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    Restoring Model T Fords for years, moved up to a 1957 Thunderbird now branching out to 1949 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible
  1. 1949 Chrysler T&C Rear Fender Mounting

    Thanks guys. I have a note out to him. My biggest challenge is this car came in a gzillion pieces. I suspect I have everything, issue is figuring out who goes to what. Hence my questions stem from not having the luxury of dismantling the car. Thanks for your continued support. Brian
  2. 1949 Chrysler T&C Rear Fender Mounting

    Bob, . Thanks very much for the thorough explanation. This looks like something I can fabricate. If I am lucky McMaster might have the studs in stock. This mounting technique looks like it provides the flexibility for alignment of the fenders. Next Question . Does anybody have templates for the wood that wraps around the rear fenders. Template for the over all shape and any cross sectional profiles to show the contours. My project came without any of the old wood attached to the car. Wood that goes around the fenders was roughed out 30+ years ago. Nothing fits the car at all. Hence my quest for some templates or guidance. This is for a late year 1949 T&C Thanks,. Brian
  3. Book on the Fluid Drive Printed in 1951

    Dave,. Glad to hear the move is complete into the new location. From what I saw of it, it is a great setup. I hope the unusual amount of snow isn't impacting you too much. Stay safe my friend. Regards, Brian. 1949 Chrysler T&C
  4. How do the rear fenders mount to the body? Does it go: Woodie Wood, Body, Stainless Welting, Fender? Are there "clips" that attach to the fender first? my restoration project came without the fenders

    After many months and some great talent from Kemps Restoration the car now has new Sheetmetal. All the floor surfaces and rotten rockers are now 100% new metal. Proper ribbing and counours have been fabricated. I'm now ready to mount the body back to the frame and start fabricating the woo. Slow but sure is my motto

    1949 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible Woodie. Quest for Sheetmetal I found a Sheetmetal Fabricator to help create new floors and trunk. All it took was a race up to Grants Pass, Oregon from the San Francisco Bay Area to intercept his route home to Michigan. Moved the Chrysler body from my trailer to his, under the questioning eye from the local law enforcement. Patterns will be generated from this effort.

    1949 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible Woodie Just completed the drive train. Engine is rebuilt, fluid drive is rebuild and the entire chassis after the sandblasting. So the next step is to weld in new Sheetmetal floors. Can anybody guide me to late 1949 Sheetmetal floors including the trunk? I need help in procuring the proper Sheetmetal. Help? Regards, Brian
  8. Camshaft Bearings 1949 Chrysler T&C Straight 8

    Thanks for the input regarding the 6th Cam "bearing" as being the Block. Since this is my first rebuild of this type engine I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something. I am proceeding today with this part. I am also replacing the welch plugs since I have the block completely torn down right now. The assembly of the engine will take place in the garage, as my Dining Room work surface is now occupied with Silverware and dishes. What's with that? Regards, Brian
  9. Camshaft Bearings 1949 Chrysler T&C Straight 8

    Camshaft Bearing Kit I have has Qty 5 Bearings of various diameters. I know where those go. My question is about the sixth bearing surface. Picture in the Shop Manual says "No. 6 machined in cylinder block"......what does that mean? Do I need to insert a bronze bushing and then machine it to the correct diameter? Currently in my block there is no bearing there, just the cast block machined. --Brian

    1949 Chrysler Town and Country. Twice the amount of car by lifting the body from the frame. Frame restoration is done, brakes done. Working on engine and transmission right now
  11. I am deep into the engine restoration of my 1949 Chrysler 8 and currently don't have the correct camshaft bearings sent to me from a supplier. Can you'al suggest to me who carries these bearings? Thanks! Today got in trouble with the wife for assembling Pistons, rings, wrist pins, to rods and Rod Bearings on the Dining Room Table. I thought it was perfectly all right to do considering there was no clutter on this great work surface. Moral of the story: Don't assemble your engine in the house!
  12. Guys, I am working on a 1949 Chrysler Town and Country and the body to frame Mounting Perches are badly rusted. Do you have any of these available from the cars you are tearing down? Brian
  13. Woodie Times

    Nickster, Do any of the issues highlight the 1949 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible. I am thirsty for knowledge of this car considering I have embarked on a full restoration. Regards, 1949 Chrysler
  14. What did I do this time!

    Thanks all for the input regarding my 49 Town and Country. I have been working on Model T Fords for so many years it is odd having roll up windows and a heater that you can turn on and off. When it comes to VIN numbers on this car where are they? Engine Block, Drivers side door jamb and where else? This car has been sitting for 35 years so I decided to pull the head and take a peek inside. This Soybean penetrating oil is the best, I was able to remove all the head bolts without breaking any of them. Got the Head off the block and was I happy to see exhast valves with black soot and the intake valves with a white-ish ash. Means when this was put in the barn, long ago, it was running decently. Next step is to pull the engine and transmission out of the car and clean everything up. This should be fairly easy, hah nothing is easy, with a cherry picker. Wish me luck. This car came with an extra transmission and it was preserved in the "old school" tradition, oil and sawdust. It had this caked creepy looking dried sludge on it. Screwdriver scrapping and it is cleaning up really pretty. Not sure what to expect inside when I pop it appart. --Brian Note: c49er Bob......I sent you a PM......let me know your thoughts
  15. I took the plunge and bought a HUGE project!! 1949 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible. Tight fit into the garage is an understatement. I need some advice as to where I can get new Sheetmetal for all of the floor sections for this car. Front, rear and Trunk floor sheetmetal is completely rusted through. I need to cut it out and get some healthy metal in there. I need advice as to who can provide this in the correct gauge and ribbing pattern. Thanks very much......you all understand. My wife thinks I need to have my head examined!