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  1. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Jut took my radiator to a local garage to have it pressure tested and they found an "un-fixable" leak (Yet they're still charging me $35). I guess I'm going to have to teach myself some soldering and take a crack at it.
  2. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Didn't forget, just didn't have time. finally i have controllable idle. although low idle stalls (Fuel accelleration pump is partly depressed from the goose neck being too close to the carb) It revs fine, and loud! will have updates as it continues
  3. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Once again I must apologize for the break in work. I had intended to use my '91 toyota celica as my daily while the Impala got much needed work. However, the toyota is having some troubles that are being worked out and getting back and fourth to work is just a little more important that restoring a truck. The scout was moved back to my house to be finished. I intend to finish the wiring, upholstery, and body work, and then take it to a garage to get a tune up, tires, and a windshield. I'll let you know when I get back under the hood. (of this project that is... god I hate computers and fuel injection)
  4. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    As of two days ago, I finally have ignition! That's right, I cranked the engine cursing at it as it would sputter and do nothing but after an hour of agony and frustration, it finally started. With a big smoke cloud from the tail pipes she fired up and went full open and screamed. I had to shit it off before I cracked the block from heating it up too fast. Next up is tuning the carb amd running brake lines and wiring.
  5. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    It still does not start however, because the distributor cap is cracked and not setting correctly on the the dizzy. My next move is to replace that, buy a new battery, replace the missing part on the carb (the arm that opens the air valve when the pedal is pressed down), and weld the new quarter on.
  6. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Hello! I know it's been a while and I regret not having been online to update the project but a lot has happened since my last post! The project so far: *Bought a battery *Started constructing a wiring harness from scratch *Ran Fuel lines *Ran brake lines *Painted and installed dash *Filed and received replacement title *Re-decided on exterior color (Going sky blue because the metallic blue wasn't looking as good as I had planned and my second option of orange would clash with the denim) *Pulled out wiper motor to be rebuilt *Cut out bad rear quarter *Bought new rear quarter *Started re-assembling the front portion *Removed and rebuilt distributor (Bad sensor) *Had battery stolen *Replaced distributor (Got In-Time Spark!!) I am sorry for those who have followed and helped me with this project that I haven't been as adamant with the updates but I will try to get them going once again. Pictures will follow soon.
  7. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    I figured I would go with a material that was cheap, durable, and good looking. Denim fit the bill. Also, I am going to be doing the reAR seat soon. The upholstery is still in excellent condition if you (or anyone for that matter) would want it seeing as it'stands original. It's blue and plaid. I'll post pictures.
  8. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Dark heavy denim and white vinyl.
  9. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Driver side seat cushion cover is just about done thanks to the help of my girlfriend's father. I'm really happy with the color combo too
  10. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Well, I just picked up the front seat from my brothers house to, with help from my girlfriend's father, reupholster it. I decided to go with a blue and white interior so the fabric of choice is blue denim for the cushion faces and the back, and white leather/vinyl fabric for the trim around the front and sides. I'm hoping it turns out good but either way, I'll be able to say it's mine when I'm done. I'll take pictures of the process and the finished product. Wish me luck!
  11. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Does anybody know if current flows both ways through a sensor and trigger wheel distributor? I'm working on drawing up a wiring diagram for the scout so I can have an idea of what I'm doing. Rather than the points system, it has a sensor and trigger wheel (supposedly lasts much longer and is more reliable) but the wires were clipped at one point so i only have two black wires exposed and no female/male connectors to easily hook it up. I don't want to fry the ignition box by trying to play with wires while it's not running so I was hoping someone could tell me if it matters which wires (Blue and Yellow) go what way (Or if it can go either). Ideas?
  12. new transmission

    Thanks for the advice. I'll have to have that checked out when i get the chance. I was pondering the possibility of a vacuum malfunction. When i got the A/C fixed and put a new belt on, I didn't bother to put the belt back on for the smog pump. shortly after that, i noticed that my vents would only blow air through the floor and defrost ports. I though I read something about the smog pump being a secondary vacuum source but I wasn't sure. now looking at it, if it is, then that explains why at cooler temps (more dense air and therefor more vacuum) it's fine but at warmer temps (less dense and less vac) it's a little funny with the shift. I'll get the TV cable looked at if the vacuum is functioning properly though.
  13. new transmission

    I don't know about the conversion, But i just blew a 700r4 out of my 84 impala. and that's only got the 305. Up until then it's been acting funny (not dropping into gear from park, slow shift, ect) The replacement I got has been working for now, although when the car gets warmed up, it wants to skip second gear. If your looking for something to help put power to the ground reliably, I might look towards getting a tranny from a camaro or a vette. But maybe I just had a couple of sour ones by chance.
  14. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    I know I haven't been updating this as much as i planned, however, I'll run through the updates. I coated the frame with bed-liner and plan on using rustoleum and an air gun to get the inside of the frame the body is sitting on the frame but not bolted down New brake calipers (rotors were a little rusted but surprisingly still straight and good) working on the rear brakes (drums are easy to pull apart but a pain to put back together) picked up brake line and grabbing the fittings soon brake hoses are hooked up body is primed. Next on the to-do list: cut a section of an extra front fender to patch the damaged part of the rear quarter (I found that the wheel arc is identical for front and back) pop the dent out of the rear quarter paint the body run brake and fuel lines hang gas tank bolt down the body My new year's resolution is to put in at least three hours of work on her each week until it's finished. PS: the reason I haven't been paying too much attention to the scout recently is because I just sold my 99 sebring to buy a 1984 Impala from my brother. It has a few mild issues but it's nice to watch heads turn from how rare that year is in my area. most were scrapped so there's plenty of new and antiques but only a handful of the 80's models.
  15. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    I called it a Holly gold box because its a Holly Carb and Distributor system.