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  1. Frank DuVal

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    Of course the 8 volt fits in the 6 volt holder. It is designed to be a size 1 , group 1, whatever 1, that fits most antique cars and tractors. Unless you have a Buick....😉 To do that, they had to make the cells smaller, as there are 4 stuffed into that box, rather than 3 , due to 2.1 volts per cell. I would rather just fix the 6 volt system, they worked fine from the factory. Turning those old generators up to 10 volt output to charge an 8 volt battery is past their design specifications. But I digress. 😀 I'm with Jack, buy the regular lead acid battery and replace it when it is dead. Really dead, not just failure of the electrical system to work properly. Now if the battery is hidden in a hard to get to place, maybe a longer life AGM battery is made for you. To see who actually manufactures a particular battery, check out this list. Note Interstate is not a manufacturer. Optima is a manufacturer owned by Johnson Controls. I think Johnson Controls makes at least a third of the vehicle batteries sold in America.👍
  2. Frank DuVal


    And most every electronic device that runs on low voltage internally and plugs into the wall has a little transformer internally or externally (wall warts I call them) that is never disconnected from the AC line (Mains). Feel them, they are warm, so that is wasted electric power (unless it is heating season 😉). This is way I never want to install those cute duplex receptacles with the built in USB jacks. Always consuming some power. I do unplug my wall wart after charging my phone, tablet, whatever.
  3. Frank DuVal

    Replacement for #55 Bulb

    I brought up the non-availability several years ago on the Studebakers Drivers Club forum, and was promptly told I was imagining a problem. 😀 I first heard the problem on Antique Radio Forum. So, it seems the major manufacturers have discontinued them, but they are still available, like this hit on a Google search: I also bought packs of 10 at Hershey several years ago. A very commonly needed bulb for instrument panels in 6 volt cars. Also in some radios, but they mostly use 53 and 47, which are less candepower, candela, lumens, whatever.....
  4. Frank DuVal

    Backing up an in-tank fuel pump with an in-line one

    I replaced the in tank pump on my 1994 Caprice wagon because it died at 225k miles. I guess I am luckier than Joe! I did replace the in tank pump on my Park Avenue Ultra at 100K, because the sock fell off, held the float above empty and I ran out of gas. Dropped the tank to replace the pump, hey, tank seems empty, gauge shows over 1/4.???? Hmmm, shouldn't that be attached to the pump??? I went ahead with replacing the pump as the steel lines on it were about rusted off. I had already replaced the rear brake lines with Cunifer. Ah, the fun with salt..... And to answer the original question, if the in tank pump is of certain types, another in line pump will not suck fuel through it. I just tried Googling it, but have found no information. But I have read this information. I think the gerotor type is one that will not work. And you would need a high pressure pump, probably, to feed the fuel injection, maybe 40 to 60 psi. Shop manual will have information on pressure. I would just replace the pump if you are worried, or get AAA. 😉 If you replace the pump on your schedule, you can drive until the tank is empty (or close) , while if the pump fails, it usually fails with a lot of fuel in the tank! There may be instructions on the interwebs about where to cut the hole in the trunk to replace the pump without dropping the tank.😁
  5. Once you die, your SSN becomes public knowledge. You can search for a deceased person's SSN on several websites. I used to use the SSAs own online database, but I see no link to that now. So, no need to remove the SSN from a trailer, that I see, once you die. NOW might be the time to remove it!😉
  6. Frank DuVal


    Funny, just stopped by the garage this morning to get my emissions inspection on my 1998 Park Avenue with 233,000 miles. Passed as usual. Passed every two years since I got it with 165,000 miles 7 years or so ago. No emissions repairs in this time. Here in the emission testing areas of Virginia they just plug OBDII cars into the computer that communicates with Richmond. If 90% of the monitors have run and there are no current trouble codes, it is A-O-K. OBDI cars still get the dynamometer test. The 1995 Park Avenue Ultra passes this one fine too. Does not get driven much, was waiting for it to be AACA age. Just has 105K on it. Passes every two years also. I may have put one O2 sensor in it in this time. 1998 Saturn SW2 with over 200K on it passes every two years also. That has had a coil (and wires) go bad once to light the light, plus an O2 sensor. We bought this one new. Now if the salt eats the catalytic converter off, that could be a nice repair bill, but certainly not car selling costly! What does NYS test? Two people on my rural road drive Teslas. Didn't know I lived in such a prosperous area!😉 Nearest dealer is in Norther Virginia. I have seen the "trouble truck" (pick up and trailer) on US 17 hauling Teslas to NoVA to repair them, or do maintenance. The owners I have talked to really like them. Europe: Teslas sell well, as it was explained to me back in 2015 that the car tax there is based on emissions. So, a 5 liter Mustang is very costly, but a Tesla has NO TAX! Teslas were used in Taxi (could have been ride sharing app) service by members of my group getting around. I rented an Opel wagon.👍 6 speed diesel.
  7. Frank DuVal

    What is the value of R12 refrigerant?

    I still have a Snap-On machine for R-12, and yes, a propane sniffer also. Phosgene gas maker.... I now use the electronic one, though. Corvairs like R-12, 5 pounds of it!
  8. Frank DuVal

    Packard starts stalls starts stalls

    Problem with holding a can or other open container of gasoline and pouring it in a carburetor is when it backfires,😲 the can catches on fire, your reaction is to drop or fling it, spreading gasoline, now flaming gasoline, across the engine, fenders, arms, floor, workbench..... Seen it, don't want to ever see it again! So, SMALLLLLLLLLL container! Maybe a pill bottle with less than an 1/4 ounce. Something that will make a small fire you can put out smothering it with a small rag/ extinguisher, water bottle.... before a conflagration takes hold. Be careful...... And now a tip from the aircraft people. If a carburetor catches on fire, keep it running or cranking and FLOOR it. The flames will be sucked into the intake manifold. Of course if this does not work within seconds, Extinguisher time. A big CO2 extinguisher is handy in the shop, no residue. Cleaning ABC dry chemical is an awful job. But better a mess than nothing to clean except with a buldozer.
  9. Frank DuVal

    Replace brake line question

    Why anneal the Cunifer? It works fine without annealing with double flares, just ask Volvo. I can understand if these early fittings will not accommodate a double flare, then you must use single flare. Is this an anneal if a single flare instruction? Why would the earlier cars be lower pressure than post WWII cars? Different diameter of master cylinder? Different hinge point of the brake pedal? It's just physics....
  10. Frank DuVal


    Ah, but the Powell was a new vehicle, just the chassis and drive train was used! 😉 The only time leasing a vehicle makes economic sense (cheaper to the consumer) is when the payments are deductable from profit in a business. Waiting to hear if there is proof to the contrary.
  11. Frank DuVal

    Flat Head Straight 8 327

    Your signature says you sold the '41 120 in October of 2018, at least a month before it is October 2018. Sure your seasons are revered from ours, but months? 😉
  12. Frank DuVal


    I do wish people would quit thinking Ralph Nader wrote a book about the Corvair. He wrote a book about the automotive industry. The subtitle was: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile. Yes, the first chapter was "The Sporty Corvair". There is more than one chapter! I think most people found the book boring and just read into the first chapter and set the book down.....😉
  13. Frank DuVal

    Spark plugs

    Ask here: Yes, there is a Spark Plug Collectors of America association. Recent article in Skinned Knuckles magazine.
  14. Frank DuVal

    Flat Head Straight 8 327

    41 120 Club Coupe(SOLD October 2018) Ozstatman, you have a time machine?
  15. Frank DuVal

    Need help or advice with 64 Buick tilt wheel setup

    Those skirts would look OK if the lower side molding trim went across them. As they are now, I'm with you, leave them off. They interrupt the styling of the side molding.