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  1. Free bump because I love this car....
  2. Not mine.
  3. 1967 GS 340 California Special

  4. I just got one from Booster Dewey, a 64 unit that he had on the shelf ready to go. He told me no hurry on the core, said he would have no problem if it was a month or so until he got it back.
  5. Matthew, I reported the Private Message. I just looked at his profile, I do not see any location. Are only the moderators able to see that he is in Romania or is this something we can all access? If so, how do I do that just for future reference. Thanks
  6. Dang, I missed the Romania part. OK, hopefully he hasn't contacted too many members.
  7. Thanks guys, that is what I was thinking all along. I am going to pass on the parts, it all seemed too good to be true. In 5 years I have seen one legitimate 62 Wildcat parted out, and all the hard to find parts were taken off long ago.
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has been contacted by him or done any business with him. I received a private message from him last week regarding a parts wanted post I had, and I noticed he had just joined the forum last week. Also, he has sent me pics of the car he is parting out (oddly enough a 62 Wildcat), but has asked for Moneygram payment, explaining he does not use PayPal. That alone makes me nervous, I have always used PayPal when buying parts off the forum. Peter, if you are reading this, nothing personal, just trying to cover my bases here. Thanks
  9. Still looking for a straight bumper with at least driver quality chrome. Thanks, Warren
  10. Auto Transport WA/OR/MT

    Great, thanks Stan. Much appreciated.
  11. Auto Transport WA/OR/MT

    thanks guys.
  12. Auto Transport WA/OR/MT

    Anyone know of a reputable shipper that services this area? Looking to get a car from Kalispell, MT to Portland, OR. I know I can put it out for bid but was hoping to bypass the broker and the wait time. Thanks
  13. WTB 64 wildcat console with 2 speed shifter

    Blue in color.|Model%3AWildcat&hash=item283009352f:g:X28AAOSwnbZYHpnf&vxp=mtr
  14. Only one fits your bill but sending along anyway. 56 Special 56 Super 54 Super
  15. 64 wildcat

    try posting in the parts wanted section of as well. Good luck.