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  1. viv w

    Help With 20's Chrysler

    Hi, How much of the car body is actually there? From your pictures, this car should be considered a parts car. It appears that the top half of the body, doors, body wood, spoked wheels and lots of other stuff is missing. While it is possible, with time, to find parts for your car, they could end up costing you a LOT more than the car is worth. If the car is of sentimental value to you, then you may want to persevere with a rebuild, but talking from experience, if I were you, I would look for a donor car to buy for parts, or better still, find a complete car to restore and use this one for parts. I'm not being unkind, or trying to put you off, but think long and hard, before you invest thousands of dollars in parts, and six to eight hundred hours of labour. Have a look at the Chrysler for sale section, there is a 1926 tudor that the guy wants less than 2 grand for it. My 2c worth. all the best Viv.
  2. viv w

    Chrysler 75

    You do not say if your car is left or right hand drive, but if right hand drive, you also need to check on compatibility. For instance exhaust manifolds on right hand drive cars are different , because the steering column gets in the way. The gearbox casing is often different because of the pedals and on some cars even the engine block casting can be different. Viv.
  3. viv w

    C M Hall lamp model 308

    Hi Lief, It looks very much like 1916 Franklin. Regards Viv.
  4. viv w

    need help identify 1920's Headlights

    1926 Chrysler
  5. viv w

    1927 chrysler

    Hi Terry, The OD on all the pipes on my 1926/7 model G70 are all 3/8in diameter including the one from the master cyl to the "T" piece. Regards Viv.
  6. Also try "the filling station", who deal in old chev parts .
  7. viv w

    1931-32 Chevrolet Cabriolet parts?

    They look like 2 side pieces from a foot rest bar for rear seat passengers ?. The end with a single hole would have a round tube going across from one side to the other, the end with 2 holes probably should have some kind of bracket mounted to it to attach to the floor.
  8. viv w

    Cowl/dash ID help please - updated info and photos

    Agreed the 1917 Dort dash layout is similar, but looking at pictures of pre-1920 Dort cars, they do not seem to have the vent on the top of the cowl and the top of pre-1920's cowls seem to slant forwards a lot more. The windshield post bracket on the top of the cowl should be a good clue to what this is from.
  9. viv w

    Help Identify 18" Wooden Spoke Wheel

    Maybe Plymouth too ?
  10. The pinion flange nut on my 27 model G70 was very tight, and took some undoing. I have rebuilt the axle but have not run it. The flange nut on yours should be equally tight. The shims 46 are for adjusting the end float on the bearings and it probably has shims for adjusting the pinion mesh, by moving the carrier in or out slightly. If the leak is from the pinion seal, then I agree with the comment that the flange surface is worn or pitted ever so slightly. It may not be visible to the naked eye. I would first of all tighten the flange nut VERY tight and see if it still leaks.If it does then remove the flange and mike it up for wear. Another thing to check , some seals are designed for use on a shaft that only runs in one direction, if you have fitted this type of seal, it will probably leak as soon as you reverse the direction of the shaft. Viv.
  11. viv w

    '27 sedan roof replacement

    I would think your car would have had about 5 bows going across the roof from left to right. This would have included the very front and rear bows. I stand to be corrected but I don't think your car would have slats over the top of these bows going front to rear. On top of the bows it would have had chicken wire stretched tightly and heavy stapled to the X bows and outer perimeter wood frame, this would then have had a thick padding covered by the top material. I would use either oak, ash or even birds eye maple for replacement wood. A layer or two of carpet underfelt on top of the chicken mesh makes good padding, but make sure you tack down whatever padding you use onto the bows and outer wood frame, so that it can't move about under the top material.
  12. viv w

    Tell me about this Compresso Moto Meter?

    It's a compression tester. You remove a spark plug, then push the rubber bung part against the plug hole while someone cranks the engine over and it will tell you what compression the cylinder is making.
  13. viv w

    Final Plea For Upholstry Help

    Try some of the Ford model A parts suppliers like Snyders, Mac's etc, they stock Le Baron Bonney and Cartouche products and may have what you want. Viv.
  14. viv w

    Model A seat needed

    Try asking on
  15. viv w

    How's for 28 roadster

    Snyders sell bows, top irons and complete assemblies.