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  1. mensanguy

    How many 16V's are still operational?

    There is one on ebay for sale that is running, #204067, add that one to the list..........
  2. mensanguy

    How many 16V's are still operational?

    Is there any way to glean thru the various states DMV files to locate how many are left? Searching for the particular year or engine code?
  3. Nice looking 89 TC at the Bakersfield Calif Co part auction. Interior looks great, 89k on odometer. Red! Sale is 4-27 Could be a great deal for someone
  4. mensanguy

    How many 16V's are still operational?

    I have two that are running, but the like button only registered one.....
  5. mensanguy

    How to Sell.......

    Spring is here, and it's time for me to thin out the fleet. The wife wants the garage back, and I want ( not need) to sell my '89 TC with only 16k miles. Thought it was a keeper, but I found two 16v's that I like better. I have had good luck, and some bad luck, with E-bay, but a site such as Bring-a-trailer seems to have some merit. Not looking for astronomical top prices, but somewhere around 5K. The car really is a garage queen, all original with some of the carpet protector still unremoved. How would you sell this car if you owned it? I want a clean sale, without a lot of hassle and haggling.
  6. Wish I'd known about removing the air box and throttle body--it would have saved me a bunch of frustration and scraped forearms! Hemi, you are a wealth of good information. Glad you are around!!!
  7. Just did this job. If you have a lift, you got it made. If not, use a jack and follow the procedure below. 1-chock all the wheels 2-loosen up the left front wheels lug nuts 3-jack up the left side of the car-high as possible 4-remove the wheel and tire 5-contort your body so you can reach underneath thru the suspension, and manipulate your arm up to the fittings 6-this is where a crows-foot wrench or stubbys are worth their weight in gold. 7-there are two sizes of fittings, I believe 11 and 13mm With a little luck, and finesse, you should be able to loosen all three fittings and remove them. A WORD TO The WISE-- be very careful with how you move and handle the brake lines, in that if you get them out of alignment, they are a beach to get started again. Ask me how I know this.
  8. I agree, Rock has some great prices on select items BUT- I would like to add my two cents worth based on my experiences 1- Make sure that the part is the correct part for your vehicle. A lot of times the parts are listed by an interchange chart or something like that, and they will not fit. Example- spark plug wires for a 16v. There are 27 items listed, but none of them will fit the 16v engine. When in doubt, check the part numbers with other sources. Yes, Rock allows returns, but what are the savings if you pay $13.99 to have it shipped to you, and have to pay 13.99 to ship it back ( 28 bucks for shipping total) to get a refund on a part that is a "real-Deal" at 7.99?? Which brings me to no. 2-- While you are ordering parts online, open another screen and check prices at Ebay or Amazon. I have found this to be an ideal resource for price comparisons, and in a lot of cases the same, identical OEM or compatible parts are a lot cheaper than Rocks closeouts, and many offer free shipping. Just because they are closeouts at Rock doesn't mean that they are a great deal, although I have gotten some great bargains at the site.
  9. There is a Getrag/Muncie 284 trans for sale on e bay if anyone is interested $500.00
  10. mensanguy

    Bought my 1st TC..

    I have used a very small pair of needle nose pliers, and a lot of finesse'. However, if all else fails, disconnect the battery, and squeeze hard until the bulb breaks. it's already burned out-right? Then all you have to do is grab the filament and yank out.
  11. Have you looked on this site? I have seen several for sale that meet your criteria There is one currently being advertised fro $2500 or so.......
  12. mensanguy

    Bought my 1st TC..

    Same thing as the TC owners--getting old, stiff, and the grease dries out causing them to jam-up. Or, it could be a sending unit I have been down this road several times, and the best thing I ever did was take them to a repair facility and get the gears replaced, and the speedo cleaned and lubed. If you are really good with precision instruments you can do it yourself, but the shops have the skills and knowledge to do it right. -works like a charm now.
  13. mensanguy

    Bought my 1st TC..

    There is a fellow in Newport News ( also in VA!) who sells these gears, if you are lucky he may even offer to repair your speedo, as he did mine! I will research this, and try to get you and answer asap.
  14. mensanguy

    Ginger interior parts for sale

    Do you have the A/C brackets and line sets for the 16V?