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  1. Surf City '38

    37 pickup cab/frame spacer support blocks

    They are available on ebay too....
  2. Surf City '38

    '36 Truck Windshield Seal

    '36, '37 and '38 are basically the same in many unscrew the four tapered screws in the side center, on each side, and release the block inside the track, both halves should come apart. I had to use a drill to get my screws out, they had rusted. I have searched and purchased many items online from various vendors trying to save a buck or two...9 times out of 10, I always get the right part/fit/feel from DCM the first time...they may not be the cheapest, but they save me a bunch of time...I do not have to worry about if its right. Steve and Todd are also rebuilders so they know exactly what we are up against....rust, oil, rats, broken glass....they even can provide step by step instructions if you need it....good guys. (This is not a paid endorsement and is my own opinion)
  3. Surf City '38

    '36 Truck Windshield Seal

    For the most part, it is, but I think its just a tad thicker than the more modern versions, more than 1/32, and is not shiny.
  4. Surf City '38

    '36 Truck Windshield Seal

    This should be the correct shape...'37 and '38 used this. DCM Classics carries this and has them at the correct length. Keep in mind pictured is the outer Gasket, there is also an inner flat gasket as well. It acts as sort of a gap filler. Both part links are below. Outer - Inner - Hope this helps.
  5. Example of a dust cover, Spinney....
  6. Just a FYI, there is a guy here in Huntington Beach that rebuilds them....may be cheaper in the long run. PM me if you want their contact.
  7. Surf City '38

    1937 Dodge MC project finally done

    So jealous....maybe 9 months away for me.....?
  8. Surf City '38

    Lost Topic - 1938 1/2t Engine Removal Project

    And OEM valves....that was hard to source new ones.....
  9. Surf City '38

    Lost Topic - 1938 1/2t Engine Removal Project

    And some bad rings.....
  10. Surf City '38

    Lost Topic - 1938 1/2t Engine Removal Project

    And here is one cracked oil pump housing....
  11. Surf City '38

    Towing vehicle for a DB

    IMO, this is the perfect hauler....LINK
  12. Surf City '38

    Towing vehicle for a DB

    Amador County can be tough, and that's over in Mole Hill.....If your thinking of Gold Country, I would look more toward Calaveras County...less "Country" more City Folks over there.
  13. Surf City '38


    Crossed wires run, albeit rough, but under a load they tend to backfire.... Sounds like the reason you can not start now, is your resistor, how many volts are running through it...does it start and then immediately dies?
  14. Surf City '38


    Sounds like you have either your cap 180 degrees out, or you crossed spark plug wires...sometimes backfires indicate the timing is off... I'd go back and check your firing order and ensure your wires are correct and verify your cap is not 180 degrees off.
  15. Surf City '38

    37 DB rough 1/2 ton box/tail gate FOR SALE

    Looks really good John. The P5 is doing a really good job, I bet its slow though...