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    I've had a love old Cars almost all of my life. I bought My first 1957 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery at the age of 15 and I still have it.
  1. I would like to purchase the first one with Buick Reatta Pave car & 1936 Buick 80C ?
  2. Please private message me ?
  3. Do you have any 1936 Buick Items ?
  4. I would like to Buy a 1957 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery-Original Chevrolet Post Card. I've only seen a couple of them. Thanks Bud Ensor
  5. Here's mine this was at Buick National in Allentown, Pa. Where will you see THREE OF THESE 1936 80C's at one show again. Two on the Show Field and One in Nicola Bulgari's Buick Collection.
  6. You can find them on EBay I'm sure there some on there Now.
  7. Thanks, The pictures are great this what I imagine they would look like ( the ones in the Car trunk ). The outside mounted trunk is so cool how it was made to tilt to get to car trunk. Thanks again for your post ! Bud Ensor
  8. Paul, First Thanks for your reply. Yes I would love to see the Pictures. Budensor
  9. Is the ride on Tractor for sale ?
  10. Do you have pictures
  11. Dave, We have so far. I put a New set of Goodyear tire on her and she drives so much better. We're trying not to put a lot of miles on her we've drove to Saturday morning breakfasts and 1-First Saturday of the Month Cruise-in. At the Cruise-in had gentleman come up me that had owned 2 Reatta's one coupe and one convertible and He told me great amount of things about them and he had worked at a local Buick Dealership when the Reatta can out. The had some Originally Dealer Items like 2 Different Repair Manual and the Dealer Showroom deplay pages of the Reatta's of what you could get on them like colors combinations and options and one NOS Rim Center Cap. I was able to Purchase these items from him. We hope you guys weather the storm " Matthew " ok too. Thanks Bud
  12. We Bought This Car Super Nice.
  13. Ronnie, I was not offend by your post I Really like it and enjoyed it as I read it and I LOL at the end even read a overview to my wife. She even asked if that was for real and she would doubt that from Our Government ! Thanks Bud
  14. I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS ! ! ! I've got a Suction Dent Removal Tool I Think Will Work Good ? Thanks Bud