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  1. Jeff k

    Lead fuel additive

    My Pontiac 389 and 455 both ran better on unleaded once tuned for it... My 1964 389 had over 150,000 miles on the heads run on no lead with no issues... Remember Ammco Gold? Frankly, I think todays fuel is better then the old leaded fuel, at least the stuff we get around here in Western Pa is.. When was the last time you had to change plugs or blow out the motor on the highway because of lead fouling... I noticed todays fuel seems to run best without the intake heated and with a fuel return line back to the tank... Other peoples experience might be different.. I do use a custom Quadrajet built by Cliff Ruggles..
  2. Jeff k

    Need Motors Manual Help...

    Thanks 67... So far the numbers I have are; 1963-64 4.75.. 1965-66 8.75.. That would explain why the 65 up big Pontiacs had such a clean, crisp feel to them compared to the older ones.. The smaller, egg shaped steering wheel and veri-ratio box also helped..
  3. Jeff k

    1950 Olds 98 Brakes

    Even with self adjusters, I still have to go under and crank the star wheel a few clicks twice a year to keep the brakes up to par on my 64 Bonneville... Loose brakes will take a lot out of the self energizing effect of drum brakes.. I tighten until I hear a light but steady scraping sound as the wheel spins..
  4. Jeff k

    Need Motors Manual Help...

    KPI means King Pin Inclination... The modern term is SAI or steering axis inclination.. It's built into the spindles to aid steering wheel return and give a more positive on center feel.. The 65 up big Pontiacs are suppose to have more then the 4.5 degrees the 64 down have..
  5. Jeff k

    "Best" daily driver?

    My 1983 Olds 98 was the best car I ever owned....
  6. Jeff k

    What weight oil should I use

    I like Brad Penn, it's the old green Kendall... I use 10-40..
  7. Hello, I would like to know the KPI king pin inclination numbers of the B body, big car spindles from 1965 to 1970.. They should be in the wheel alignment section.. Any help would be appreciated...... Thank you, Jeff
  8. Old cars are nice until you try to drive them in modern traffic.. The numbers police would pass out if they saw my 64 Bonneville, but it can hang with any new car on the twistys and I can cruise at 100+ with one finger on the wheel, that would never happen with bias plys and negative caster/positive camber... My POCI number is under 5000...
  9. Jeff k

    Dyna Beads

    Balance beeds do work until you hit a pot hole or bridge expension joint, then it will shake a little then balance itself out.. Best to get tires without slipped belts...
  10. Jeff k

    OPTIMA battery or Wet Cell?

    Lot of people have issues with the newer Optima batteries... I use the cheapest, biggest wet cell battery I can find..
  11. Jeff k

    rear suspension

    I wonder why GM didn't put a four link under those cars...
  12. Jeff k

    64 Buick Skylark

    Yes, but the 400 small block would be a better choice....
  13. Jeff k


    The Cutlass wins hands down in my book.. G bodys were some of the best ever to leave the GM plants and parts galore..
  14. Jeff k

    Need Motors Manual Help...

    Bringing this back around.. Can anybody look up the KPI of the 65 to 70 big Pontiacs.. Thank you...