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    Dynaflow reliability

    Like a LeBaron GTS? I had a friend with one for years. His wife totalled it in the late 90s. A very sad day. Aftermarket turbo made it very very fast. And a four door sedan sleeper!
  2. Frank DuVal

    Need Steel Wheel ID Help

    Here is a similar discussion: 5 inch is narrow. Maybe trailer or some car running narrow 15" tires. Look close around the lug holes for a Ford or GM logo.
  3. Frank DuVal

    Car Logo Quiz...

    44 for me. Good quiz.
  4. Frank DuVal

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    First, around here the Shell stations are up to 10% Ethanol in all grades. the only non-ethanol fuel I can find in 60 miles [and no where near my home to work/play/shop routes] is regular or mid-grade [87 & 89]. Too far out of the way to use in daily drivers. Second, if E15 was banned in the summer due to evaporation rates in the high temperature, then why do "they" sell E85 year round? The US government has bought into this E85 and has installed tanks on bases to use in newer vehicles. Third, I do not buy fuel from the same station all the time, since I drive 40 miles one way to work. And it is not just 10 cents per gallon between "named" and "other" stations. More like 25 to 35 cents! So you will find me at Sheetz or Wawa..... Love that 8 cents off a gallon at Sheetz with their cards. I have driven over 150 K miles on one vehicle using these two brands mostly. No issues. Obviously, an EFI vehicle!😉 Fourth, I saw E15 and E85 for sale at the pump in North Carolina at a Sheetz in August. No ban there...... Back to your regularly scheduled program.😁
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    Is this an old Nova that Brad Pitt is driving?

    On a 62 to 65 Chevy II, the mirror is not sitting in a contour of the window trim like on that picture of the Cadillac. It is screwed to the door in a spot that the owner could do, since it was NOT a required part. They were accessories (factory, dealer or owner installed) up until 1966. Like this:
  6. Frank DuVal

    Dynaflow reliability

    From burning ATF?😉
  7. Actually, it is the higher voltage of the new ignition systems that overcame the spark going the wrong way. Old points/ coil system still needs to observe polarity of the spark plug. From Motor magazine back in 1999: One plug fires with the traditional forward polarity of an ignition system: negative (2) to positive (1) The other plug fires with opposite polarity: positive (1) to negative (2) Thus, one plug always fires with what has always been called "reversed polarity." The voltage capacity of a DIS coil is high enough, however, to ensure that the available voltage is always high enough to fire the plug with reversed polarity when it's on the compression stroke.
  8. Frank DuVal

    1948 straight eight crankshaft

    Lots of 1948 straight eights. Any particular brand and model?😉
  9. Frank DuVal

    Dynaflow reliability

    Dynaflow, good. What other transmission in a production car had passing gear in reverse? 1956 and later Dynaflows would switch the pitch of the torque converter with the accelerator position. So, it works in reverse too! Go ahead, try it if the area is clear. A LARGE area!😁
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    OK, Ed, show me a link to a solid state condenser. Maybe you mean solid state points? Like Pertronix? Yes, I did Google solid state condenser, and all I got was links to microphones. There are active capacitors in electronics, but I have never seen one in automotive applications.
  11. Frank DuVal

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    Pitney Bowes Incorporated stock ticker symbol, or maybe he uses Palm Beach International Airport?😁
  12. Frank DuVal

    Single, center post, in ground garage lift

    I bought the Truck adapters for my two post lift. Works great with running boards. Ask the two post lift manufacturer you are considering if they have truck adapters for that lift. Danmmar did.
  13. No damage to coil, it does not care. BUT! The spark plugs care. Care about polarity I mean. 1. electrons are emitted by the negative terminal of a source. The electrons travel to the positive terminal of the source. 2. Sparks are electrons 3. Easier for an electron to travel from a point source to a large "positive" electrode (plate in electron tubes are an example). So, therefore, the spark plug wants the center electrode negative with respect to the outer shell/large L shaped electrode. The way to get an ignition coil to make the center high tension terminal (the one that goes to the center terminal of the distributor and the spark plugs) negative is to hook the + and - small terminals of the coil properly. On a negative ground car, this means the - terminal of the coil goes to the points. On a positive ground car, this means the + terminal of the coil goes to the points. 'Lectricity lesson over. Oh another question? What is the effect of wrong spark plug polarity? Poor higher speed performance. BTW, look in an old general shop manual and you will see the pencil test for correct spark plug polarity. AFAIK, only Packard used the 12 volt POSITIVE ground system in American car production, and just for one year. Foreign, that's another story, Lucas seemed to like it....😁
  14. Frank DuVal

    Difficulty of finding restored cars for indie film

    Yep, just the vent window is different to the casual observer. 67 has one, 68+ does not....
  15. Frank DuVal

    Ford 8N sputter and die

    It (non-vented cap) also can suck in a tank, rendering it smaller capacity of fuel. OK, the cap does not suck in the tank, but allows the fuel pump to suck it in.😉 But, no fuel pump on an 8N, so no collapsed thank will result here.
  16. Frank DuVal

    Ford 8N sputter and die

    If your 52 is like my 47 (yep, very early production, no proof meter, front mounted distributor), the fuel strainer is screwed into the bottom of the fuel tank and has a tubular brass screen on it to filter the fuel into the bowl. There is also a brass tube inside this screen. The primary exit of fuel into the bowl is through the long (1" or so) brass tube. The "reserve" fuel exit is a round hole still covered by the tubular brass screen, but at a lower level than the brass tube. Correct operation is to open the fuel bowl valve ONE turn, fuel flows through the brass tube to the bowl. When it runs of of fuel, open the valve all the way (reserve tank for you Beetle owners of the 50s, early 60s) , and fuel flows through the bottom hole into the bowl. So you can get back to the barn to fill the tank back up. If yours is like mine was, when you unscrew the fuel strainer assembly from the tank, the brass screen will be missing and the bottom holed plugged with rust/sediment! I cleaned my tank and used Red Kote. If original carburetor, rebuild kit is on shelf at Tractor Supply. Easy to clean. I have opened the mixture screw when it bogs down, means it needs rebuilding/ cleaning debris, but, hey, this is working so far.......😁
  17. Roger, the fog lamp is in the turn signal housing/lense?
  18. Frank DuVal

    Is there a following of the newer Thunderbirds?

    Oh yes, I always worry about who else owns a car I like.......Not!😀 Don't like self made women?
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    Yep, that makes an intermittent!
  20. Frank DuVal


    Are you saying the black screw holding the advance arm to the breaker plate is NOT TIGHT, but loose to allow swiveling? Therefore the ground lug under the black screw was not always "ground"? Not knowing that should be loose, I thought the pull on those wires when the advance arm moves the plate was causing a short (not a "long") from grounded to hot wire. I use test lead wire for making points leads. Veeerrry flexible. There is a voltage limit to a condenser (capacitor), but 6 vs 12 isn't it important since the kickback voltage (when the points open) is hundreds.... Mike, your comment was closer than 2 cents, as your name is Mike. I am of course referring to the slang term for microfarads, the measure of capacitance, "Hey, I need a 40 Mikes (mics) electrolytic ". The capacitor, um condenser, is a tuned circuit with the inductance of the coil. Therefore the farad (micro, micro micro (pf for the under 50 year olds) or Nano for you new guys) rating of the condenser is the important specification. Voltage will never be mentioned in ignition circuits. The farad rating of the condenser affects the wear of the points, as it affects the current in the circuit. Paper capacitors get moisture in them (paper insulator absorbs water when the wax fails) and causes low resistance or "leakage" failure between terminals. Mylar and polyester insulators much better. Some can go bad sitting on the shelf, others work for years. You can test them, with these new Fluke (or other brand) DMMs. Check the Farad rating, and if that is in range, check the resistance. It SHOULD be infinite or at least megohms.
  21. Frank DuVal


    I spy broken insulation. Especially the taped over area on the right side. Replace those wires. The other issue is the "hot" and "ground" wires are twisted together. If the insulation has failed there, that will also cause intermittent issues, until they become permanent. Is that a broken wire going to the brass lug on the left side? I blew the picture up, but could not see a definitive break.
  22. Frank DuVal

    1941 olds hydromatic transmission

    AFAIK, Type A, which is now replaced by Dexron/Mercron. It probably said 10 w turbine oil in the shop manual. This is based on what the Hydromatic used in the early 50's.
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    BTW, plywood is porous, so it does not stop moisture. It will mold and delaminate if exposed to moisture long enough. Maybe they meant a 6 mil layer of plastic and then plywood over that to protect the plastic?
  24. Frank DuVal


    In a span of three miles, that I-95 accident involved 10 tractor trailers and 25 other vehicles. I-95 was closed for several hours. 4 and a half hours to open all three lanes. Not a great day for commuters. The problem in that area is there are only two roads north-south, US 1 and I-95. Every other smaller road is cut off by Quantico Marine Base. To avoid US 1 and I-95 through Quantico, you must drive 39 miles on two lane roads (about 1 hour) to bypass that 7 miles of interstate. I'm sure yesterday those small roads were packed. 😲 The Teslas look fine on the carrier. The are headed southbound to me!😁
  25. A friend had a 63 VW Beetle with the KPH speedometer in it. It was bought by his father when in diplomatic service in Europe. Then brought back to the states. Here is a link to the Switzerland built Corvairs and their metric 200 KPH speedometers: So, 200 or so KPH speedometers not unusual, just not usual here in the US on domestically bought cars.😉 I did work on a Maserati Mexico with a 300 KPH speedometer. No, I did not drive it that fast....😁