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  1. 1964 Buick Cornering light

    Unfortunately, the car I saw was a 1963 LeSabre. Sorry
  2. The Rainman Show for Chasing Classic Cars - which 1st aired on July 5, 2016, was reaired this past Thursday on Velocity. I turn my premium package off after the NCAA Basketball tournament so I did not catch it the 1st time. It was a pleasure to see the car and understand the recent history plus some great shots of it in operation. I am always thrown off by the body color paint dashes on some 1949 Buicks - I believe only the convertibles and Rivieras had the body painted dashes. My 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette was painted a dark grey. In my opinion, the body color paint on the dashes is not a good look. It looks custom to me and I wonder if the trend toward over restoration gloss on the dash is more the issue. Anyway, I hope you all picked up the show on DVR. I know the CCC are shown in a continuous loop for quite awhile, hence the pick up of an 18 month old show.
  3. Rare 1955 Travelall International

    Good luck finding one for $1500. This one is very solid judging from the photos and at least for the Chevy and GMC Suburbans from the 30’s to about 1956, they are in high demand and this draw high asking prices and selling prices. You would need to provide some anecdotal evidence of your comment. When was the last time you saw one for sale or restored?
  4. 1964 Buick Cornering light

    There are 2 in a junk yard car close to me but it sounds like you want NOS. These were OK, good driver quality if I remember. I think I took photos of them or at least one side and can send them when I get home.
  5. 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible 428HO/4-speed

    No I won’t gag on that price. It is market correct. Beautiful car.
  6. Dave. That is an SS 901108
  7. New Member here. Anyone of you own a 51 Buick?

    Infrequent poster. You will need to google the shop. Personally reach out as they likely will never see your follow up posts You are asking WHO when you post here?
  8. Wandering about Arizona. Found this.

    Neat to see but way overpriced $17K should buy you a ready to go 54 Special
  9. 1989 Reatta not running

    As with the other post these sellers are not regulars to the forum and likely will not respond. Thanks for for coming to the forum. At the top are Reatta parts vendors who can assist you. What YEAR is your Reatta?
  10. Two Red Reattas (part cars) 91 & 89

    No. This seller is not a regular on the forum. Has not visited since posting. Need to reach out direct. Also so just create a WTB post with what you need- lots of guys have parts.
  11. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    I will probably run single exhaust tip in stock location. I think most of us can agree Buick should have had dual exhaust TIPS. Most modern cars do for the look. I understand that adds no hp but looks great. My my main point was just to add slightly better flow IF the muffler needs replaced anyway. My 1988 has an exhaust leak from the back somewhere, hence leading to my hhhmmm I wonder... question.
  12. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Wow. Interesting. I can not wrap my head around that.
  13. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Good information and agree. My SS 1988 is gone but my other 88 is getting a frame off ( OK lol) restoration and every opportunity to add better flow will be examined.
  14. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    In the case of the Reatta even adding 5hp and a slightly better flow is an improvement. Better sound does not hurt.
  15. 64 Wildcat $7000 but....only 61K miles

    Depends on how it is doing on eBay but there are 2 points or 3. Texting and emailing is never as good as a conversation. When you criticize the car in an email you have to show empathy or convey WHY you are being critical This guy has only owned the car 2 years. He probably does not know Wildcats had dual exhaust and one of the past owners likely went to single as an economy (cheaper) option. I think your questions are legitimate but it sounds like you bombarded him and he figured it was not worth it. The worst issue is remote location. I found it interesting that it garnered 39 bids and ended at a market correct $4600.