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    Switching from 6 volt system to 12 volt system

    Old wives tale. The 5.7 liter (350 cubic inch for us old people) diesel was the converted gas motor. I have two. One had over 300k when I got it, and the other has 270K on it, of which I myself put on the last 158k miles! I do know what the inside of that engine looks like πŸ˜‰... but it still sports the original bearings-pistons-bore. Those Olds 350 gas engines were strong in the bottom end. Both of mine are 1981, so they have the upgraded steel crank and larger head bolts to better sustain the 22 to 1 compression ratio.😲 It amazes me the number of people who put disc brakes on a daily driver Corvair. Pound to brake lining area ratio of the late models is better than Novas and Chevelles of the period. Why? Because they use the same drum brake sizes and the Corvair weighs less. I just don't get it..... My 50 Studebaker and 38 Graham still sport 6 volt systems. Oh, so does my Ford 8N, I swapped out the 8 volt battery that came with it , made new 00 cables and it starts better!
  2. Frank DuVal

    2007 Lucerne Brake Weirdness

    I have a 98 PA (not Ultra) with 228k miles on it. is that low mileage? A friend actually gave it to me with 165K on it, as it had a few issues and he retired and no longer needed it to go to work. I fixed several of those "things" and have been motoring on for 8 years.... Only towed once, and that was the plastic heater hose elbow blowing apart as I got on the interstate. Simple fix, after the tow.... I "recently" bought a 2005 Ultra with 93 K miles to keep. Owned by an elderly couple, but has "low catalyst efficiency", so somehow they killed the cat....😑 And it doesn't seem to have the power of the 95 PA Ultra (bought back in '03 with 38K on the clock with a General Motors Michigan title. I guess it was a demonstrator for years, never titled). The 95 will lay black rubber strips from a stop light. Not that I would ever do that!πŸ€ͺ Speaking of "special equipment" to repair cars, the '95 PA is one of those OBD 1.5 cars (OBD1 workings with OBD II connector) that required me to buy a Snap-On scanner to talk to it. The red brick (MT2500) does fine, and it is cheap now since it can not be up dated past ~ 2004.
  3. Frank DuVal

    1956 Roadnmaster Radio Light Staying On

    Which switch are you talking about? Is the dome light also staying on?
  4. Frank DuVal

    1928 Ford Roadster Paint

    I do not know the fine color combinations offered for 1928 model A's, but this is a good start. Bookmark this link, as it has 125,000 color chips! Click on the square "Auto Color Library" then click on the right year subsection (decades), year and then make. Good Model A page, just as usual, the chips appear darker than they were when they were made. I see this on a lot of the paint books I look at. Someone with Model A experience should be around soon.
  5. Frank DuVal

    Alternator Regultor Schematic

    I do not know why you would want to go from 6 volts to 8 volts. The 8 volt battery was just a stop gap measure to get something to start without actually fixing the problem! To get an 8 volt battery to charge, you must set the generator system to deliver over 9.5 volts. This is exceeding the design of that system. Short life will follow! The voltage regulator needs to match the generator or alternator. These are not universal parts. Who made the CS121 6 volt positive ground unit? I know GM did not produce it that way.
  6. Frank DuVal

    What Oil and What Coolant?

    Well, ethylene-glycol freezes! If you define freeze as changing from a liquid to a solid. And the freezing point is 10Β°F! The good news is most non-water based compounds do not expand when they freeze. So while the ethylene-glycol will not flow if the car runs pure antifreeze at less than 10Β°F, nothing will break from expanding coolant.
  7. Frank DuVal

    Temp Sensor Location

    Yes, or at lest the year make and model.....πŸ˜‰
  8. Frank DuVal

    1971 LeSabre production numbers question

    Very Interesting, I never saw a Ward's list before. 0.4% of full sized Buick came with 3 speed manual transmissions. About 4 times the number of 4 speeds installed. Plus or minus error of such a small number. Also interesting, the 1965 Chevy II had .3% of production with the 4 cylinder engine installed! All the other models have the V-8 and 6 cylinder cars totaling 100%. Only Chevy II had a four cylinder in 1965 domestic production from this list. Oh, and 1.8% of Corvettes came with a 3 speed manual....😁
  9. Frank DuVal

    Brake lights on again!

    ??? Zero ohms is a perfect connection. If a switch reads zero ohms between the terminals, then the contacts inside are "made up" and current will flow. When an ohmmeter has leads in mid air, the resistance between the leads is infinite. Old analog meters actually had the infinity symbol at the end of the scale opposite the zero (0) ohms. Modern DMMs show 0.0 (zero) when there is no resistance, i.e. best possible connection. Typically with the leads in place, touching them together gives 0.1 , 0.2 ohms. With leads in mid air Fluke's show OL, for open leads, which in infinite ohms.
  10. Frank DuVal

    1950 Chevy distributor

    I would check to see if it is a '50 engine. Swaps to the larger 235 were common back in the day. And the distributor might have come along with the newer engine.πŸ˜‰
  11. Frank DuVal

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Hocus-Pocus and Frisby!
  12. Frank DuVal

    Question about newer car tires....

    2005, is this the first set of tires you are buying? How many miles do you expect to put on it in 5 to 7 years? If under 50,000, then buy the cheapest tire since it will dry rot/age out before it wears out. I have been running the cheapest available from local tire stores for 30 years. Never an issue. Name brands, yes, issues! Michelins that shed treads like trucks shed recaps. BF Goodrich that thumped and vibrated, balancing didn’t work....🀨 Now if the wife autocrosses..., buy for performance!.😁
  13. Frank DuVal

    Transmission rebuild

    Re-post in the Buick section below, probably Post War section. Recent Dynaflow rebuilding advice there.
  14. Frank DuVal

    First time I've seen that phrase in a for sale ad

    Auburn, Motor is still with us, I get it every month. It is aimed at service shops. Still a Hearst publication, since 1903. Of course, now they DO discuss electric propulsion motors from time to time!
  15. Frank DuVal

    current leakage

    Just for education, zero ohms is a circuit with no resistance, or a perfect conductor. Megohms is approaching infinity ohms. So an open circuit is described as infinite ohms, not zero ohms. Drop to zero means no resistance, a "short", not an open circuit.
  16. Frank DuVal

    3rd Brush Generator Help Requested

    If you unplug the growler while an object is in the magnetic field, it will impart a magnetic charge, but, you will not know what polarity it is until you check it. 50/50 chance to be correct polarity.πŸ˜‰
  17. Frank DuVal

    1963 Buick Electra 225 Brake Issues

    Hard braking can also be frozen wheel cylinders from the debris/corrosion DOT 3 causes over the years. Another reason those who use DOT 3 should flush their system every 2 to 3 years. I too have had the pucker factor from brake failure on dual master cylinder vehicles. From bad master cylinders combined with rusted line failures. Just because you have two hydraulic circuits does not mean you notice when one of the circuits fails. But, oh boy, you notice when the second one fails!😨 Just like I've repaired the "no low beams" complaint by replacing both low beams. When the first one burns out, no one notices in city driving....
  18. Frank DuVal

    56 Buick brake bleed screw size?

    If you unscrew the old one there are only a few sizes to choose from. See the list at Brakequip: Or just buy this kit from your FLAPS (friendly local auto parts store), and have an axle set. But two sets for a whole car.
  19. Frank DuVal

    First time I've seen that phrase in a for sale ad

    Maybe the Toyota vans of the 80s, before Previn and Sienna. But who could tell from the picture? See interesting article: Also, the Nissan Van of the same time peroid is the only vehicle sold in the US that had a recall of all units sold, bought them back from the owners and destroyed.
  20. Frank DuVal

    First time I've seen that phrase in a for sale ad

    Ha! As a multiple Corvair owner and rebuilder, I know what a flat 6 is, but I translate quick from flat to flat head for all those references to regular inline engines. You win, Tinindian, that Dodge probably does NOT have a Corvair engine in it!😁
  21. Frank DuVal

    First time I've seen that phrase in a for sale ad

    Wikipedia confirms 1949 Dodge had the flat 6, not a flat 8. Chrysler had the flat 8, last year for that is 1950. Not that Wikipedia is the absolute answer to automotive questions, but it is reasonably right.πŸ˜‰
  22. Frank DuVal

    Buick Wildcat Custom or Deluxe?

    Yes, the numbers for the Style, ST are the Year (two digit) and the first numbers of the VIN, aka GM Division, Series and Body Style. Of course, the VIN better match the body tag!πŸ˜‰
  23. Frank DuVal

    Buick Wildcat Custom or Deluxe?

    Easy, Google produced this page: See what the body tag numbers match.
  24. Frank DuVal

    R134A Conversion for Factory Air Conditioning

    All good advice. I will add one more item. As soon as the receiver dryer is open to the atmosphere, and this includes the new one, the silica gel inside starts to absorb moisture. That is what it is supposed to do. If one wants to make sure the silica gel has released all of its moisture and turned blue ( not that you can see color inside that metal canπŸ˜‰), pull a good vacuum on the system, then pace a heat lamp, or even an incandescent drop light (remember those?) near the receiver dryer to get it warmer than 212 Β°F. Not much warmer, do not melt anything!😲 Leaving the system under vacuum for overnight (not with the vacuum pump on or heat on anything) also helps the moisture evaporate out of the silica gel. Then next day, turn the pump on and suck the evaporated moisture out of the system. If one has a tank of nitrogen, that is also a good way to remove the air from the system after running flush through it, or just having replaced parts and the system was open. Also nitrogen is a good way to pressurize the system to leak check. If using shop air to leak test system, use the driest air possible, like air already run through a silica gel tank or refrigerated air dryer. If you flush the system, make sure to add oil.
  25. Frank DuVal

    To resonate or not?

    Or you found the X-Files section of the Expressway!