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  1. The paint is very nice and as you know black paint is very unforgiving if poorly done . . And yes we had all the free water we could handle . No calendars though 😟
  2. Yesterday we went first to look at a blue 63 at Fast Lane in St Charles , MO . They have had it advertised about 3 months -originally price at $25K, now $22,500. Reasonably nice paint job (7/10) but many problems with gaps on doors and hood . Engine bay not professionally detailed at all- lots of "rattle can" restoration if you know what I mean. No A/C and and cheap after market gauges under dash . Underside had lots surface rust and front end suspension needed considerable work but I did not have them put it on a lift. Interior was acceptable . Chrome / bright work was 5/10. Did not look in trunk or start it as I had seen enough. Apparently a "low mileage ", numbers matching car and data plate confirmed correct color and interior but I wasn't interested at that point so cannot confirm options . This car needs about $ 15 -20 K and several hours labor IMO to get it to a point that would satisfy most of you . We then went to look at the 63 at Schmitt's - night and day difference ! Actually better than I anticipated which doesn't usually happen . Apparently a two owner car ( unconfirmed so who knows or cares ) , 87 K miles . Numbers matching JT code 401 . Correct color AA and 788 interior -needs a few little things to be completely correct as mentioned in several posts above - all doable at relative low cost or not at all . Jim , I will get a picture of the data plate but it a fairly heavily optioned car -all power windows, vents and trunk release and probable a couple more . Everything electrical works including cruise control and the AC , even the clock! Long story short and some haggling we made a deal- not what I call a steal by any means but it's ready to drive and enjoy today . Now just nee a garage to put it in! KReed ROA 14549
  3. To answer Bernie's questions : 1. No, never enough 2.If the price was right 3. A must 4. Yes. And today so going to look- doesn't cost anything Pat -can you give some specifics other than those mentioned above . Need some "negotiating " points if it looks decent otherwise . Also going to look at the blue 63 that Fast Lane Cars has in St Charles at $22,500 just so I will have a comparison on quality points Thanks Ken
  4. Good pickup Ed - missed that . Anything obvious in the engine compartment that does look right? Never have ridden in a Dynaflow tranny . How do you like yours? Thanks Ken
  5. Just listed yesterday . What do you think? Wire hubcaps incorrrect ? Breather supposed to be "crinkle"? New upholstery looks a little weird in places??? Happen to be close by on vacation - may take a peak at it on the way but they are very proud if it in price KReed ROA 14549
  6. WTB

    Thanks very much - will give them a look. KReed
  7. My passenger side vent cable in my non - AC 66 Riviera GS. is broken in two different places ( plastic mounting to firewall and plastic piece near pull). Trying to Gerry -rig it with JB weld but not confident that it will hold . If anyone has a good one laying around , I' m interested . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  8. Is there such a thing as "too many Riviera's " ? LOL
  9. Thanks Tom and everyone for the comments - making sense now . I am amazed this would hookup to a nailhead. Always learn something on this forum ! KReed
  10. JZ - The plug is a single . Thanks for everyone's help. Will do a little more research and let you know . This particular car was not a GS unlike the 66 GS parts car picked up in Missouri later in the year which had the correct BS transmission and MW 425 single quad. This non GS car had been raced hard I think thus the incorrect transmission and MT engine . If anyone needs this transmission, it's available for free local pickup.
  11. Several months ago bought a 1966 Riviera parts car and just getting around to taking apart . The engine is a correct MW code but the transmission tag say " KJ 65 1952 " . I am sure this car was raced at some time but can't figure out what this tranny is - it is aluminum and looks like a TH 400. The aqua color is long gone on the tag but these numbers are punched at the bottom. The only thing I can find is from a jeep ?.... that has a KJ code . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  12. Undoubtedly one on the prettiest Riviera's on the planet ! Can't wait to see it in person someday . Great work Jason ! Your build series is such a valuable contribution to all Riviera owners . KReed 14549
  13. Just got one of the Danbury 64's a coup,e of weeks ago and was very pleased . Every bit as good as the Highway 61 's I have . You won't go wrong with this car. KReed ROA 14549
  14. Finally got the 72 home . Can you guess why I like the rear ends on these cars ? KReed ROA 14945
  15. Does it ever end ?...