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  1. tyler searle

    drive and little car show in the south of France

    Sebastian Thank you very much for sharing your photos with everyone. Beautiful cars and beautiful scenery, I really enjoyed that. Tyler
  2. tyler searle

    Auction that pipe dreams are made of

    Auction results: 1919 Touring-12k 1923 School bus-10k '29 panel delivery-11800.00 '30 AA-10200.00 '30 Rs coupe-10200.00 '30Roadster-15800.00 '51 Plymouth-7800.00 '31 Victoria-13800.00 '56 T-Bird-16400.00 '52 Firetruck-f3-12400.00 '66 Belvedere-8400.00 '65 Corvair-6800.00 '65 Econoline-6000.00 Add 10% b.p. To all the above. Must be the economy really is good. I thought they realized very good prices for an auction. I'm only knowledgeable Ina few makes but I feel most of those cars brought very good prices. The auctioneer was very good, definitely helped get some of the cars a premium. I got there at 8a.m and nobody had shown up yet. By auction time at 10a.m. It was a circus with trucks and trailers everywhere And over 400 registered bidders. I came home empty handed but enjoyed the show
  3. tyler searle

    '38 Special headlight socket

    Yes, just the socket Mr. Hinson. Would be great if you have one. What would you like for it? Thanks . Tyler
  4. tyler searle

    '38 Special headlight socket

    Need to replace one of mine and don't see them in the catalog. So what's a fella to do, something else that will work? Tyler
  5. tyler searle

    Engine Instalation

    Thanks again, Don. Tyler
  6. tyler searle

    1938 Special Engine mounts

    Thank you once again, Don. I would have thought the other way around. Glad I asked. Tyler
  7. tyler searle

    1938 Special Engine mounts

    Hopefully going to install the engine in the 38 Special today. Should the new engine mounts be installed in the car or on the engine? Either way, this does not look like it's going to go in without a struggle. Any advice from someone that's done this before would be great. Tyler
  8. tyler searle

    Engine Instalation

    Thanks, Don. I guess you shim until things are snug.
  9. tyler searle

    Engine Instalation

    Maybe I should have said "torque ball" I got a torque ball shim kit and new type of seal.
  10. tyler searle

    Engine Instalation

    Finally getting ready to install the rebuilt 248 in my '38 Special. How do you determine what is needed for shims on the torque tube? I can't seem to find that in the Manuel. Any other tips/ hints anyone can share on this procedure or anything to watch for? Really want to get this in right. Thanks . Tyler
  11. tyler searle

    '38 Special Oil Filter plumbing

    Yes, Carl, that's it. Thank you for the picture and explanation and thanks everyone for your help. Tyler
  12. tyler searle

    '38 Special Oil Filter plumbing

    Ok, '38's didn't originally have a filter, that's why I couldn't find an image of one. The hole I was referring to is just below where the distributor mounts on the block, as shown in the picture above. What is the purpose of the bolt that goes in the hole? I do have a shop Manuel but someone else is using it and I'll have it back tomorrow . Thanks for responding and for the excellent photo. Tyler
  13. tyler searle

    '38 Special Oil Filter plumbing

    Lost all my "before" pictures of my engine removal. Not sure how the plumbing goes on the oil filter or if it was correct in the first place. If anyone can explain where the bottom and side lines attach it would be a great help. Detailed pictures of both sides of the engine installed in the car would be a Godsend. Also, what is the purpose of the threaded hole in the center where the distributor goes in the block? Any help greatly appreciated. Tyler
  14. tyler searle

    '38 Special Throwout bearing

    Found the missing part. It's a long story on why it was missing and it involves the local raccoons. All is well now and thanks for the advice and offers to help. Tyler
  15. tyler searle

    Is this correct for ‘38 Special

    Wasn't there something about using a later ('48 or so comes to mind) thermo housing to get away from this setup? I don't mean to hijack this thread but I am currently reassembling my engine and don't dare for the original system.