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  1. 1925 11A gear shift

    Take a look at this thread where this was discussed already, and I posted a picture or two Roger
  2. 26 running board mat

    Sorry - my answer was meaning that according to the drawing, the top of the mat was flat - i.e. no ribs shown on it. Roger
  3. 26 running board mat

    According to the factory drawing part number 31467 Running Board Cover it was flat. Roger
  4. How is everybody doing

    It's been too cold here in Michigan most of the time, so my car sits out in the unheated barn, waiting for me to put the transmission back together with new bearings and gaskets - either when the weather warms up, or I face the wrath of my wife and bring all the parts into the house LOL Roger
  5. mufflers

    Ahh - gotcha. Waldron show a regular muffler at 25" long and 6" diameter at $80 although from that image it does seem to have the same size inlet and outlet. The muffler I put on my car came with 2" inlet and outlet, but I bought a reducer on Ebay for under $10 that stepped the 2" outlet down to the size of my tailpipe (which is wrong too - a project for another day). Roger
  6. mufflers

    When you say "correct ends" - do you mean set up to take the flange like the factory front pipe has, and the pipe outlet on the rear?
  7. Franklin events for 2018

    Cool - I had told Phil I would help him out as well since I live a bit over 30 miles from the Gilmore Car Museum. Roger
  8. Franklin events for 2018

    Next year's spring Midwest Meet is in Indianapolis June 7-9 I'm not sure that the Fall Midwest Meet has been decided yet. The Air Cooled Meet at the Gilmore Car Museum will presumably be on 16 June - the Saturday before Father's Day Roger
  9. exhaust pipe

    I went to several places here in Grand Rapids with no success :-( The best I could come up with was places that make headers by cutting and welding many many bends together, but everyone I asked said there was no one in the area with a mandrel bender that could do what I was looking for. André Audette has shared some magazine article that showed how to fill a pipe with sand and then heat it and bend it without collapsing it - I think I might be going to give that a go to see if I can make a new front pipe at least since that is very simple. Roger
  10. mufflers

    My 11A came with some modern, very oval muffler on it with offset inlet and outlet that caused the pipes to be routed in quite different places. So my first fix it up was to get a Walker 18129 muffler from Amazon - it was the closest I could find to the original diameter and length - 24" long and 6" diameter. It has 2" inlet and outlet. Sadly they're slightly offset too, but it let me get the pipes more back in the right places. My next effort is probably going to be to get a Waldron muffler - they will make one the right dimensions with the inlet and outlet centred for about $85. I've looked at the club drawings and still am quite confused about how the Powell cups are drilled to let the gases go through, so if I ever go for one of them it will be quite some way in the future. Roger
  11. exhaust pipe

    For the 11A, the drawings call for 1½" tail pipe and 2" front pipe. Roger
  12. mufflers

    The Powell muffler was what was original equipment on some Franklin cars. It's made up of a series of metal cups with holes in the bottom all joined together. I think at some stage in the past the Franklin Club had cups made. There's at least one thread here already about them Roger
  13. Mike do you have any spare wheel locks for 1926 Series 11A - even without keys... Roger
  14. Hood ornaments

    Well I'd start at $50 (plus shipping) - would that do it? Roger
  15. Hood ornaments

    I'd be interested in the Lion alone - assuming it's a genuine Franklin lion (not a reproduction, but I don't know how to tell the difference) for my 1926 Series 11A, but the Franklin emblem is later than my car, so of no real interest to me. Roger