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  1. Frank DuVal

    Clutch Equalizer Safety Issue

    I have never driven a 40 Buick Limited (or any 1940 Buick), but I have driven most of my cars without using the clutch, either to see if I could, or because I HAD to. Starting off is the hardest, as you have the engine off, put in first gear and hit the starter. Buick having the accelerator start might even be trickier, and the weight of the Limited is great. But, my 1970 Estate Wagon would do it. Yes, it is a 3 speed. In the Corvair community, they use clutch cables that fatigue, we tell new owners to practice driving without the clutch so they can get home after the cable snaps. I would not suggest this for everyday driving, but it helps when thing go wrong out on the road. Sort of like using the starter with transmission in first to get out of an intersection when you run out of gas. Yes, many old cars in my life had inaccurate gas gauges.πŸ˜‰
  2. Frank DuVal

    1995 Riv Cruise Control Problem

    Need wiring diagram in shop manual with troubleshooting flow chart. You can find them on ebay. See what inputs the computer needs for cruise to set, monitor all these inputs. Such as cruise button pushed, brake not depressed, minimum speed reached, etc. I didn't say it was easy. Of course the steering column might be an issue, what module is in the column that needed to be replaced?
  3. Frank DuVal

    Drilling and Tapping Holes in Chrome Plating

    Outside rear view mirrors not required by federal law until the 1966 model year. Back in the cay I saw a lot of Chevrolet Biscaynes/Bel Airs, Fury 1s and Ford Customs delivered without outside rear view mirrors, and then the owners might later be seen at Pep Boys. I added an outside mirror (driver's door) to my 1962 Biscayne when I bought it in 1973. Also the same year backup lights became required by federal law. And the year all GM 3 speeds were synchroed in first, but that was a GM decision, not federal law! πŸ˜‰
  4. Waaay back, 1980? I was walking through Al & Don's used auto parts (Ellerson, VA) and saw a brand new Buick LeSabre sitting there. The now flat roof was level with the passenger compartment. It was top car when the carrier fell over! πŸ˜€
  5. Frank DuVal


    Malcolm Bricklin was behind BOTH the importing of Subarus and Yugos! Ralph Nader never wrote a book about A car! It's been 53 years since the book was published, did anyone ever READ the book? It was aimed at the entire automotive industry. ONLY chapter one cited the Corvair. And of course the NHSTA (a government agency that Ralph's campaign helped establish) published it's report in June of 1972 that exonerated the handling of the Corvair. 😊
  6. Frank DuVal

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    BTW, old trick to find fuse blowing issues without investing in piles of fuses: Put two wires on a headlamp (sealed beam) and use this in place of the fuse. When the headlamp burns bright, the short is present. In a normal circuit, the headlamp can pass enough current (has very low resistance at no glow to dull glow of the filament) to operate most circuits up to a few amps with out burning bright. Place headlamp where you can see it when shaking wires, moving or banging on stuff.
  7. Frank DuVal

    FOUND Stolen Ford Model T

    Back To The Top. Brings posts back to the top of the first forum category page.
  8. Frank DuVal

    hard starting

    If by this you mean the starter is still spinning, but the engine is no longer turning, (sort of crank, crank, wheeeeee) you have a bad starter drive. This is also commonly known as a Bendix, but Bendix is a particular version of a starter drive, made/licensed by Bendix Corp. The starter drive is a one way clutch that allows the crankshaft to turn faster than the starter once the engine starts, before you can release the key. They do go bad.
  9. Yes, the 60 model was plagued with carburetor icing problems. But, once that was solved, it was the better winter car than the others. Saying in the mountains was the Corvair with studded snow tires was only stopped by high centering.πŸ˜‰ This is also why there were so many rusty Corvairs from salt damage. If they didn't run in the winter they would be rust free garage queens. Mustang owners object when I point out what Dave says, that the Mustang is just a fancy Falcon!😁 BTW, if it wasn't for the success of the "sporty" version of the Corvair, the Monza (bucket seats standard, optional 4 on the floor), the Mustang would not have been developed. So all you Mustang fans can thank Ed Cole, Bill Mitchell and Lee Iacocca. Flame suit on....πŸ‘
  10. Frank DuVal

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    Most Ford generators are "B" circuit. The instructions in the Mercury shop manual above are for B circuit. Performing an "A" circuit polarizing on a "B" circuit will cause damage.😱 Explanation here:
  11. It said 1960, not 1960s, so that leaves out Pontiac Tempest, Buick Special/Skylark, Olds F-85, Mustang, Dodge Lancer, etc etc. You did leave out the Studebaker Lark picture. I also vote Corvair, very innovative. Still drive them!
  12. Frank DuVal

    1929 Buick battery

    The schematic shows the current limit relay is not in the starter circuit. Only the battery, cables and foot switch is in the circuit. Mission, you DID check the amp output of the battery. By measuring the volts at the battery terminals when the starter is engaged, and the voltage went to zero, there was not enough current available to keep the voltage above zero! E=IR. When E goes to zero, I (current ) goes to zero also.
  13. Frank DuVal

    What should you do with old car paint?

    Paint furniture with it!πŸ˜‰ Paint the steel doors of houses and buildings with it, last forever compared to latex. You should see my black front door painted with Deltron. 19 years old, still gets compliments. You can blend cans to colors you want, but follow the color wheel, no need to make it all brown!😁 Automotive paint on bookshelves make shelves that book do NOT stick to, like they do when using latex paint.
  14. Frank DuVal

    36 Buick Model 48 Key Cutting Question

    Yep, one key fits all locks, and it is a B-10 blank. They used this blank up to 1966. Octagon head.
  15. The Lacrosse is a fine car, but I used to drive a friends regularly to club meetings. Also drove his Lucerne when he had one. I found the driver seating cramped in both. That’s why I like the Park Avenues. I like the way I sit in them, don’t care how stodgy they look to others. At my age I am into comfort, not fashion!😁 Besides, they are smooth outside, like early 50s Hudson’s, with a powerful six also.....πŸ˜‰