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  1. 1926 fuel line

    My original line was nickel plated copper, so I replaced the part I cut out with copper. Roger
  2. Engine serial numbers information

    Welcome Noel and Amy I bought my Franklin 11A a bit over a year ago and immediately joined the H H Franklin Club - they are a great bunch of people with fantastic resources available online and amazing knowledge. There's also a pretty helpful group on Facebook too - "Show Us Your Franklin Car". Where do you live? I'm in Caledonia, only about 30 miles from the Gilmore Car Museum, and was down there just last week to put a license plate onto the black 1925 car - which is how I know what its engine number is as I have copies of the title and registration here while I worked on getting the authentic plates for the car. Hopefully we'll see you at the Air Cooled Meet at the Gilmore next year?! Roger
  3. 1926 fuel line

    Yep - that's where my one is routed. When I got my car the original line was in place, but there was a rubber line running along the chassis also near to the metal line. I removed the rubber line and checked out the metal line - it had a hole about 6" long worn in it where it had rubbed on something - presumably the muffler - at some time in the past. I cut the damaged section out and put a new section of line in with double flare fittings. Roger
  4. Engine serial numbers information

    Yes, it would be a 1925 engine. The 1925 10C that is part of The Franklin Collection at Hickory Corners, that is at the Gilmore Car Museum is E96704. Roger
  5. exhaust pipe

    If you are going to have new pipe made, I have had some flanges made to the drawing 31358 and have some spares. They are made of ⅜" steel, and plasma cut to the right shape. They cost me $11 each and I can send them to you for that plus the cost of postage if you want a couple.
  6. exhaust pipe

    47699 was drawn in 1929 as a spare part, and they must have had some reason to create the different bend - it just goes down lower and then raises back up - like it's to clear something - perhaps to give more clearance under the handbrake bracket that is under the car. But the dimensions of 47699 and 32592 are the same when it comes to the relative positions of the two flanges. My Series 11A doesn't have the original pipe on it (it's too small in diameter), but it is shaped like 32592, and there's not a whole lot of room where it goes through the handbrake bracket, so the dip down, while more complex to make, might be a better fit. Roger
  7. exhaust pipe

    The club parts listing includes these items: FCP-18 Mandrel bent Aluminized Exhaust Pipe for S145 to 163 $310.00 each. FCP-18-1 Mandrel bent Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe for S145 to 163 $410.00 each. Roger
  8. exhaust pipe

    So perhaps I won't bother going down to see them, but rather just go with my idea of trying to bend them myself - which sounds like a whole lot more fun too ;-) I know there's no one here in Grand Rapids that can do mandrel bending apparently having asked around at various places Roger
  9. exhaust pipe

    Waldron Exhaust claim they can make them but apparently they aren't mandrel bent, but are push bent, so don't get the right bends on them. They are about an hour down the road from me, and so I have been thinking of going down there with the drawings to see what they say about it, but I'm also considering attempting to make my own by using the "fill the pipe with sand" method to get bends that aren't collapsed like push bending does to them. Roger
  10. wiring

    Can you post some pictures of it? Can I ask how much it cost? I have repaired parts of mine, cleaned up the ends and contacts in place, but overall am stuck with the hardened looms that 90 plus years creates. Roger
  11. Font wheel bearings

    The Timken numbers as shown on the drawing are still readily available from numerous sources. Roger
  12. Font wheel bearings

    The parts book (if you don't have one you should get one from the Franklin Club) gives this Roger
  13. Watson Stabilizer

    There's a contact for Gordon Howard listed on this page on the H H Franklin Club website Roger
  14. 26 franklin trans.

    I paid $50 each for the lock housing and the cup that is below it - $117 or something like that for both with chemical disposal fees and sales tax.
  15. 26 franklin trans.

    Heating it won't help - it's a friction fit into the lock housing - quite apart from any damage it might do to the lock, which is made of brass. I had to bang it very very hard, many many times to get the lock cylinder to start moving. Roger