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  1. The 65 GS at Barrett actually brought $117,700 with buyers premium - close to the $121K record in 2016 . KReed ROA. 14549
  2. The car mentioned above was sold at a Gooding Auction 2016 - sold for $110K + 10% buyers premium = $121 K which as far as I know was the record for any Riviera ever sold ( and guess it still is ) ! I went to that auction hoping to spend a maximum of $65-70 K . Spent my $100 to register for a paddle and NEVER even got it off my lap as the first hid was $50K and it went up in 10K increments to $110K within about one minute . The two guys bidding never took their paddles down until one final gave up . It was indeed a nice car but not perfect and was discussed in depth in previous posts right after the sale It was a beautiful color combo as was this one today even with the aftermarket vinyl top. I think all " NICE "Riviera's 1963-1973 with good eye appeal are in for a bump in value over the next few years . I definitely don't see them going down in value like the Porsche market has done in the last year - it went crazy for a while and then settled back to earth . It always amazes me when I take one of my cars to a local show and the 20's something attendee has never even seen one or heard the name Riviera or that they made by Buick ! KReed ROA 14549
  3. I am looking for a nice original 1968 Riviera GS , preferably with bucket seats. I do not want a project car or one needing any major restoration . Willing to travel and pay a fair price for the right car . Please PM me with any help or suggestions. KReed ROA 14549
  4. Pat - that is the best looking 69 I have ever seen ! That color combination is unbeatable . Didn't you say it went to Europe ? KReed ROA 14549
  5. Speaking of cool rear ends here is my 72 and 73 for a little comparison. To me they each have their own appeal IMHO. KReed ROA 14549
  6. Here's mine which is original to car - intact but crumbling daily . Afraid to even touch it!
  7. Gene to the rescue! Got it covered. Thanks to all for their help . KReed ROA 14549
  8. That's exactly going be my philosophy from now on! They all leak, just a matter of how much 😃 KReed ROA 14549
  9. Thanks to all for the many suggestions . I had a chance to pull up Jason's excellent article on a complete redo in the 2010 RIview . Very complete and a quality contribution.( He is a much better mechanic than me - guaranteed ! ) The leak is not terrible so think I will try the conservative approach of Lucas Stop Leak first (Rivnik) , then shaft reseal ( Jim Cannon) and then if that fails , try Jason's rebuild .BTW , is theire such a thing as an older Riviera that doesn't leak something on the garage floor ?... Seems like every time I stop one little leak , something else happens . Am just about convinced to quit worrying about it and add fluid as needed- lol . Thanks again to everyone and Merry Christmas . KReed 14549
  10. Thanks Jason and all - think I am going to give it a try . Appreciate all the help . Ken Reed
  11. My 66 Riv has a leaking steering pump. Not terrible but leaving spots on my garage floor which drives me crazy . Hoses are all good and suspect it is the seals since it appears to be the original pump. Ordered an " OEM" for CarID which I received today and no way is it even close to my original in size of reservoir or mounting bolts . Question- does anyone suggest trying to replace the seals (DIY job) or know of the best place to find an original one rebuilt ? Thanks and Merry Christmas to all . KReed ROA 14549
  12. PM just sent . Thanks very much. KReed ROA 14549
  13. The Minnesota CL didn't pan out as the manifold was cracked and repaired with epoxy apparently so gonna keep looking . Appreciate all help and advice .Thanks to all KReed ROA 14549
  14. Thanks to all- checking it. Out now. ( black intake manifold ?..... Looks correct though) .will keep you posted . KReed ROA 14549
  15. On a related subject , does anyone have experience polishing " fine or light " scratches out of glass ? If so, what technique ? I know there is nothing to do for the deeper scratches that catch your fingernail but any help with the finer stuff would be appreciated . Thanks KReed ROA 14549