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  1. I have what I believe is an original trunk liner in my 66GS . It is stained in several areas which drives me crazy when I open the trunk .Knowing they are "original only once " I am hesitant to replace . The fabric itself is in reasonable shape . Any alternatives / suggestions for cleaning ? Not very hopeful but would appreciate your thoughts . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  2. 50 or so figures of 8's later, the popping /ratcheting sound is much improved. Think it will have to do for now . Running a straight line is no problem at all - rubber even when it shifts ! Next up is a paint job on this twenty footer. Thanks for all the help everyone . KReed ROA 14549
  3. Thanks again Jason and Tom. - figures of 8's coming up his PM ! If no luck, will try the preload spring . Great description of "how to " - thanks Jason KReed ROA 14549
  4. Thanks very much to all . Tried the additive tonight - took a little fluid out - could only get a bout 4 oz in before it began running out. Drove it about 20 miles but no figure 8's . Couldn't tell much difference when I parked it but hopefully it will improve . I am going to try the preload spring idea Jason - just got hit the books and figure out how to do it . Does any one know if the clutches are still available ? Appreciate all the great advice . KReed ROA 14549
  5. It's a twenty footer on paint - think somebody painted it in a Kansas sand storm ! Thanks everyone for the suggestions . It's definitely a scary sound - sounds like the rear end is falling out ! Hopefully Jason also has some pointers - will see if I can his post. KReed ROA 14549
  6. My " beater" 66 Riv GS 3.42 Positraction is making some very scary noise recently particularly when I am making acuteness turns at a slow rate of speed - almost a ratcheting type of noise , happens in either direction . Sounds like a popping and makes the car lurch a little if that makes sense . Also the rear end whines when it is accelerating but quiets down when speed is reached but when you accelerate it whines again until I reach a steady speed . Don't know much about posi's other than what I read on the Internet . First thing I will do is change the fluid and I have read something about a special additive for the Posi's ?... If that doesn't quiet it down, what would I look for next ? Clutches , shims , damage to gear ?... Know there are some Posi experts out there and would appreciate their help . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  7. Thanks for the kind words Bill. It was a pleasure meeting you as well and lasting after your beautiful white / white 63 . Hope to see you again soon . Kreed ROA 14549
  8. Got it taken care of thanks to azcarman (Jerry) - appreciate everyone's help . KReed ROA 14549
  9. Looking for an ROA member in the Phoenix area that could look at a car for me and will be glad to pay a reasonable fee . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  10. Is anyone going to the BCA Heartland Regional next week in Cedar Rapids ? Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  11. Yeh the dual antenna put the fire out - needed to look no further . KReed ROA 14549
  12. Thanks Ed - just doesn't ring my bell . Will keep looking - it's out there! ( are you going to Cedar Rapids Regional BCA next week ? ). Kreed ROA 14549
  13. Just checked the auction web site and pictures are posted - not what I am looking for unfortunately . The search continues . I think you got the last beautiful 68 ! KReed ROA 14549
  14. I contacted the owner and asked for a few pictures but he said they would be posted on the auction house site soon so I made waiting to see those . Thanks for all your help - there's one out there somewhere ! Ken Reed ROA 14549