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  1. newbymachineworks

    Franklin parts needed

    Tom is a great guy. Give him a call.
  2. The second carb is common to many tractors depending on number. Allis Chalmers, Case and Oliver all used them in the 30's.
  3. newbymachineworks

    32 Ply PB tranny prob

    Never worked on a PB, but have 32 Chrysler CI and 32 Dodge DL. Both have floating power mounts, shift lever is mounted to frame and not to transmission. Maybe sagging mounts have allowed lever to pull out of 1st and reverse shifter rail?
  4. newbymachineworks

    Environment safe refrigerant experiences

    Mighty foolhardy.
  5. newbymachineworks

    Auto Dollie by Merrick

    Have some cheap ones and some of Merricks. Get the heavy duty casters on the Merricks.
  6. newbymachineworks

    No Spell Check at Pebble Beach this year.....

    Hate to point it out. You misspelled Duesenberg.
  7. newbymachineworks

    Effect of delayed maintenance.

    A good friend had a black snake in the cowl vent area of his Corvette. Flushed it out with hot water.
  8. newbymachineworks

    Corn Head Grease Anyone Used it in a Transmission

    Corn head gearboxes operate under incredible pressure and shock loads, and at a high rate of speed.
  9. newbymachineworks

    1952 FORD 8N TRACTOR

    9N came out in 39, 2N in 42 and 8N in 48.
  10. newbymachineworks

    1926 Franklin spark plugs

    Autolite 3077 or 3076. 3077 are long reach, but have been discontinued. Have still been able to find them.
  11. newbymachineworks

    pin type alemite grease fitting
  12. newbymachineworks

    Need very tacky grease

    John Deere TY24425 water resistant grease. Tackiest out of all our grease. What we use around the shop to hold needle rollers in place.
  13. newbymachineworks


    I really should have been more specific on what I use. I use Mobil 600 which is about an ISO 320 rating, or 140 in a API chart. I will agree that I have seen oil sold for Model A Ford use that is way to thick. 600w was an old AGMA rating from the 20's , Mobil 600 is still made to old formulation. 600 Super is a different animal all together, ISO 480. Mobil 1000 is ISO 680. I also have steam traction engines and live steam locomotives, so I have done a pretty fair amount of research into various cylinder oils. Have Mobil 600 in two Detroit four speeds and don't have an issue. But I will add we don't put the miles on that Jeff and Tom do, and probably never will.
  14. newbymachineworks


    I run John Deere 10w30. Good oil, but I work at for a Deere dealer and get it very reasonable. Mobil 1 on pads.
  15. newbymachineworks


    So you are saying none of the rest of us successfully drive our cars? Last time I counted I had 15 roadworthy cars and trucks in my care, including six Franklins. Have yet to have a problem using what the manufacturer called for lubrication.