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  1. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Thank you, Bill It helps to know that I am removing the rim from the tire. I was concerned to potentially bend the rim by pulling in too far, and I did remove the tool before trying to remove the tire. I will follow your advice, and I should have better luck. Thanks again. Jim
  2. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I have a further question for removing the tire, tube and liner from the split rim. My question: When attempting to remove the tire from the split rim: 1) am I trying to remove the tire from the rim? or......... 2) am I trying to remove the rim from the tire? I can get the top bead of the tire off the rim, but I am having a very difficult time removing the bottom bead (with the flap and tube) from the rim to free the entire tire, tube and flap assembly as a single unit. I still feel I am missing something obvious? Thank you Jim
  3. Jrbrks

    1930 Franklin Dietrich Speedster

    This is a beautiful automobile! I am not a buyer. But, given the rarity of this model and the fact there would be few comparison sales, how might one arrive at an appropriate number for a purchase price? I am asking only to become a bit more educated. And.....I understand that value is what someone is willing to pay. I am simply wondering, if there is a quantifiable method to approach assigning or estimating value for a vehicle with few “market-similar” sales. Thanks Jim
  4. Thanks Joe. I will give that a try next weekend. Jim
  5. I appreciate the additional insight. Thank you, again. Jim
  6. Thank you, Joe. This is a factory A/C car, and I will check the vacuum system as you have described. is it also possible the heater control valve has gone bad? I had heat at acceleration, when I purchased the car about 8 years ago. The only real change I made was to have a shop convert the A/C to R134, but there was no other change to the factory set up, of which I am aware. I live in a very hot area, so the heater is rarely used. There is a temperature gauge in the cluster and it does not change from normal operating temperature, when I accelerate. I did have the problem before and after changing the thermostat and flushing the cooling system. Thank you, again. Jim
  7. I have a 1968 442 4-speed convertible that is stock. When stopped, I have full interior heat, but the air goes cold when I am moving. When I flushed the cooling system, I replaced the thermostat with no change in the loss of heat when moving. What obvious thing am I missing? I appreciate any help. Thanks Jim
  8. Jrbrks

    1929 Model 135 questions

    I checked the Valvoline website, and they indicated the racing oil could also be safely used in passenger cars. As as I mentioned earlier, I am using this as a standard, non-synthetic motor oil with adequate amounts of zinc phosphate. Jim
  9. Jrbrks

    1929 Model 135 questions

    Thank you for the contact for Mr Hull. I will contact him. I have purchased wiring from Rhode Island and used their products for two previous vehicles. I prefer to make my own harnesses, and RI has provided great quality and service. I appreciate the oil thoughts. I will go to a heavier weight oil, such as 20w40 or 20w50. As I indicated, I chose the oil based on the fact that it was non-synthetic and had adequate amounts of zinc phosphate. I appreciate the thoughts and advice provided. Jim
  10. Jrbrks

    1929 Model 135 questions

    It does not seem possible to acquire the right side stanchion from the contact provided. I am wondering if anyone has other creative solutions/ideas for a right side brake/signal light combination that would look reasonable? Thanks Jim
  11. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Thank you for the advice. Jim
  12. Jrbrks

    1929 Model 135 questions

    Thank you for the source for the right side stanchion. I am hoping one might be available, as I will begin rewiring the car soon. Jim
  13. I would appreciate advice on what I am clearly missing in replacing an inner tube and tire. I made my first attempt to replace a tire (19 inch split rim on a wood wheel) on my 1929 Model 135. Removing the wheel, collapsing the rim, removing the top bead of the tire and then removing the inner tube was very straightforward. What I could not determine was how to remove the bottom bead of the tire to completely remove the tire from the rim. The problem was the flap. The flap extends well up into the tire and is very stiff. I could not get the flap outside of the bottom tire bead, such that I could then lever under the bottom bead of the tire to remove it from the rim. And, the flap is far to stiff and fit the rim too tight to pull it out. Given the existing tire was 6-ply, the tire itself provided little "give", but I do not think I could have removed the flap, in any event. Ultimately, I had to cut the tire in half to remove it from the rim (The tire was already torn and completely unusable, so at least I did not ruin an otherwise usable tire). As I mentioned, the flap fits the rim very tightly and the sides extend at least two inches of the top of the rim. The flap itself is very stiff and in very good condition. It looks new (I know it is not). I simply can not believe this was engineered to be this difficult. I realize I must be missing something obvious. As I need to put a different tire and tube onto this rim, I would appreciate advice on how to do this properly. My questions: 1) I realize that I will slightly inflate the inner tube and place it in the tire before levering the rear bead of the tire onto the rim. I presume that I leave the flap on the rim (I think it would be difficult to lever it onto the rim with the tire and tube, but I do not know)? If so, what is the proper way to get the flap under the rear bead of the tire? I have the proper 3-armed Franklin tool for collapsing and then expanding the rim. Otherwise, I am using pry bars and large screwdrivers. 2) If I am to remove a tire to replace or repair tubes or tires in the future, what is the proper method to remove the bottom bead of the tire from the rim? How do you get the sides of the flap away from the bottom bead to lever under the bead and remove the tire from the rim? Do any of you trim the sides of the flaps, so they do not extend so far into the side of the tire. Thanks for any guidance. This is really puzzling me. Jim
  14. Jrbrks

    1929 Model 135 questions

    Thanks to each of you for the terrific advice. I appreciate this. I am a newer member of the Franklin Club, and I did not find the right hand tail light housing produced by George Staley. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could determine if any of these remain available and/or for sale? Thank you Jim
  15. Jrbrks

    1929 Model 135 questions

    i have recently been able to complete a major engine repair on a 1929 Model 135 Victoria, and I have a couple of questions: 1) at the initial start-up, I am using 10w30 Valvoline racing oil, as it is conventional based oil with adequate amounts of zinc phosphate. Should I consider a different weight oil? My intent is not to foster disagreement or long debate, but rather to understand the recommended practices among Franklin experts. 2). My car has a jury-rigged spring for the brake light that I know is not standard. Is there not a pressure switch that goes into the master cylinder to activate the brake light? If so, can someone provide a source and/or part number for the switch? Also, where is it mounted? 3). Has anyone purchased tires, tubes and flaps recently? I am guessing Coker or Universal are the only vendors? Mine are 6.50 x 19. Is there anything specific I should request, especially with respect to the tubes and flaps? 4) I bought an oil filter from Roberts and it is considerably bigger than my stock filter. Is there a better source, or a better solution? 5). Does anyone have thoughts on installing a second (passenger side) rear tail light that will not look too out of place? my Victoria carries a single spare tire on the rear. 6). Does anyone have a source for 6 volt halogen headlight bulbs or LED bulbs for the tail light? Thank you for any thoughts/advice you may have. Jim