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  1. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    Sorry guys, not sure what happened. Will resend.
  2. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    OK understood and thanks, I am familiar with both "dog dish" and "poverty" terms but was not sure if there was a specific "Buick slang" term for what we are looking for. The car has 4 very nice original full size hub caps on it, but to change things up we wanted to go with the smaller size cap in the center leaving some rim exposed, and probably also using a beauty ring as well. Are the ones pictured by 1956322 an example of what I am looking for? Is this cap a smaller diameter than the stock 45-R wheel cover used in 53?
  3. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    PM sent. Thanks
  4. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    PM sent. Thanks Ben
  5. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    Not sure what to call these, but am looking for a set of the smaller center hub cap that you can add the beauty ring to. This is for a 1953 45-R. Thanks
  6. Chris - saw your post over on V8, so notwithstanding the non-numbers (but a correct LX block), could you figure out if this was a factory dual quad car?
  7. To the local experts (Tom, WildBill, etc) - is this the real deal? Also, was the dual note horn an option for Wildcat? I have not seen one with that before.
  8. Not mine.
  9. Anyone is Southern Oregon?

    Try asking over on V8 Buick. I know there are a few guys down that way.
  10. And the 62 Wildcat in the above journal article that he literally just fully restored and had not had a chance to drive yet.
  11. I recently bought a 53 Special Riviera that is going to my dad. It wears its original wheel covers, but he wants to add the smaller Buick hubcap with trim ring. I am not up to speed on these years, is this a simple swap with the existing wheels (do they all have the slots for the clips for the smaller wheel cover)? Thanks
  12. Have been curious to know if one of these wheels would fit a full size 1962.
  13. Not mine, I know the car.
  14. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Pete and Pilgrim, thank you. That helps.
  15. Advice Needed - 1953 Special Riviera

    Great, thanks Pete I will give that a shot. Additionally, anyone have any advice on starting the car? Having never started a car with the gas pedal, I am havin a hard time getting it right without flooding the car (and sometimes it sounds like it's not getting enough fuel). When I get it right, it fires right up, but I have gotten it wrong more often than not. Do you need to pump the pedal first on these and then try starting? How far should you push down on the gas pedal - Just enough to engage the starter or do you put it to the floor? I know this is all dependent on carb adjustment and the like, but any basic suggestions would help. Thanks