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    Timing a '57 312 Y block

    Worked on a V-8 Ford before? Cylinder numbers are different than Everyone else!. Distributor off one tooth might prevent be able to set timing to mark, but if you can set the timing of cylinder 1 to the timing mark, distributor off a tooth is a non-issue. Timing light connects #1 spark plug lead and compares to crankshaft position. Everything in between (crank and cam gears, distributor gear, etc.) is already accounted for if marks line up. Flame suit on.... I am speaking of ignition timing, not valve timing.
  2. Frank DuVal

    1956 buick roadmaster pump

    I know of no mechanical connection between the fuel pump and the accelerator linkage on a '56 Buick 322. It is small block Chevies that need the "special treatment" to get that dang push rod to stay in the block while the pump is installed!😲
  3. Frank DuVal

    Advice on repairing paint chips

    Bernie shows it. You need to build the paint up to the level of the existing paint, and using the thicker paint on the lid of the can is good. Just keep applying paint very carefully just to the "hole" until paint is higher than the surrounding paint by a "smidgen - couple thousandths". This process can take many days. Then level the new paint to the old paint. Easier said than done. I use a new razor blade (not double sided!) for flat surfaces. Round, concave, convex? Make a hard sanding block about an inch in dimension, or rubber hose, etc. If you sand through, start painting again. after sanding (1000 or 1500 final sanding) compound the area to finish the blend. I once fixed a new Dodge Ram drivers door with small chip. Took four days, but you could not find the repair. The door hit a bolt on a two post lift that caused the chip. Lucky, no dent. Cheap repair based on time actually spent on job. Mechanic was happy with such a small repair bill.πŸ˜‰
  4. Frank DuVal

    Source for these small sheetmetal nuts?

    to account for "aircraft duty" liability insurance. There is a long story of how a car part (fuel pump) was used in an aircraft (by the owner of the plane) and the manufacturer and supplier were both sued after the crash of the airplane. I labeled the link "picture" and forgot to mention do not buy from them, look around for ground based supplier without insurance markup.....πŸ˜‰
  5. Frank DuVal

    Old oil products

    Zip codes started in 1963, so oil not older than 55 years.
  6. Frank DuVal

    Source for these small sheetmetal nuts?

    J-nuts. U-nuts. Aueveco was a supplier to the auto aftermarket trade. If if they really are just flat (not J or U shaped when not rusted) tinnerman’s nuts.. pictures: Fastenal, McMaster-Carr, local auto body store, Help section of FLAPS. Friendly local auto parts store.
  7. Frank DuVal

    Anyone Here Install Their Own Glass?

    String and soap! Watch and make sure the string does not start to cut the gasket. Pump in sealer after installation. Never could get dum dum strips to work right..... And one of these tools. Well, after Googling for a 1/2 hour, I guess it is no longer sold. KD or Lisle made a great tool to work the rubber gasket. Had a flat end with a lip and the other end is a bent round probe with a small (1/8") ball on the end. Something to go under the gasket and help it into place over the pinch weld when the rope gets wonky.
  8. Frank DuVal

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    Why? R12 still available on eBay for not much more than R134. Do shop around, as some is twice as much.
  9. Frank DuVal

    Dash board lights

    Compared to another Wildcat or just what you want it to be? Is there a gray wire going to the ashtray light or some other dash lamp you can get to easy? If so, attach a wire from this gray wire to a +12 volt source and see how bright the dash lamps are. Are the dim dash lamps all in the instrument cluster and are the sockets snapped into the metal housing or 1/4 turn plastic sockets into a printed circuit board?
  10. Frank DuVal

    54 Cad; 4W Disc Conversion; Soft Pedal Issue

    Not if you are below 10,000 feet elevation...... I've been using DOT 5 since the early 80s in hundreds of vehicles. Never a problem with pedal stiffness. Of curse, I do not aerate the DOT 5 before I pour it in the master.....πŸ˜‰ And I do not pump the pedal while bleeding the system like a bass drummer for Metallica. I have seen one person do that, even moved the firewall he used so much force. 😲 Now, are all four bleeders at the TOP of the calipers? If they are slightly down or worst case at the bottom of the calipers, no way can you bleed all the air out of a system. I see this in pictures of people doing conversions. No wonder they are posting problems.......😁
  11. Frank DuVal


    Dex Ron no T....... You do not need the latest Dexron, which is Dexron IV and is synthetic. Stick with Dexron III (and it is also Mercon/Dexron III, Dex/Merc, etc.) and you will be OK.
  12. Frank DuVal

    Where to buy parts online?

    Well, I am gong to keep right on buying parts from Rock Auto. πŸ‘ I do check unfamiliar part numbers on their website with the manufacturer's website/other websites when searching parts for obsolete vehicles. I like to support local businesses so they will stay in business, but my last local independently owned non-franchise auto parts store closed so the owner could retire.😑 I am starting to like Amazon for auto parts also. With Prime membership, they can show up pretty fast, even on Sunday!
  13. Frank DuVal

    Are all 6 volt coils created Equal?

    All of a typical rear tank front engine vehicle fuel system is under negative pressure from the tank to the fuel pump inlet. Geavity feed is is under pressure from the tank to the carburetor. See Model T underseat tank or Model A cowl tank. Modern cars do not vaporlok because with an in tank pump all of the fuel piping is under pressure.
  14. Frank DuVal

    1962 Pontiac paint question

    Yes, R-M (Rinshead - Mason) Magic Mirror Acrylic Lacquer is on a lot of GM cars of that time period. It says so right on the body tag.
  15. Frank DuVal

    1995 Riv Cruise Control Problem

    Hmmm, a Google search brought up CBE47 to be the ignition control module by BWD (Borg Warner Division's newish name). This is the module the three ignition coils snap onto. I've not see a GM car where this was associated with the steering column, as the coil leads go to the spark plugs, so shorter the better.
  16. Frank DuVal

    York compressor stem valves stuck

    If the system was working (even years ago) you should be turning them clockwise to move them.CCW is normal operating position. You can lubricate the stem with compatible refrigerant oil.
  17. Frank DuVal

    Clutch Equalizer Safety Issue

    I have never driven a 40 Buick Limited (or any 1940 Buick), but I have driven most of my cars without using the clutch, either to see if I could, or because I HAD to. Starting off is the hardest, as you have the engine off, put in first gear and hit the starter. Buick having the accelerator start might even be trickier, and the weight of the Limited is great. But, my 1970 Estate Wagon would do it. Yes, it is a 3 speed. In the Corvair community, they use clutch cables that fatigue, we tell new owners to practice driving without the clutch so they can get home after the cable snaps. I would not suggest this for everyday driving, but it helps when thing go wrong out on the road. Sort of like using the starter with transmission in first to get out of an intersection when you run out of gas. Yes, many old cars in my life had inaccurate gas gauges.πŸ˜‰
  18. Frank DuVal

    1995 Riv Cruise Control Problem

    Need wiring diagram in shop manual with troubleshooting flow chart. You can find them on ebay. See what inputs the computer needs for cruise to set, monitor all these inputs. Such as cruise button pushed, brake not depressed, minimum speed reached, etc. I didn't say it was easy. Of course the steering column might be an issue, what module is in the column that needed to be replaced?
  19. Frank DuVal

    Drilling and Tapping Holes in Chrome Plating

    Outside rear view mirrors not required by federal law until the 1966 model year. Back in the cay I saw a lot of Chevrolet Biscaynes/Bel Airs, Fury 1s and Ford Customs delivered without outside rear view mirrors, and then the owners might later be seen at Pep Boys. I added an outside mirror (driver's door) to my 1962 Biscayne when I bought it in 1973. Also the same year backup lights became required by federal law. And the year all GM 3 speeds were synchroed in first, but that was a GM decision, not federal law! πŸ˜‰
  20. Waaay back, 1980? I was walking through Al & Don's used auto parts (Ellerson, VA) and saw a brand new Buick LeSabre sitting there. The now flat roof was level with the passenger compartment. It was top car when the carrier fell over! πŸ˜€
  21. Frank DuVal


    Malcolm Bricklin was behind BOTH the importing of Subarus and Yugos! Ralph Nader never wrote a book about A car! It's been 53 years since the book was published, did anyone ever READ the book? It was aimed at the entire automotive industry. ONLY chapter one cited the Corvair. And of course the NHSTA (a government agency that Ralph's campaign helped establish) published it's report in June of 1972 that exonerated the handling of the Corvair. 😊
  22. Frank DuVal

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    BTW, old trick to find fuse blowing issues without investing in piles of fuses: Put two wires on a headlamp (sealed beam) and use this in place of the fuse. When the headlamp burns bright, the short is present. In a normal circuit, the headlamp can pass enough current (has very low resistance at no glow to dull glow of the filament) to operate most circuits up to a few amps with out burning bright. Place headlamp where you can see it when shaking wires, moving or banging on stuff.
  23. Frank DuVal

    FOUND Stolen Ford Model T

    Back To The Top. Brings posts back to the top of the first forum category page.
  24. Frank DuVal

    hard starting

    If by this you mean the starter is still spinning, but the engine is no longer turning, (sort of crank, crank, wheeeeee) you have a bad starter drive. This is also commonly known as a Bendix, but Bendix is a particular version of a starter drive, made/licensed by Bendix Corp. The starter drive is a one way clutch that allows the crankshaft to turn faster than the starter once the engine starts, before you can release the key. They do go bad.
  25. Yes, the 60 model was plagued with carburetor icing problems. But, once that was solved, it was the better winter car than the others. Saying in the mountains was the Corvair with studded snow tires was only stopped by high centering.πŸ˜‰ This is also why there were so many rusty Corvairs from salt damage. If they didn't run in the winter they would be rust free garage queens. Mustang owners object when I point out what Dave says, that the Mustang is just a fancy Falcon!😁 BTW, if it wasn't for the success of the "sporty" version of the Corvair, the Monza (bucket seats standard, optional 4 on the floor), the Mustang would not have been developed. So all you Mustang fans can thank Ed Cole, Bill Mitchell and Lee Iacocca. Flame suit on....πŸ‘