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  1. Thought I would ping you and hope your move has gone well. Settled in? Thought I would to find out about the hood ornament for the hood. Found it?
  2. Is the 1949 New Yorker Rear Bumper interchangeable with the late model year 1949 Town and Country? Brian
  3. I looked at this car last month. It is in Irvine California. It had been listed by the new owner on barnfinds.com
  4. Thanks very much for the lead. I will investigate this company. They are only about 7 hours from me. My car came from Michigan in a gazillion pieces. I know, what was I thinking. 3 years into it so far and stalled by lack of time and wood patterns. This working for a living is getting a bit tedious. i hope your unpacking into the new shop is going well and no major troubles.
  5. 1949Chrysler

    1949 Town and Country Hood Brace

  6. Thanks for the reply. I am now 3 years into my restoration of my 1949 Chrysler Town and Country. Stripped and blasted the frame and painted myself. Pulled the body to fix the rotted out rockers, floors and trunk floor. This has been a long process doing this work. I am trying to do it correctly. This hood piece would be worthy of my car, trust me. I am completing the restoration as funds allow and spare time. So my timeline is long. Let me know once you are settled, find the mascot and evaluate your best price. Included are a few photos of where I am now. Currently struggling with the wood as I have no patterns. Best Regards,. Brian
  7. I am just seeing this post, is your 49-50 Hood Ornament still for sale? Price? Goal is to mount it to my 1949 Town and Country Brian
  8. Hi, One of your photos shows you have a nice left rear fender. I'm looking for a nice Right Rear for my 1949 Town and Country
  9. I finally have found some time to work on my Town and Country. Currently I am looking for the Hood Braces. Photo below shows it as 15-28-12 or 1244 825 Brace, Hood Panel Hinge Strainer, Right 1244 826 Brace, Hood Panel Hinge Strainer, Left Secondly, does the inside of the hood get painted the color of the car? What color should hinge spring Assembly get painted? Cross Braces? Thank you, . Brian
  10. 1949Chrysler

    Any reputable pot metal restorers out there?

    I've been using Lakeside Custom Plating in Ohio. My project is a 1949 Chrysler Town and Country which is loaded with a lot of Chrome plated pot metal. Tracy is great to work with.
  11. I am in need of the paint color for the underside of the body and fenders. I recall as I stripped off the old undercoat there was a Aqua color. Anybody have a paint color and number? Secondly, anybody have wood templates for late year 1949 Town and Country. In particular I need the rear fender wood. Brian
  12. 1949Chrysler

    1949 Chrysler T&C Rear Fender Mounting

    Thanks guys. I have a note out to him. My biggest challenge is this car came in a gzillion pieces. I suspect I have everything, issue is figuring out who goes to what. Hence my questions stem from not having the luxury of dismantling the car. Thanks for your continued support. Brian
  13. 1949Chrysler

    1949 Chrysler T&C Rear Fender Mounting

    Bob, . Thanks very much for the thorough explanation. This looks like something I can fabricate. If I am lucky McMaster might have the studs in stock. This mounting technique looks like it provides the flexibility for alignment of the fenders. Next Question . Does anybody have templates for the wood that wraps around the rear fenders. Template for the over all shape and any cross sectional profiles to show the contours. My project came without any of the old wood attached to the car. Wood that goes around the fenders was roughed out 30+ years ago. Nothing fits the car at all. Hence my quest for some templates or guidance. This is for a late year 1949 T&C Thanks,. Brian
  14. 1949Chrysler

    Book on the Fluid Drive Printed in 1951

    Dave,. Glad to hear the move is complete into the new location. From what I saw of it, it is a great setup. I hope the unusual amount of snow isn't impacting you too much. Stay safe my friend. Regards, Brian. 1949 Chrysler T&C