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  1. Is this the one Pete Phillips always comments on? Maybe not 1951 buick special 2 door good shape it needs total restoration motor runs I have many parts removed from the engine which I had powder coated which will go with the car the interior is in good shape passenger door glass is cracked I have the original A title to the car I am the 2nd owner of this car thanks for looking 2800 obo
  2. 1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    Now everyone has me curious about that star I love decoding cars
  3. Rare 1951 Buick Special - the one Pete Likes?

    We would need to see the 3 passenger set up? What does the rear behind the seats look like. Plus cowl and vin plate. If it pans out, you may have 1 of 1
  4. Lot of Scams Right Now This Buick fastback has a great look. Beautiful grill. Chrome is excellent. Sun visor. Great maroon and black paint with full size fender skirts. Red cloth interior in good condition. Seat belts. I like the wheels and tires, its a great look. 327 Chevy V-8 engine. Turbo 350 Automatic. Power Steering.
  5. Texas Auction in April

    EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! THE RICK SMITH CADILLAC AND FINNED CAR & PARTS COLLECTION AUCTION 50-1959 CADILLACS- 1950’S TO 1960’S CADILLACS AND MORE FINNED COLLECTOR CARS SATURDAY APRIL 21ST, 2018 AT 9AM (CONTINUE PARTS ON APRIL 22ND, AT 9AM IF NEEDED!) 100 WINDSOR DRIVE, LONGVIEW, TEXAS 75604 VanDerBrink Auctions is pleased to bring you the Rick smith Cadillac and big Finned Car Collection. Rick has always loved cars. Ever since that 1940 Ford coupe he was hooked. But that Rock n Roll attitude drew him to the Cadillacs and Big Finned Cars. Rick has amassed over 295 Collector cars including 50 1959 Cadillacs and many other from the 1950’s to 1960’s. There are many other collector cars including a rare 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible, 1958 Eldorado Brougham, and more along with a mass of Cadillac parts. If you love those big finned cars and need parts for restoration you won’t want to miss this big auction. Plan to attend the auction and head on over to the Pate Swap meet the next weekend. All will be sold NO Reserve. See you at the Auction. for more info! FEATURE CARS- SELLING FIRST! RARE 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Survivor, #18 of 304 built. Stainless steel roof, air suspension, 365 cu w/tri-power, stored since 1976! 1948 Cadillac Convertible, 486218717, rolling rust free project in good condition for restore, RARE 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible, Only 1690 produced, 90% complete project with many new parts. VEHICLES FOR PROJECTS & PARTS: CADILLAC: 1948 CADILLACS- 2-2DR Sdns, 1 4dr Sdn, 1949 CADILLACS- 4- 4dr Sedans, 3-2DR Sdns, 1-Conv.1-Sedanette, 1950 CADILLACS- 5- 4dr Sdns, 2- 2dr Sdns, 1951 CADILLACS-6-4DR Sdns, 1952 CADILLACS- 5-4DR Sdns, 3-2dr Sdns, 1-conv., 1953 CADILLACS- 6-4DR Sdns, 2-2dr Sdns, 1954 CADILLACS- 5-4dr Sdns, 1955 CADILLACS- 7- Coupes, 1- Eldorado 2dr Coupe, 4-4dr Sdns, 1956 CADILLACS- 10-4DR Sdns, 3-2dr Seville’s, 7- Coupes, 1-Cadillac Limo, 1957 CADILLACS- 7-4dr Sdns, 1-Coupe, 1958 CADILLACS- 9 4dr Sdns, 3- Coupes, 1959 CADILLACS- 49-sdns, 5- Coupes, 1960 CADILLACS- 8-4dr sdns, 6-Coupes, 1961 CADILLACS- 1-Coupe, 7- Sdns, 1-Conv., 1962 CADILLACS- 6-Conv., 8-Sdns, 1963 CADILLACS- 7- Sdns, 3-Coupes, 2- Conv., 1964 CADILLACS- 7-Sdns, 4-Coupes, 3-Conv., 1965 CADILLACS- 2-Sdns, 1966 CADILLACS- 1-Sdn, 1-Conv, 1971 CADILLACS- 1-Limo, and more.. CHRYSLER/PLYMOUTH/IMPERIAL/DODGE: 1953-4 CHRYSLERS- 3-Sdns, 1955 -6 CHRYSLERS- 8-Sdns, 1956 IMPERIAL 2DR SDN, 1956 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER, 2DR SDN, 1957 DODGE SDN, 1959 CHRYSLER SDN, 1959 IMPERIAL SDNS, 1960 CHYRSLER SDN, 1961 CHRYSLER SDNS, 1967 PLYMOUTH CONV., … PONTIAC/OLDSMOBILE: 1955 PONTIAC 2DR SDN, 1956 OLDSMOBILE- 2 Sdns, 1954 OLDSMOBILE SDN, 1948 OLDSMOBILE SDN, 1967 OLDSMOBILE SDN, … BUICK: 1952 BUICK SDN, 1953 BUICK- 4-Sdns, 1954 BUICK SDNS, 1955 BUICK SDNS, 1957 BUICK SDNS, 1958 2DR SDN, 1960 BUICK LESABRE CONV., 1965 BUICK CONV., LINCOLN/MERCURY: 1960 MERCURY MONTCLAIR SDN, 1956 LINCOLN PREMIER 2DR SDN, 1956 LINCOLN SDN, 1957 LILNCOLN CAPRI SDN, 1958 LINCOLN PREMIERE SDNS, 1958 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL CONV., …. CADILLAC PARTS- OTHER FINNED CAR PARTS: MANY 1959 CADILLAC CHROME TRIM, TAIL LIGHTS, REAR CLIPS, HEADLIGHTS, MOTORS, GRILLS, HEADLIGHT ASSMBLY, EMBLEMS, SHEET METAL AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! TERMS: CASH, Check w/proof of funds, CC w/ ADM Fee. 5% Buyer’s Premium. Payment in full day of sale. Nothing removed till settled day of sale. Removal within 10 days. Buyers may strip parts and leave hulks. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS IS AND WHERE IS, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO EXCEPTIONS. Loading available Day of sale. Online Bidding Available for Cars and some parts. Majority of parts will be for ONSITE bidders only. We reserve the right to carry parts sales over till Sunday April 22nd, 2018 9AM if needed. Preview is April 20th, 2018 10 to 7PM. Online Bidders have additional terms. RICK SMITH COLLECTION VANDERBRINK AUCTIONS, LLC 507-673-2517 OR 605-201- 7005 For more information, Online Bidding, pictures, and inventory… See you at the
  6. 1956 Rambler Station Wagon NOT MINE. But, I have an affinity for the unusual, and this one stuck out. Even though it's a Rambler, I thought it must be rare. I googled 1957 Cross Country SW and quickly found that I believe this is a 1956. Then I saw that AMC made a hardtop version of this wagon, then found out they made about 21,500 of all 1956 Rambler wagons. Too bad, not rare, and in 1957 they started putting V8's in them. That's another clue this was a 1956. (Not that they did not make 6 cyl wagons in 1957, but...) This is an unusual funky looking and likely original car. What do you folks think?
  7. I reached out to the seller. He stated the color is a dark silver with no vinyl roof and has leather interior.
  8. 1950 BUICK MOTOR 8 & Trans.

    I can't see if it has the window split! See you 50's guys I am learning! Nice car and don't care if it is modified. As we have seen there are still plenty of 50 Buick Special Sedanettes out there.
  9. Texas Auction in April

    Part of the issue right now is the lack of photos of the cars and even then, Yvette usually only includes one photo. She notes everything as having 4 doors as a SDN. As I am now also in the Cadillac LaSalle Club, there are several Cadillacs I would be interested in but there needs to be more specificity as to model. Even with the Buicks, a SDN could be a Roadmaster or a Special. For each year Buick she also seems to list SDNS . Again, that creates more curiosity. I would not mind going. A Texas "project" car is a lot better than an Iowa "project" car. April in Texas is a nice time of year.
  10. 1934 Plymouth PE sedan for sale

    I agree that is a cool car. I am normally not interested in Plymouths but what's wrong with that as a fun car to restore. And when was the last time you saw one? The styling captures all of the 1934 cues no matter if it's a Plymouth, Buick, Cadillac or Imperial, you still get transported back to 1934 with this car. I love your HD photos in the beginning with it emerging from the barn. Now FINALLY! a barn find!
  11. Lot of Scams Right Now

    Yes that’s the latest template. Use an existing car with HD photos grab one and write a nearly non sense sentence price it on the border of believability
  12. Texas Auction in April

    There aren't any up yet that I could tell. Just an aerial shot.
  13. Texas Auction in April

    I like some of those other cars too.
  14. Lot of Scams Right Now

    Frank that is correct. Unfortunately I posted 2 pre war cars recently. They were scams. What I find interesting is they place prices on the cars which are j-u-s-t on the borderline of possible. But - always just one photo and with a little searching you can find the real car for sale somewhere else like Hemmings or ebay. Craigs list needs to make it possible to flag a scam with just one hit. the last I heard it took 2 unique IP addresses to actually end a scam ad. So, by me flagging it, it does nothing. It takes another user to get it removed. Is what I have heard.
  15. 1940 special 4dr, not mine

    I can't get past the yellow.
  16. 1954 2dr hardtop, not mine

    They accumulated a huge stash of parts as you can imagine over the last 40 years, most of it Packard but also everything. They had some inexpensive brick and mortar warehousing in Boonton, NJ. The stash of parts were simply hard to navigate and inventory so they just sat, in addition to the reduction in interest in restoration, especially Packards. So Fred sold the warehouse to the personality behind "Real Housewives of New Jersey" and that man is going to turn the warehouse into apartments, a trendy thing to do in brick and mortar heavy areas (including here in Des Moines). The parts - not sure what the end fate will be but likely recycled. Some will be kept for sure. Also - Fred wants to start a museum to house his 200 cars, they were in one section of this warehouse. That's a summary.
  17. 1954 2dr hardtop, not mine

    I just asked him through ebay. Not sure he will reply but he should. These are all $500 cars, placing them about $250 (or a little more) over scrap price. The old saying "I can part it out for more than I am asking" is tired, tired. With so few people doing restorations, nobody needs really used parts. Is (Was) a big story about the Kanters deciding what to do with warehouses full of good used and NOS parts now that they are consolidating. It takes the restoration hobby to create parts demand. Didn't mean to get off on a rant but I can't tell you how many times I have heard that "if nobody wants it I will part it out for $" or "it's worth more than that in parts" OK, then go ahead, spend your weekends for next 8 months taking heavy, difficult to ship parts off a hulk and test that experiment out. These are $500 cars all day long and see hundreds of them. If this one was a Century, Super, Roadmaster or a 3 speed, I would inquire. That's pretty snobbish when you consider a 54 Special 2 door hardtop's competition - ugly Fords, bland Chevy's, Dodge's, Chryslers, the list goes on. 54 Special's with their small but still V8's, and Dynaflows were a great car, and a great car to restore and enjoy the hobby. I'll take mine in Casino Beige with a black and beige interior.
  18. 65 wildcat, not mine

    Front cornering lamps. Why no photos of interior? Could be a bucket seat console 425 car.
  19. 54 Super 2 door near me, not mine

    that guy is delusional. "No lowball offers, I'll take it with me". He's not taking that with him...
  20. 1954 2dr hardtop, not mine

    Alas, a Special.... Close to me too.
  21. For those who know me, I am the eternal optimist thinking anything can be restored and that the restoration process is a hobby. I am also a cheapskate, so where those two concepts meet is usually what I pay for my cars. When I ask for comments on cars I am considering buying, the overwhelming sentiment is that time honored phrase "buy the best car you can afford." Or similar OMG no way! I looked at a 63 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500XL with bucket seats and console last fall, posted photos and descriptions here and was encouraged NOT to purchase such a rough car for the asking price, which was like $1700. Since then I have not even seen another one for sale on my searches. Today I went down to the Chrysler Buy/Sell section and spotted an ad I missed where a seller is selling a 1950 Chrysler Town and Country for $1000 plus 2 other T&C's and a boatload of parts. In his comment, he said "these have been sitting for 35 years." That got me thinking - and consider I am 54 years young - what were project cars like in 1975? I was 11 and I can not remember. Were they pristine and just mechanically worn out? Were they still running but needed a fender? Were interiors still nice used condition? Probably no way to get photos of what your project cars looked like in 1975 but I wonder if they were basically "driver" class cars now! Perception is 9/10's of reality, some slogan like that - might be the issue. What if what YOU had to restore in 1975 was so much easier than what WE have to restore now? Maybe that partially explains, along with high cost, the decline in the restoration hobby. What do you guys and gals think?
  22. 1956 Rambler Station Wagon

    I agree that this is one that could be stunning without breaking the bank. Bernie, I see what you mean but I also see 2-3 tires aired up and not sunk in. I think this is a poor location for long term storage, soft ground and lots of leaves look deceptive. Since the interior is red and black, I would go red and black on the exterior for more drama. But who are we kidding, this car won't get restored. Personally I though there was a fairly large AMC Rambler club and all of these that remain would be embraced. I thought it was a very loyal and fun group but maybe I am mistaken. I would give the guy $400 for it. It was free with the property I guess, from the description.
  23. Yes I saw that green dealer Riviera on a CL browse and did not post because of the lack of console. The ad is a bit "dealerish" full of hyperbole.
  24. I have been burned recently on posting CL links but in this case I believe it. There is no mention of mileage and when that happens, it usually means the mileage is high and that would invoke a negative reaction. IF the mileage were 140,000 or below, then sellers usually mention mileage as a selling positive. I would look into it but I found the ad in San Francisco CL and I am in Iowa, and it's the middle of winter. All combinations I can not overcome. If I were within 200 miles, I would be calling.
  25. 1960 Electra 4 door $4000 Look at that interior and likely original paint. 1960 Buick Electra 225 Luxury Edition 401 Wildcat, 4BBL, 450# Ft of Torque 4 Door Sedan Replaced Tires Factory A/C Origininal Radio Power Windows and Locks NOT RUNNING $4,000