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  1. FS- 1930, 31, 32 and 33 Wood wheels /snap rings

    Hey Mike Mike from Colorado. Do you have a 29 wheel ?
  2. Found a pair of these at a garage sale not sure of the year ? Thanks Mike
  3. What year are these hub caps

    Found 4 of these at a garage sale not sure of the year. Thanks Mike
  4. Wanted rear wooden spoke wheel 1929 130 Sedan

    Thanks Mike. Also do you still have the 32 coupe for sale If so what are you asking for it
  5. i am looking for a complete rear wheel assembly or a set of good spokes for my 29 130 sedan . Mike at 303-548-7622
  6. Oil for rockers and Valves 29 130

    Thanks John
  7. Oil for rockers and Valves 29 130

    Thanks for the oil information John just what I was looking for. As far as the carbs they are mostly for looks and I sold the up draft on ebay for all most $500.00 PS No offence taken. Thanks again Mike
  8. Oil for rockers and Valves 29 130

    i am wondering what is the best oil to use in the bump oil pump or to use it at all ? or is oiling the felts the best way to oil them and what oil to use ? Thanks Mike 1929 130 Sedan
  9. Pictures 1929 130 on the road

    My 29 130 runs and drives great. Just finished all the interior and exhaust. The top is a World War Two two man army tent. The air breathers are made from corvair hub caps. The hub caps are from a 1950 Kaiser. I have never driven any vehicle with such low end torque. It took a while to use to the double clutching. This beats sitting some where rotting away. It's Alive It's Alive !!!!!!!!! Mike
  10. 1927 Franklin Coupe

    Colleen The first thing you need to do is flush out the fuel system to get rid of the old gas. Take the carb apart and clean it out. Check the oil make sure it is some what clean as far as having somewhat of a clear look and not black. If black change it. Then put a new battery in it 6 volt positive ground. Then pull the air dome off, remove the valve covers pour some oil over the valves, unhook the coil wire from the coil end. Now bump the starter and watch the valves to see that they are all moving up and down. If they are hook the coil wire up spray some gas into the carb and see if She will come alive for you. Good luck Mike I have a 29 130 sedan
  11. What are these . From my 1929 130 sedan ??????

    Thanks Jim Yes I got the door pull. Did you get the money?
  12. Anyone have any idea what these are ? They were in a box of my 29 130 parts. Thanks Mike
  13. 1929 130 Sedan door pull

    Jim call me or email me your number at 303-548-7622 Mike
  14. 1929 130 Sedan door pull

    Pictures posted
  15. 1929 130 Sedan door pull

    Hey Guys. I am looking for one door pull for my 29 130. Thanks Mike