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  1. And the 62 Wildcat in the above journal article that he literally just fully restored and had not had a chance to drive yet.
  2. I recently bought a 53 Special Riviera that is going to my dad. It wears its original wheel covers, but he wants to add the smaller Buick hubcap with trim ring. I am not up to speed on these years, is this a simple swap with the existing wheels (do they all have the slots for the clips for the smaller wheel cover)? Thanks
  3. Have been curious to know if one of these wheels would fit a full size 1962.
  4. Not mine, I know the car.
  5. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Pete and Pilgrim, thank you. That helps.
  6. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Great, thanks Pete I will give that a shot. Additionally, anyone have any advice on starting the car? Having never started a car with the gas pedal, I am havin a hard time getting it right without flooding the car (and sometimes it sounds like it's not getting enough fuel). When I get it right, it fires right up, but I have gotten it wrong more often than not. Do you need to pump the pedal first on these and then try starting? How far should you push down on the gas pedal - Just enough to engage the starter or do you put it to the floor? I know this is all dependent on carb adjustment and the like, but any basic suggestions would help. Thanks
  7. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Good point. I will do that. Curious though, is checking the linkage on these similar process to any other automatic trans?
  8. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Well, ha, first issue has arisen. Won't hold in Park on an incline, I'm assuming it's the parking pawl. This is exactly what happened to the Dynaflow in my Wildcat. However, it seems after some research there may be a linkage adjustment necessary (at least try that first?). I didn't think there were any adjustments that could be made on a Dyna. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  9. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Thanks Konga. Love the styling of this car but man is it a different driving experience than even my 62. I find myself leaning forward and looking over the hood with my head titled backwards like a little old lady. Gotta drive her more to figure out how to get my cool factor back. Ha
  10. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Purchase was made and will be bringing her home later today. The car is in very nice condition on further inspection. My only concern was the fact that the drive train is original, and actual mileage is unknown. The good news about that I suppose is the fact that no once has done anything stupid to the car. Tires are old and will need replaced along with some general housekeeping under the hood. However, for the price I feel like this is a lot of car for the money. It is in a lot better shape than my Wildcat was when I got it, so not much scares me now. ha. As Marty suggested, the plan is give her a good detail, drive her as-is and deal with the leaks. Thanks to all of you for your comments and positive reinforcement (I needed a little nudge).
  11. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    note - obviously the drivetrain is untouched - partial restoration I suppose, paint and interior.
  12. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    I see what you are saying, Aaron's car hsa sail panels painted same as roof. Well, I am going to look at the car in an hour and will let you know what happens. The car was restored about 20 yrs ago and I was told that the seats were rebuilt and recovered at that time, has not been driven much since the resto.
  13. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    thanks guys, all the comments are much appreciated.
  14. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Aaron, very nice. BTW - does anyone know if the interior seat covers in the pictures I posted are correct?