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  1. ralphmyles

    Cadillac options/accessories 1955

    We only recently acquired the car, Also the car now lives in central Massachusetts, but it certainly would be great take the car home at some point!
  2. ralphmyles

    Cadillac options/accessories 1955

    I was checking this thread to see if anyone else had a '55 Caddy with a Continental Kit. Our 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille was under the same ownership since new until a few years ago. The car has the original Arlington Metallic Green paint and original interior. With the car we have the original order form (specifies a continental kit), acknowledgement letter from Capitol Cadillac-Oldsmobile Company of Washington DC, and car invoice from the day it was delivered (specifies a continental kit). Also, notice how the continental kit from Cadillac does not extend the full bumper which would also require a tailpipe extension such as this example: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/62/e8/bb/62e8bb5a3e56fcde929a9d45e0e8e8d5--american-stock-paint-schemes.jpg So my answer would be yes, but very uncommon and possibly custom ordered as the question mark after "continental rack" on the yellow order form would imply. Additionally, the car was ordered with "Vogue" brand whitewall tires, on the continental kit sits a "Vogue" brand whitewall, which also proves the originality.
  3. For sale is a genuine supercharged Auburn air cleaner. While by no means perfect, it is usable as is with the obvious damage. The cleaner could also be restored for a show car. PM me for a price, and feel free to ask about other 851/852 parts as we have a small pile of mechanical and body parts.
  4. ralphmyles

    1937 Lincoln K Headlight Trim

    Does anyone know whether the headlamp trim rings from a 1937 Model K are compatible with those from a Zephyr of the same year? The small tab at the top of mine has broken leaving the top pulled away from the fender. Alternatively, does anyone know of a good way to repair them? I still have the piece that broke off, if that helps.
  5. ralphmyles

    1936 Auburn Water Outlet

    I must apologize for my unclear nomenclature, I did in fact mean the thermostat. Also your answer was exactly what I was seeking, thank you very much for the help.
  6. Does anyone know how the water outlet gasket seats relative to the valve? Does the rolled edge of the valve sit over the gasket, or should they never touch? Also, what material is the gasket made of? The car is a 1936 852 SC
  7. ralphmyles

    1935 Buick 60 restoration

    The 1922 is a four cylinder roadster with 22,000 original miles, it is a 100% original car and we want to keep it that way.
  8. ralphmyles

    1935 Buick 60 restoration

    Thanks for all the help everyone! I opened up the rumble seat an noticed a large amount of rust in the floorboard. Is there a place that has the blueprints for my car?
  9. ralphmyles

    1935 Buick 60 restoration

    I'm starting this thread because of the car my father and I recently purchased. It is a 1935 series 60 sport coupe, while the car has good, solid metal, the engine requires a lot of attention. I am currently 14 years old and ready to do more serious work than the carburetor, fuel pump and brake work that I have done on a '41 Packard and a '22 Buick. The engine has been poorly painted w/ a incorrect color, the manifolds have been off during it's 20 year storage period. The valves are caked in grease and the Buick spark plug cover is missing. We have done the obvious stuff so far (mystery oil), what else would you recommend doing to free the engine? Does anyone know where to get a spark plug cover and Buick luggage? I will have a lot more questions in the future. Thank you.