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  1. For anyone interested, Restoration Batteries is going out of business. Even thought their website is still up, I contacted them today about purchasing a reproduction Delco battery and they informed me that they are no longer taking orders for batteries, have none in stock, and are going out of business. It's too bad--they were in business over 40 years and were always a pleasure to deal with.
  2. Philly Annual Meeting Seminars

    Thanks for the information, Annie. It sounds interesting. I'm on the Publications Committee so will be attending the Publications Seminar, but maybe Marion can attend it.
  3. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    Thanks for posting the seminar schedule, Pat! It looks like a great slate of interesting and informative seminars. Now if I could only figure out how to attend more than one at the same time . . .
  4. 1994 Camaro Z28-1LE For Sale-192 TTL Miles!

    There is a NADA Guide for classic cars which is updated quarterly. I'm on the road, so I can't check our hard copy, but the online NADA site quotes an MSRP of $16,799 for a 1994 Camaro Z-28 1LE coupe, with a high retail price of $8,280. Of course that doesn't account for other options, collectability, and the exceptionally low mileage, but it's a starting point for discussion. Like anything offered for sale, a fair price is whatever both parties agree to and are happy with. Happy New Year everyone!
  5. 2018 Eastern Spring Meet??

    Marion and I are looking forward to attending the Eastern Spring Meet in Gettysburg. Kudos to the Chesapeake Region for hosting it--we know they'll do a great job and that we'll have a lot of fun.

    Ola Vincente! Merry Christmas to you (and everyone in the AACA) from Suffolk, Virginia.
  7. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    We just received our first replacement extinguisher yesterday--it's the exact same size as the original and appears to be the same except for now having a metal safety pin and metal hanging bracket. (The old ones were plastic.) We received this replacement in about three weeks. We're still waiting for the replacements for the other two, smaller extinguishers that we carry in our cars (and for which we submitted the replacement claims at the same time). One note: when I filed my claim online, only two of our three extinguishers showed that they were covered under the recall. The Kidde website said the three extinguisher was not included in the recall, but I wasn't confident about that because the date code on the extinguisher wasn't displayed in the form described on the website. When I called the Kidde hotline, they said the third extinguisher was covered and agreed to send a replacement. So my advice is call Kidde direct instead of using the website.
  8. ODMA Fall Tour

    Thanks to the Richmond Region for organizing and hosting the 2018 ODMA Veterans Day Tour! It was a lot of fun, and it's always great to see old makes (and make new ones) from the other AACA regions in Virginia. The barbecue meal on Saturday night at Bruce Woodson's garage was a great way to end the tour. Here's a photo of Bruce's 1921 Ford Model T. This car was owned by Bruce's father and won 2nd Prize at the very first ODMA Meet in 1953.
  9. AACA National Winter Meet - 2018

    Marion & I already booked our room at the host hotel. This should be a great event. Kudos and thanks to the Deep South Region for stepping up on short notice and taking on the challenge of hosting the 2018 National Winter Meet! We're disappointed the Puerto Rico Meet had to be cancelled, but and are thinking about & praying for everyone in Puerto Rico and look forward to attending a meet there after they've recovered.
  10. 2018 Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance and AACA

    Congratulations, Philip! I saw your car at Hershey, and it's beautiful. It's also the only 1973 Buick Gran Sports I've seen still surviving. The condition it's in makes it even more impressive. Congratulations on the Concours Award at the MCACN and the acceptance into the Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance. Good luck!
  11. No thanks are necessary, Philip. You're cars are beautiful and deserve the awards they received. Thanks for bringing your cars to the meets and sharing them with us. The work and attention to detail that you put into them are obvious, and it's a pleasure to judge them--you make it easy for the judges. Best wishes! Marion and I look forward to seeing you Charlotte this spring (if not before then in Philadelphia).
  12. My sincere thanks to my fellow judging team members at this year's AACA Eastern Fall Meet in Hershey, PA: Gary Wyler (outstanding Assistant Team Captain!), Charlie DiPrima, Joe LaBruzza, and Joe Vitello. Each of them was knowledgeable, conscientious, attentive, fair, and reasonable. Plus, they were fun to serve with! What more could you ask from a judging team? Thanks for everything, guys! I look forward to serving with you again.
  13. New Car Dealership comparison article

    I enjoyed Dain's article, and we reprinted it in our region's newsletters. At one of the first meets Marion & I attended and served as judges at, our CJE instructor took us outside and had us judge a new car that was on display from a local dealer. (This may have been at our first meet because this sounds like something that would happen as part of either Apprentice Judge CJE or, at the time, actual Apprentice Judging.) Several judges in training identified items we would deduct points for. Our CJE instructor/team captain used it as a good teaching lesson--our Judging Guidelines say "as the dealer could have prepared the vehicle for delivery to the customer." Something like a scratch would be a valid deduction, but light surface rust on bare steel/iron parts, minor paint issues like minute drips, a supposed incorrect clamp in the engine compartment, issues with door or hoods gaps (unless out of factory specs), would not be appropriate considering the car literally just came from the factory. Of course, these many years later quality control is even better, so many of even these minor issues are rare today. I always enjoy Dain's articles (and his Judging Schools).
  14. I am finally preparing for my retirement project!!

    Wayne, you need a 4-ft wing on the back end to go with that Superbird-like nose extension.
  15. AACA Bettendorf Ia Meet

    We heard about the accident you had en route to Bettendorf, Marty, and hope you and Dale are both doing well. You showed your dedication to the meet and club by still making it to the meet. Best wishes--we look forward to seeing you in Hershey.