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  1. door lock removal

    The 50s 60s GM door handles with locks in the door handle buttons I've worked on are easy. What are you working on?
  2. Fisher Body Manual

    Does that say 1928?
  3. Late 40s touring car?

    I wish my 95 Park Avenue Ultra got 30 MPG. I guess I need to keep my foot out of the supercharger? On an unrelated note, there is a 95 PA with just under 33k miles for sale in Maryland. Not garaged kept, though. I have details if anyone is interested.
  4. gas tank cleaning

    I have seen several pictures of people cutting open tanks (after removing the fumes!), sandblasting the insides and then welding them back together. The pictures look good! Yes, it is thin sheet metal and you will probably chase warps. Now, these were hobbyists , not people in the business, so I can not recommend their services. Here is a picture of someone who made a new bottom for their unobtainium tank:,940889,940950#msg-940950 But if it just dried fuel residue, you should not need to cut open the tank. Cutting open is reserved for heavy rusted tanks that can be fixed no other way. Years ago, when there were real radiator shops, we would take tanks with residue to radiator shops to be "boiled out".
  5. Caddy + Buick

    Also there are different Cadillac models that year, which may also use different trunk lids from other models. Series 60 sedan, Series 62 in convertible, Coupe DeVille, Eldorado, Sedan, and Sport Coupe Series 75 Sedan and Imperial. How's that for trivia, Cadillac had an Imperial model. Pelle, what model Cadillac are you comparing to the Super?
  6. Caddy + Buick

    Need picture of 1955 Super. The Super and Roadmaster do have humpy trunk lids, compared to the Special in the photo above. A quick Google search found a photo, but it was poor and "might be subject to copyright". But one could see the humpiness. Hey, I can invent words too!
  7. 60 year old freeze plugs in single digits

    Yep, another automotive myth. Having a father who worked in a foundry most of his life, I know what cores are in casting parts. Put this in the same file as "polarizing a regulator" and "6 volt cars won't start in the winter". Anti -Freeze keeps water from freezing, and its volume increases when it freezes (a very rare quality!), thereby cracking the container it is in. Core plugs were not designed to relieve this stress. 50/50 ethylene-glycol is better (has a lower freezing point) than 100% ethylene-glycol.
  8. Removing front lower bushings

    Does the shop manual show using piece of pipe, aka Kent-Moore tool # xxxx, to keep the force to remove and install the bushings from bending the arms? Even the single bushing of some arms can collapse the arm and needs a spacer to transfer the force. And yes, usually you need a hydraulic press of 10+ tons. No need for 50 tons, those usually just make scrap metal fast!
  9. Source for Threaded Insert?

    Or possibly "Well Nut" as that's what the roof rack and mirror threaded mounting are called. And "Rivnut" is a brand also. No, not a person with many Buick Rivieras!
  10. I'll call Headquarters tomorrow

    I still have a land line so I can talk on the phone at home! I hate the t xxs he s ome br sp ch o he ell one a om . Well, that's what the cell phone sound like at home. Any cell phone, any carrier that people who visit use. "Can you hear me now" is still more of the conversation here. Texting works. When we had the earthquake and everybody was on their cell phone with busy signals, the land line worked great for my wife. On the other hand, we have a choice of cable TV providers! Where else does that happen? No Fios, but no need for satellite high seed internet like most of my coworkers have to use.
  11. Weird coating on sockets

    I do not know what the corrosion might be specifically. I've had good luck with the vibratory tumbler and green triangles.
  12. Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    I see the Mezanine. Then the next level up (where the trade show is) is labeled B on the elevator. Which one to meet?
  13. HELP!

    9 track? You mean the common 8-track (whose forerunner was the Lear 4 track?). Or some data storage tape system?
  14. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    Made it! Planned trip to arrive in downtown at 5 pm. Lots of traffic, but not much worse than any downtown at 5 pm. 😄 i talked to to people who arrived at 3 and they finally got to the hotel at 5 pm. So my late arrival paid off.
  15. 1973 f100 hanging up

    Make sure you make the "H" when going out of 1st into 2nd. Straight line shifting and worn column = leaving transmission in 1st and applying 2nd at the same time. I have found the usual culprit is worn bushings in the column allowing the two levers (that connect to the transmission shift rods) to spread apart, allowing the center lever (that selects which rod lever to move) to not center the rod lever engaged (R- 1st) before engaging the next lever (2nd -3rd). On GMs I was able, back in the day when 3 speeds were cheap modes of transportation therefore no repair money, to adjust the bottom column bushing up to close the lever gap. Even if I had to drill new holes for the bushing retainer.