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  1. Wanted: Rear Seat Strap Hardware

    John, Thank you for the information. If anyone could send pictures of an original style strap from a Tourer of the late 20s, I'd appreciate it. And if you find the pattern for it, please let me know. I'll contact the club to see if they have plans. Thanks! Craig
  2. Does anyone know where I might be able to get two hardware pieces for the rear seat strap for a '29 Speedster? Thanks for suggestions, Craig
  3. Trunk Lining Question

    Eli, No the straps don't secure the trunk to the car. Per the drawing, the upper strap is attached to the back of the trunk, and the lower strap is attached to the bottom of the trunk. The trunk is secured to the car with 4 screws down into the rear platform.
  4. Trunk Lining Question

    Here are pictures of the finished results. Thank you very much to Don Reddaway for all the help on this project!! I considered that the drawing calls for blue oilcloth (thank you John!), but I did not really want to put a blue fabric in a car with an opal cream and black exterior. So with the belief being that a Franklin buyer could put in a special order for a different color cloth in the trunk (spelled $... ) I put in color that I think compliments the car better. With Don's advice, I also fabricated the 2 leather belts to finish off the outside of the trunk. I like the results! I'm about to order a sheet metal bottom to complete the project. .
  5. Trunk Lining Question

    Does anyone have a picture of the fabric in their Franklin trunk? I've heard for the '29 Speedster that it should be a herringbone pattern, but research I've done on classic car trunks suggests that fabrics in trunks were often a floral pattern. Are there any photos from Franklin cars? Thank you, Craig
  6. Trunk Lining Question

    Dan, Thanks for the reference to dwg 43164. I looked carefully through that drawing, but I did not find any reference to a lining material. I began to look through all the trunk drawings to find any notes at all about lining material. On drawing 33592 (dated 6-19-25) I found this note: "cases to be lined with figured cretonne to match sample approved." Then on dwg 35137 (dated 11-12-26) there's a note: "lined with blue tewell sateen". Dwg 37558 (9-26-27) and 39546 (4-20-28): "lined with MBL Moirre". On 41358 (8-21-28) and 42988 (1-19-29) the drawings note a "creton" lining. I did find this note on several earlier drawings: "inside of lids to be lined with the same material as the outside of trunk". Drawing 43164 almost says the same thing, but not quite... it says "inside of lid to be lined with the same material as the inside of the trunk". I found a few misspelled words in the drawings, so it makes me wonder if this particular difference was intentional, or was it a typo by the draftsmen???! Lots to consider... Craig
  7. Trunk Lining Question

    I'm interested in lining the trunk of my '29 Speedster. The outside is in good shape but the inside is bare plywood. Is there a particular type of fabric that I should use on the inside? Thanks, Craig
  8. FRANKLIN photos

    Speedsters meeting in Seattle. Don and Dave Reddaway with Don's '30 Speedster Convertible , and Craig DeVine with his "new" '29 Speedster. Great fun!
  9. Looking for Doctor's Coupe

    The Speedster made it to Seattle! The car's trip here was a bit of an adventure... moreso than hoped for! Glad its here. Thanks to Dave Erwin for finishing the delivery, and to Doug Hull for all the help. Took my parents out for the maiden voyage down to the Kirkland waterfront... had a wonderful time. Having a Franklin back in the family is satsifying for my dad... which I'm glad for!
  10. Looking for Doctor's Coupe

    Yes, it's Doug Hull's car. I visited Doug and Jan as part of making the deal, and they were wonderful. The car is fabulous! Doug was kind to show me around the car and give me helpful driving and upkeep advice. Drove it myself too. What a neat car. Very excited about its addition to our family. Shipping out soon to Seattle, should have it in early November!
  11. Looking for Doctor's Coupe

    Well, found a great car, but not a Doctor's Coupe'. 1929 Speedster. Decided a larger, later car would be easier for us to enjoy. Looking forward it's arrival here in Seattle in 3 weeks or so! Craig
  12. Looking for Doctor's Coupe

    The car I'm considering is reported to have had an engine rebuild by George Thomas in 2005. Does anyone know if George Thomas is known in the Franklin community? The previous owner of the car indicates that he has good experience with Franklin's... just wondering if others know of Mr. Thomas. Thank you, Craig
  13. I'm looking for someone with Franklin experience in the St. Louis Area. I'd like to have a car in that area inspected. If you know someone in the St. Louis area who has knowledge of Franklin cars that I might contact, please reply with a name and contact information. Thank you, Craig Bellevue, WA 425.445.5505 cell
  14. Looking for Doctor's Coupe

    I'm looking for someone with Franklin experience in the St. Louis Area. I'd like to have a car in that area inspected. If you know someone who knows Franklin's around St. Louis that I might contact, please reply with a name and contact information. Thank you, Craig Bellevue, WA 425.445.5505 cell
  15. Looking for Doctor's Coupe

    Thank you, Mkgage! I need to decide if I am willing to take on a project, and if so, I'll give Lloyd a call. Thanks too, to Scott for the reference you sent me to the '25 Sports Runabout listed on the Hyman, Ltd. site. Very nice car. I called them, and will consider if they're negotiable enough on price! Craig