saturday and free drinks now included soft drinks and draft beer. It seemed like there were fewer bidders on Saturday because there were always some open seats (at least in the gold bidder section). The Mecum Harrisburg auction seemed to have fewer original/unmodified cars than most of their other auctions. Most of the cars we saw were either mildly or highly modified. (There weren't many pre-war cars--probably less than 50 of the approximately 1,000 vehicles--and most of them were modified.) That said, there were many nice cars there, both unmolested and modified (including the beautiful 1936 GMC pickup and 1937 Buick Century shown above by Greenie). There were a couple GTOs and Corvettes that were particularly attractive, and Lee Iacocca's personal 1955 MG TF, but Marion restrained me. The auction was very well organized and everyone we encountered from Mecum was very friendly, helpful, and professional. It would've been nice if the automobilia auction on Saturday morning hadn't overlapped with the car auction (you can't be in two places at the same time), but understandable because it would've been an extremely long day if they had started the automobilia auction even earlier or delayed the beginning of the car auction. (The automobilia auction started at 9 AM and lasted until at 11 AM. The car auction started at 10 AM and lasted until after 6 PM.) We'll probably attend the Kissimmee and Indianapolis auctions next year and hopefully have room for another antique car by then. For anyone who hasn't attended a major car auction, it's definitely an experience and something you should do at least once. Even if you're not in the market for a car, you'll enjoy it.
  6. Mark McAlpine

    Auburn meet

    Although it rained on the day of the show, most owners brought their cars out to share with the rest of us. As usual at the Auburn Meet, there was a great selection of vehicles on the show field including some unusual ones you don't see often. The Nash Club's participation this year was neat--other than at a Nash Club show, where can you see that many Nash automobiles at the same time? I got to meet and speak with Jim Wheary (Charles Nash's great-grandson) who was very nice and shared some interesting information. The Auburn Meet is always great--RM Sotheby's facility is a fantastic facility for a meet and they are very generous and accommodating in their support of the AACA and the Auburn Meet. (And having the Auburn Cord Duesenberg nearby is another good reason to attend the meet.) Moving the 2019 Annual Grand National Meet back a couple weeks to the end of May will probably take care of the weather issues. If you haven't been to the Auburn Meet before, you need to attend the AGNM there in 2019. Marion & I have attended every meet in Auburn and enjoyed each one very much--it's a "must attend" event.
  7. Mark McAlpine


    I served on a great judging team at Gettysburg, and want to publicly thank Debbie, James, Sandra, and Wayne for making it such a pleasant experience. Each was very knowledgeable, fair, consistent, reasonable, and fun to be with. What more could owners (or a Team Captain) ask for? Here's a photo of our team.
  8. Mark McAlpine


    Kudos to the Chesapeake Region for hosting a great meet! Marion & I agree with the comments recognizing all the planning and efforts the region put into the meet--the meet was organized very well, the tours were fun, the lanyards & pouches a nice touch (and something we can use at future meets), the cupcakes at dinner were delicious souvenirs (even though I ate mine at dinner), trailer parking couldn't be any more convenient, and all the volunteers for every aspect of the meet were very helpful and friendly. The Chesapeake Region should be very proud--they did a great job.
  9. Mark McAlpine

    Passing of Jeff Locke (TRAACA)

    The TRAACA lost a valued member today. Jeff Locke and his wife Pat have been members of the TRAACA for over 40 years and have been great supporters of the region, the AACA, and the hobby in general . Terry Bond gave a great tribute above to Jeff, and I can't add anything to his eloquence. Please keep Pat and Jeff in your thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace, Jeff.
  10. Mark McAlpine

    Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    I just spoke with The Parts Place and asked about the status of the R-59 reproduction battery I ordered on 14 February (after finding out Reproduction Battery was out of business and Antique Auto Battery appeared to be out of business). The Parts Place relayed basically the same info "jabaman" relayed above, but they said it was "Bill's Batteries" (but maybe just remembered the name incorrectly). Bottom line is they said Bill's (or Jim's) expects to start shipping the back-ordered batteries in 2-3 weeks and will work their way through existing orders in order of the dates they were originally ordered. Doesn't help me in time for the Grand National Meet next week, but with luck I'll receive my battery in the next month or so. I'll post again when I receive it.
  11. Mark McAlpine

    ODMA 2018 Old Dominion Meet Photos - 27-28 April 2018

    Good point, Charlie. We need to look out for each other and ensure all owners know about the recall of Kidde fire extinguishers and check to ensure theirs are either good or have them replaced. Thanks for the reminder!
  12. Mark McAlpine

    ODMA 2018 Old Dominion Meet Photos - 27-28 April 2018

    Last batch of photos. Congratulations and thanks again to the Tri-County Region for hosting a great statewide meet.
  13. Mark McAlpine

    ODMA 2018 Old Dominion Meet Photos - 27-28 April 2018

    More photos to enjoy from the 2018 Old Dominion Meet.
  14. Congratulations to the Tri-County Region AACA for hosting the 2018 Old Dominion Meet Association (ODMA--an AACA non-geographic region comprised of 14 of the 17 AACA regions in Virginia) 65th Annual Old Dominion Meet in Harrisonburg, VA, on Friday-Saturday, 27-28 April 2018. Tri-Country Region President and Meet Chairman Mike Yankey and the region great did a great job organizing the hosting the meet. Special thanks to Chief Judge Nelson Driver, Mike Yankey's right-hand man Dennis Ragan, Debbie Nolan for stepping in to assist Nelson, and to Debbie, Linda Treadwell and Doris Stone for working Judges Admin. Most importantly, thanks to all the owners who brought their antique cars for us to enjoy--there wouldn't have been a car show without them. Here is a small selection of photos from the meet. Come join us next year for the 66th Old Dominion Meet. (Check the ODMA website -- --this summer for information on the dates and location.)
  15. Mark McAlpine

    Tucson Spring Meet

    Marion & I agree--the Tucson Region did an outstanding job hosting the Western Spring Meet. They were well organized and set up a fun & interesting activities for everyone to enjoy. Dave Fields and others are correct--it was kind of Wayne Gould to open his collection to everyone attending the meet. It's a great collection and it was nice to see some of the vehicles on the show field on Saturday. We're looking forward to attending the next meet hosted by the Tucson Region because we know it will be great.