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    Past president of Vintage and classic club of Zimbabwe, involved in restoring many makes of cars for over 40 years
  1. Chrysler 66 Identity

    My 2 model 52's both had oblong shaped Fedco numbers, they were not oval like this one. Viv.
  2. Bluejeep nut, sent you a PM.
  3. Any idea what these parts are from

    The one with the grid is the same as this picture I down loaded in the back floor of a Chrysler G70 sedan that was for sale some years ago. It is for a heating vent. Maybe the other part is a tray that goes under the back seat of a G70. The front pan under a G70 front seat I think is different. Viv
  4. Please identify these wheels.

    Early Dodge ?
  5. Terraplane ID help

    Its a 1936 series 62 deluxe model with vent windows. Series 61 was standard series and did not have vent windows. Viv
  6. WTB G70 dash

    Hi Glenn, sent you a PM. The pictures above are not model G70 but are a 1927 model FINER 70 Regards Viv.
  7. 1929 chevrolet dash knobs wanted

    Hi, Try Gary Wallace, 314-293-1991 in St Louis Missouri. Email He has them listed on his website Merry xmas regards Viv.
  8. Brake band arc-ing

    Looking at your picture, have you had the bands relined with modern materials? These brakes were designed to use soft woven material, the use of modern brake linings will lead to chewing up the brake drums and also poor braking performance, especially if driven in wet conditions. Other than that I agree with Spinneyhill above.
  9. hi hchris, sorry the pm was to bluejeepnut.
  10. Unknown frame found

    George Dammans book, "70 years of Chrysler" says the model 52 came out first with 2 wheel hydraulic brakes and they then fitted 4 wheel hydraulic brakes after March 1928. Over the years a lot of people have disputed this, and some have told me their model 58 and 50 cars have 4 wheel hydraulics. Perhaps these cars were upgraded, or did Chrysler offer hydraulic brakes as an option on cars? I had 2 1928 model 52 tourers, one had 2 wheel mechanical brakes, the other had 4 wheel hydraulic brakes. I also restored a 1927 model 50 which had 2 wheel mechanical brakes. Of interest, my model 52 that had 4 wheel brakes, had a factory stenciled date sprayed onto the inside of the frame, just forwards of the battery bracket, showing the frame was made in Dec 1927 and the engine main bearing shells for the same car, were date stamped April 1928. I have looked back at some of my files, both the Model 52 cars I had were fitted with 12 inch diameter brake drums, and the drums on my Model G70 are 14 inches in diameter. The 4 cylinder cars brake cylinders are also much smaller than my G70. "70 years of Chrysler" , says both the model 52 and model 62 were the same, 109 inches long, however that does not mean the frames were the same. A write up in WPC news June 1984, also says the 52 and 62 models were the same length, but they also mention that the 62 frame may have been slightly stronger, especially for the commercial vehicles. I actually wonder if this frame is a model 52 or 62 commercial, that would possibly explain why the spare wheel mounting brackets ( which are normally riveted) are missing off the rear x member. Getting to the keyhole slots at the rear x member, if you look carefully at the picture posted by Kaiser. There are 2 slots just each side of the spare wheel carrier, these are NOT the ones for the tank straps and I have no idea what they were used for, unless they were used to bolt on rear bumpers or a trunk rack??. There are 2 more slots further out from the spare wheel carrier, these are for the tank straps. One of the most defining ways of telling if this frame is a 4 cyl model 52 or 6 cyl model 62 is the flange on the differential. The 4 cylinder cars have a fabric flexible disc that bolts to a 3 "fingered" flange. The 6 cyl cars have a ball and socket universal joint and the diff flange is a more conventional round one. Perhaps Lyle can check this feature out. Viv.
  11. AA Truck Auxiliary Trans question

    Hi Al, Have a look at and see if there is anyone on there that can offer advice, Regards Viv.
  12. are you talking about the actual distributor or the diecast metal right angle drive
  13. Unknown frame found

    The holes for the brackets above the gas tank are there in the frame. Unable to see the "keyhole" slots at the rear as Lyle did not post a picture of that angle. My model 52 had these "keyhole" slots but I never did find out what they were there for, maybe a trunk rack?? I sold my model 52 and it has ended up in the UK, the new owner might be interested in the front brakes and hubs if they are available. At the time I restored my car in 1979/80 there was no internet and I could not find original front brakes. I ended up fitting front brakes off a 1929 Plymouth. From what I remember the brake drums I think were either 12 inch or 14 inch diameter. Viv.
  14. Unknown frame found

    Hi Keiser and Lyle, It's a long time ago that I built my model 52, but I do seem to recall making and fitting the rubber bump stops on both the front and rear axle as per the pictures. The frame and brakes all look correct. Perhaps lyle could confirm a couple of things:- Where the drive shaft connects to the diff, does it have a "3 prong" flange on the diff ? Is the front axle tubular or of "I" beam construction? What is the wheelbase, measured from center of front hub to center of rear hub? What diameter are the brake drums? A picture of the front X member would help. Regards Viv