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  1. 1930 Franklin G80 Engine

    This is also listed on Ebay - what is the reserve on it? Roger
  2. Universal Joint on drive shaft 1927

    I bought 2 new joints for my 1926 Series 11A (same part numbers) a few months ago from Tom Rasmussen @odyssey Restorations - around $50 each. Look him up in the Franklin website and give him a call. Roger
  3. Franklin lions

    Yes, I too won't be at Hershey - I went last year and bought my Series 11A there - but would be interested in one if you want to sell them "not at Hershey" too (and depending on price.) Roger
  4. Franklin Lions

    What kind of price are you looking for for them? Roger
  5. Wanted. 19" tire lock(snap) rings

    Here's the tracking info...
  6. Why do we never see original schematics?

    Yes - this is an amazing collection - I have found (and downloaded and printed out) many many pages of drawings of parts of my 1926 Franklin Series 11A. They let me see how things should be, have replacement parts made to the factory drawings, how parts were specified originally for finish (e.g. nickel or black enamel etc) or if they were purchased items like the tool in the toolkit, what brand, size etc they were to be. These drawings are are an amazing benefit of being a member of the H H Franklin Car Club. Roger
  7. 1926 Franklin - the world’s greatest road car

    There's my car - if you just imagine the green a bit darker...
  8. Saggy Franklin Frames

    Thanks Tom I'm still in the "thinking about it" stage for my sagging 11A. Over the weekend (at the Midwest Meet) I saw Mark and John's beautiful 11B Tandem Sport which has a whole different idea applied to it - a giant two leaf inverted leaf spring that runs much of the length of the frame rail with the point of upwards pressure I suppose at about the back of the engine/front of the body. It's fastened to the frame at each end. So in this idea there is no tension lengthwise along the frame - the frame is being pulled downwards at the ends and pushed upwards at the centre. I discussed this a little with Jeff Hasslen after he'd noted that my 11A has some frame sag, and we discussed the merits of pulling along the frame at little mechanical advantage and incredible force (the truss system) versus pushing directly up on the frame (the leaf spring system). What I have no handle at all on is just how much upwards force is needed if one were going to have someone make some springs. Hmmmmmmm Roger
  9. Vacuum tank problems

    The engineering drawings for that fitting (Franklin part # 33111) on my 1926 Franklin Series 11A call for the small hole to be a #56 drill = .0465" Roger
  10. Original Tool Kit Series 11A

    Hi Franklin Guys and Guyettes... I'm trying to put together a tool kit for my 1926 Series 11A Sedan. I got a couple of the original tools with the car, and have rounded up a few more from another Franklin owner, and so far I've bought a few on Ebay. Does anyone have what they believe is an original tool kit that might be able to help me with some questions/details - like: • Photos of the actual roll - my wife is going to sew one, but we're unsure from the drawings from the H H Franklin Club website of just how the ends of the individual sleeves are finished; • Photos of the individual tools. Some I've been able to determine what they are from the factory drawings available on the H H Franklin club site which go so far as to specify the manufacturer of the tool and their description or item number, but others there are no drawing, so all I have for example is the description "4 inch bicycle wrench" • Comments on what goes in the various pockets in the tool roll, and what didn't go in - clearly the jack won't fit for example. Many Thanks for any and all assistance. Roger
  11. any interest?

    Put me down as having some interest in this - depending on cost etc. My button is in place, but badly worn at an angle across the face. Roger
  12. Brass Solder Pipe Fittings

    Steve - I'm happy to have started something that Bob couldn't cause you a problem about :-) And I'm very happy with what Bob did for me with these wee nipple gland doohickeys too. Cheers Roger
  13. Brass Solder Pipe Fittings

    This was the last time I had it out in the middle of December for a driveway photo-op. Hopefully you can see these even if you don't have Facebook? Just in case, here's a photo of it here in this post when I bought it at Hershey in October 2016... And here it is being delivered a week or so later... The doohickey project was because it had an electric pump on it when I got it - and a non working vacuum tank that had been removed. I've had the vacuum tank looked over and tidied up and fitted it back to the car, but didn't have the pipe that the doohickeys went on today. Roger
  14. Brass Solder Pipe Fittings

    Thanks Bob It's great that so many of the drawings for the parts of this 90 year old car still exist and are available to H H Franklin Car Club members through the club's website, so replacement parts can be made to the original drawings. Roger
  15. Brass Solder Pipe Fittings

    And today I got the pipe made with the fittings, and connected to the vacuum tank which I'd put on yesterday. Again so many thanks for your help @Bhigdog Bob!!!!