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    1963 Riviera Barn find with 46K. Process of restoration.
  1. If i'm not mistaken these gears were used by Buick performance people for there light weight and strength. Lets face it, they can last as long as the cam with proper maintenance. When i took my engine apart heads cylinder etc were in serious need of refurbish. plastic gear was still in tacked. With that said i ran a steel gear, really how fast do i want to go in a 50yr old car even if its solid.
  2. I have a friend with a complete setup here in Michigan off a 425. Better price not sure of casting number ready to go. PM me and I’ll give his number and you can talk direct with him and get what you need.
  3. There's a guy in Flint MI named "Riviera" Bob Stemm that has one left, sorry I bought the other two. He deals in parts so he maybe interested in what you have.
  4. I just got mine back on the road after doing complete drive train. The trans hold 12 quarts empty but just doing pan is only 4 quarts like you experienced. The converter hold ALOT of fluid. I thought there was a drain plug on converter. I'll have to check manual to confirm.
  5. Not sure it was answered about filter. They are not available for the Dynaflow. It should be metal mesh so wash it and reinstall. If it's bad like mine, had to source a good used one and wash and install. So far mine is leak free. It's a fresh rebuild though.
  6. 1963 Riviera owners manual

    Got to have one. Will look them up.
  7. Yeah I picked up the tires. They are new with some age according to build date. Couldn't pass up the deal. The're actually 78H 15. They will be a little skinny but again I'm ok with the look. I've been through the era of wide tires both on bikes and cars. The new trend is going back to skinnies. So once again what's old is new again. Great idea to try and secure caps. I'll have to look into this as living in MI the roads are horrible.
  8. Wow thanks for the pictures. I've restored my wire wheel cover so I will be using them. Most of the car is and will have the original look. Me personally I think they look sweet! The old tires on it now have about. 2" band and I like the look. I though 3" was pushing it but now have change my mind.
  9. What do you think of the 215/80 15 bias Ply? I have a lead on a set of continentals with 3"white wall. A chart shows this size very close to the 225/75. I have no problem with bias ply. Yes they flat spot from sitting but so do radials. I actually think bias will true up better when driven than radials. No real data on this except seat of the pants.
  10. I second the dishwasher with rinse aid. I didn't worry about heat cycle and let them have it. They came out clean with no ill affects. Of course could only do two at a time. I use to do motorcycle spokes and more chrome then I care to remember. So I didn't mined the easy way out. Spent the time cleaning elsewhere. But now I have to think about powder coating wheels. I like this idea!
  11. No one mentioned the double thin line white wall. My spare which looks original has this configuration. "Hallmark 300" H78-15. Could this also been an option?
  12. You have to start over. One idea. I had an intermittent short inside the connector of regulator. Pins had rubbed through inside and would short. Check shorts between every wire, and every wire short to power and ground. Is there continuity through the connector to ground. This stuff is out thereso check one step at time. Good luck!
  13. Remove the plastic housing from were the vacuum hosed come from. You most likely will see the colored strips in here. Then follow the manual diagram. It's not easy and very frustrating. So be patient and recheck your work more than once if your anything like me and must be color blind. Good luck
  14. Ok i've made it to the rear end and got some good advise on purchasing parts for suspension etc. When cleaning and detailing front suspension quite a bit of color coding etc. available. Not so much luck with the rear axle housing, suspension, brake backing plates and drums. I'm not just going to paint everything black even though this looks good I'm looking for more original color/coatings etc. I've seen and read about newer Buick axle housing with rear loaded differentials state cast color diff housing with painted black axle tubes and the like. but these first gen Riviera have a front loaded or carrier style differential. Axle housing one piece. So anyone know the correct color of the rear housing suspension brakes etc.?
  15. Thanks for the advise! I still completed the measurements and not even close. I know you can never trust a picture on the Internet . I'll order through a good reliable source.