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  1. viv w

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    I agree with Curt, trying to clean up an aluminum casting either by wire brushing or polishing never gives a satisfactory result, you will always have areas that you cannot get into properly, and it looks "tacky". Glass bead or vapor blasting gives a nice even natural color . Viv.
  2. Try tying one end of a strong piece of rope to the hook of the spring and the other end to the middle of a steel bar. You can then pull on both sides of the steel bar to unhook the spring.
  3. viv w

    Car Identity and Year of Manufacture

    I agree the car is a Nash special 6 , however, without pictures of the dash panel or other details, this car could be from 1925 to 1928. Perhaps Tinindian could tell us why he thinks this car is 1926? From the picture it appears to have the 1927 radiator mascot, but this could have been fitted a year or 2 after the car was first bought. The same applies to bumpers, most cars of this era the bumpers were an optional extra. Of interest, the picture shows the car having headlights and cowl lights that are almost entirely painted black with just a thin outline of the Nash logo showing nickel plating. I asked the Nash car club if anyone could shed any information on Nash lights of this era, I have seen some lights like these on ebay for sale and have also seen some where the entire light has been nickel plated. The ones on my 27 advanced 6 have black painted buckets with nickel plated rims. Does anyone have any info on these three types of lights?? Thanks.
  4. viv w

    Recognize this stop light switch - 20's ?

    Looks similar to the one fitted to my 35 Ford. Maybe a replacement after market part
  5. possibly an oil level indicator that would be bolted to the side of an engine. It should have a cork float that would float on top of the oil.
  6. viv w

    Need help identifying a chassis

    The brakes, tube front axle and pinion adjustment on the rear axle all point towards Chrysler. I have a 1926 Chrysler G70 with type HC4 buffalo wire wheels ( and I'm still looking for some good wheels), but I believe the Model E80 Imperials were fitted with type 5 Buffalo wire wheels . I think this is probably what you have and I would say most likely it is between 1926 to 1928. Viv
  7. viv w

    What are these horns OFF of? Thanks

    We were restoring a 1939 Ford V8 2 ton truck and it had a pair of these mounted on the front frame just below the radiator. Viv
  8. viv w


    The tank on the far left has a Nash gas cap. My 26 advanced 6 has a round tank like this, 34,75inch long 12inch diameter, but has a king sealy type guage and a funny vent on top. Maybe this tank is a different year or model of Nash. Viv.
  9. Could be Hudson. The '36 Terraplane has the same arrangement, with a different knob, mounted on the top centre of the dash to turn on/off the vacuum wiper motor. Viv.
  10. The picture Kaiser has uploaded shows the correct design, but note the earlier Chrysler tail lights are bigger and are stamped "chrysler A" or "Chrysler B". Perhaps someone could advise the correct diameter, from memory I think they are about 3inch diameter ? Viv.
  11. viv w

    53 pontiac clutch stuck

    After WW2 a luxury car brand in UK, advised their dealers to release stuck clutches, by removing the inspection cover and spraying the clutch liberally with acetone (nail varnish remover), and allow it to penetrate a few minutes. You then jacked up the back wheels onto stands, started the car, and with the clutch pedal depressed, put on the brakes. This normally will free the clutch. Viv.
  12. viv w

    1910s 1920s Motor Wheel Rim Clamps

    PM sent, Regards Viv.
  13. The Chrysler master parts book shows the CM differential carrier assembly was supplied as a unit with 4.66-1 gear ratio. This assembly does not appear to fit any other model. However looking at drive gears and pinions it shows a 4.3-1 ratio that fits the CM, CD, CI and CP models. Good luck finding parts that will interchange Viv.
  14. viv w

    Regarding 1929 Chrysler Model 75's

    Get hold of a copy of " THE CHRYSLER MASTER PARTS LIST for all models prior to 1934". In the parts lists, there are different part numbers for USA and Canadian supplied parts and it also gives the part numbers for LHD and RHD parts. So for example, lets say a steering wheel for your model 75, it will list the part number for an American supplied one and then another number for a Canadian supplied one. They may or may not interchange and one may have a maple wood rim and the other may have a oak wood rim. Unfortunately the parts list will not tell you what the difference is in these 2 parts, but at least you will know they are different for some reason. Viv..
  15. viv w

    What is this Hi-Lo trans? I think Ford T or A.

    Pretty sure that will be an accessory two-speed for a Ford AA truck.